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You Ain't A Killer



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

The harsh realities of life is takin tolls 生活的严酷现实是羚牛过路费

Even Jesus Christ forsake my soul 即使是耶稣基督离弃了我的灵魂

Please tell me what price to pay to make it home 请告诉我什么代价,使家

Take control, I'm makin dough, but not enough to blow 采取控制,我要做个面团,但还不足以吹

J.O.'s, they lust my flows, but aiyyo, I don't trust a soul 乔的,他们贪恋我的流量,但aiyyo ,我不相信有灵魂

That's all I know or need to, these evil streets'll meet you 这就是我所知道的或需要,这些邪恶的streetsll遇见你

halfway and eat you, I laugh tryin to survive illegal 中途吃你的,我笑试着生存非法

I leave you lost, bounce you on the cross, rip you like a horse 我离开你输了,反弹你在十字架上,撕裂你像马

Sacrife your life to a higher force Sacrife你的生活到一个更高的力量

Then I stomp your corpse it's the Bronx of course recognize the accent? 然后,我踩你的尸体是当然的布朗克斯认识的口音?

One of the last livin still in action, general assassin 其中最后一个仍然活着的动作,一般的刺客

Catchin any wreck, blastin any tech 捉的任何残骸, BLASTIN任何高科技

Smashin any chest, passin any test, Charles Manson in the flesh Smashin任何胸部, passin任何测试,查尔斯·曼森在肉体

Any last requests before you meet your maker? 之前,你的任何最后的请求满足您的制造商?

Sew what you reap a wake up, shakin up a storm like Anita Baker 缝你收获了一个醒,颤抖了狂风暴雨般梅艳芳贝克

I'll take you straight to hell and fill your heart with hate 我带你直接到地狱和仇恨填满你的心脏

Incarcerate your fate in Satan's fiery lake, then I lock the gate 关押在撒旦的火湖里自己的命运,那么我锁大门

Make no mistake, "The Shit is Real" as Joe, we follow the killer's code 毫无疑问, “狗屎是真正的”乔,我们按照杀手的代码

When we come for you, tell me where will you go? 当我们为你而来,告诉我你会去吗?

Nowhere to run, hide, I'll find you and and silence your screams 无处可逃,躲起来,我会找到你,和你的沉默尖叫

And even if you kill me I'll still be in your fuckin dreams 即使你杀了我,我还是会在你他妈的梦想


[Hook] [钩]

You ain't a killer, you still learnin how to walk 你是不是一个杀手,你还是电路设计学习如何走路

From New York to Cali all the real niggaz carry chalk 从纽约到卡利所有真正的兄弟们随身携带的粉笔

Mark you for death, won't even talk that East and West crap 马克你死,甚至不会说话,东西方的废话

From Watts to Lefrak, it ain't where you're from it's where's your gat 从瓦到Lefrak ,那不是你来自哪里它哪里是你的水道


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

You made a grave mistake 你犯了一个严重的错误

Shouldn't of come here, you changed your fate 不应该来这里,你改变了你的命运

Your brains'll make the debut on the table when I raise the stakes 你brainsll使首次亮相放在桌子上时,我提高赌注

The pain is great but only for a second 痛苦是巨大的,但只有一秒钟

It starts strong then lessens 它开始强则减轻

Just when you restin the Armaggedon sets in 只是当你的休眠的Armaggedon集

Left him with so much stress (T.S.) blessed him with no regrets (yes) 他留下了这么多的压力(TS)的祝福他,不后悔(是)

Welcome to Hell son, the threshold of death 欢迎来到地狱儿子死亡的门槛

Now face the serpent, I blaze your person you get laced for certain 现在面临的蛇,我走出你的人,你得到的股价一定

Even Jakes don't trace the work so close the case to curtains 即使杰克斯不追查工作,关闭的情况下,以窗帘

I'm hurtin, head severely really tryin to bring the pain 我hurtin ,头狠狠真的试着带来的痛苦

There's nuttin mo' satisfyin than when you cryin screamin my name 有板栗莫satisfyin比当你哭泣尖叫我的名字

It's not a game, it's Purple Rain, floods and bloodstains 这不是一个游戏,它的紫色雨,洪水和血迹

Big Pun's my thug's name, bustin my guns, that's my love thang 大双关语的暴徒我的名字,巴斯廷我的枪,那是我的爱胜

I split the jug' vein and snatch your Adam's Apple 我分裂了壶“静脉和抢夺你的喉结

John Madden tackle your corpse 约翰·麦登解决你的尸体

then hoist it on the cross at the tabernacle 然后吊在十字架上的帐幕

That'll have to hurt, I'll work your body 'til it burst 这将有伤,我会以你的身体,直到它爆裂

Then curse tu vida, like a Brujeria verse 然后骂TU VIDA ,像Brujeria诗句

I'm worse than anything you ever been through 我比任何你曾经经历过更糟糕

Sick in the head and mental 病在头部和精神

Essentially meant to be the soul frentic mental 本质上意味着是灵魂frentic精神

When you awaken, your manhood'll be taken 当你醒来,你manhoodll采取

Fakin like you Satan, when I'm the rhymin abomination 假装喜欢你撒旦,当我的rhymin憎恶


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

It's hard to analyze which guys is spies, be advised people 这是很难分析的人是间谍,被告知人

We recognize who lies, it's all in the eyes chico 我们认识到,谁的谎言,这一切都在眼前奇科

We read 'em and see 'em for what they are 我们读到时间和看见他们什么他们是

Theives in undercover cars, takin my picture like I'm a fuckin star 在卧底汽车Theives ,羚牛我的照片我是个他妈的明星

I'm up to par, my game is in a smash 我达到标准,我的游戏是在一个扣杀

With half a million in the stash 有五十万的藏匿

Passport with the gas, first name and last 护照与气体, first name和last

Ask anybody if my men are rowdy 有人问,如果我的男人粗暴

Give me the mini-shottie I body a nigga for a penny probably 给我的小shottie í身体一个黑人的可能一分钱

I'm obligated to anything if it's crime related 我有义务什么,如果它的相关犯罪

If it shine I'll take it, still in my prime and I finally made it 如果照我买了,还在我的黄金,我终于成功了

I hate the fact that I'm the last edition 我恨,我是最后一版的事实

Probably a stash magician 可能藏匿的魔术师

Could of went to college and been a mathematician 中能上了大学,是一个数学家

Bad decisions