歌词 "Twinz (Deep Cover '98)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Twinz (Deep Cover '98)

Twinz (深套98 )


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Ready for war Joe, how you wanna blow they spot 准备战争乔,你怎么想的打击,他们发现

I know these dirty cops that'll get us in if we murder some wop 我知道这些肮脏的警察是会得到我们,如果我们杀了一些痛击

Hop in your Hummer, the Punisher's ready; meet me at Vito's 跳在你的悍马,处罚者的准备;见我在Vito的

with Noodles, we'll do this dude while he's slurping spaghetti 面条,我们将做到这一点的家伙,而他的啜面条

Everybody kiss the fucking floor, Joey Crack, buck em all 每个人吻他妈的地板,乔伊裂纹,降压时间所有

If they move, Noodles shoot that fucking whore 如果它们移动,面条即拍即他妈的妓女

Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know 死在小意大利中部岂知

that we riddled some middleman who didn't do diddily 我们千疮百孔的一些中间人,谁没有做diddily


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

It'll be a cold day in hell the day I'll take an L 这将是一天,我会带一个L一个寒冷的日子在地狱

Make no mistake for real I wouldn't hesitate to kill 别搞错了真正的我会毫不犹豫的杀

I'm still the Fat One that you love to hate, catch you at your mother's wake 我还是你爱到恨的脂肪一,抓住你在你母亲的唤醒

Smack you then I wack you with my snub trey-eight 揍你那我怪人,你跟我冷落三分球8


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

I rub your face off the Earth and curse your family children 我擦你的脸离地球和诅咒你的家人孩子

like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity filling 如阴宅钻的神经在你的窝洞充填

Insanity's building up pavilion in my civilian 疯狂的建设展馆在我的平民

The cannon be the anarchy that humanity's dealing 大炮是无政府状态,人类的交易

A villain without remorse, who's willing to out your boss 一个坏蛋不后悔,谁是愿意出你的老板

Forever and take all the cheddar like child support 永远的走像孩子的抚养所有的切达


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

I support Pun in anything he does, anything he loves 我支持潘在什么他做什么,什么他爱

My brother from another mother sent from the above 从另一个妈妈我哥哥从上面发

A thug nigga just like me, one of the best -- might be 暴徒的兄弟们和我一样,最好的一个 - 可能是

Even better leaving niggas kneeling on they right knee 更妙的是留下黑鬼跪在他们的右膝盖


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Spike Lee couldn't paint a better picture 斯派克·李无法描绘出更好的图片

You small change, I'm blowing out your brains getting richer 你小的变化,我吹你的大脑越来越富


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

Hit you with the Mac (Mac), smack your bitch, nigga what? 打你与Mac (苹果机) ,嫌你的婊子,兄弟是什么?

You getting stuck, my trigger finger's itchy as a fuck! 你被卡住,我的扳机指的痒是一个他妈的!


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Trunk jewels (jewels), cruising in the Land, pumping 'Cash Rules' 主干珠宝(宝石) ,游弋在土地,抽“现金规则”

Last crew to want it caught a hundred trying to pass through 最后剧组希望它抓住了一百试图通过


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

That's true, so who the next to get it? 这是真的,那么,谁在未来得到它?

TS is the best that did it (get it off your chest kid admit it) TS是做到了(把它关闭你的胸部小子承认这一点),最好的


[Chorus: Pun, Joe] [合唱:潘,乔]


[Pun] And it's [双关语]而且这

[Joe] Here, and you don't stop! [乔]在这里,你不要停!

[Pun] Twenty shot glock with the cop killer fill em to the top [潘] 24杆格洛克与警察杀手填写EM顶端

[Joe] Yeah, and you don't stop! [乔]是啊,你不要停!

[Pun] Joey Crack's the rock, and Big Pun keeps the guns cocked [潘]乔伊裂缝的岩石和大营盘保持枪翘起

[Joe] Yeah, and you don't stop! [乔]是啊,你不要停!

[Pun] We'll make it hot nigga, what bring it I blow your whole spot [双关语]我们会刁难黑人,什么要拿我吹你的整个现货

[Joe] Yeah, and you don't stop! [乔]是啊,你不要停!

[Pun] It's still one-eight-seven on an undercover cop! [双关语]这还是一个8 - 7上的卧底!


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Fuck the po-lice, I squeeze first, make em eat dirt 他妈的宝虱子,我挤首先, EM委曲求全

Take em feet first through the morgue, then launch 'em in the T-bird 以EM脚先经过停尸房,然后启动时间在T -鸟

The street's cursed, the first amendment's culturally biased 华尔街的诅咒,第一修正案的文化偏见

Supposed to supply us with rights, tonight I hold my rosary 应该向我们提供的权利,今晚我认为我的念珠

tight as I can, I'm one man against the world, just me and my girl 紧张,因为我可以,我一个人对抗全世界,只有我和我的女孩

Black Pearl Athena my sena who keeps it real 黑珍珠雅典娜我的塞纳谁保持了真格

You know the deal, we steal from the rich and keep it 你知道这笔交易,我们从富人窃取并保持

Peep it it's no secret, watch me and Joe go back and forth and freak it 窥视它,它已经不是什么秘密,看我和乔来回走,并怪胎它


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

Creep with me, as I cruise in my Beemer 蠕变和我在一起,因为我在巡航我比默

All the kids in the ghetto call me Don Cartagena 所有在贫民窟的孩子们叫我不要卡塔赫纳

Kicking ass as I blast off heat, and 驴踢了,因为我升空热,

you never see me talk to police, so 你永远也看不到我跟警察,所以

you should know that I really don't care 你应该知道,我真的不关心

Pull you by the hair, slit your throat, and I'll leave you right there 拉你的头发,割断你的喉咙,我会离开你就在那里

So beware it's rare that niggas want beef, Big Pun speak 所以要小心它是罕见的,黑鬼要牛肉,大双关语讲

and let these motherfuckers know how we run the streets 并让这些怎么就知道我们如何满街跑


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Fuck peace, I run the streets deep with no compassion, Puerto Ricans 他妈的和平,我没有同情心,波多黎各人深满街跑

known for slashing catching niggas while they sleeping, no relaxing 著名的削减,而他们睡觉醒目的黑鬼,不放松

Keep your eyes open, sharp reflexes 睁大你的眼睛,锐利的反射

Three techses in the Jeep Lexus just in case police ask us 三techses在吉普雷克萨斯以防万一警察问我们

Street professors, Terror Squad, ghetto scholars 街教授,恐怖队,贫民窟的学者

Fill the clips off, inflicts the fear of God when the metal hollers 填写夹子脱落,对其造成对上帝的敬畏金属霍勒斯时

Better acknowledge or get knocked down until I'm locked and shot down 更好地认识和被击倒,直到我被锁并击落

Heather B couldn't make me put my Glock Down 希瑟乙不能让我把我的格洛克向下


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

We lock towns like rounds in the chamber 我们锁定的城镇,如发于室

Boogie Down major like Nine, I bust mine 布吉下大如九,本人胸围矿

everytime plus I'm the crime boss of New York 每次加我是纽约的黑帮老大

When we talk to walk the walk all my niggas carry chalk 当我们谈论到做到我所有的黑鬼携带粉笔

and stalk, I prey like The Predator, whoever want it 和秸秆,我的猎物和捕食者一样,谁想要它

go and get it set it baby and I'm gonna bury you 去得到它设置孩子,我要灭了你们

So remember the Squad that I'm repping 因此请记住我repping小队

I pull a clip for my weapon and Punish niggas till it's Armageddon 我拉剪辑我的武器和惩治黑鬼,直到它的末日


[Chorus 2X (to fade)] [合唱2倍(褪色)

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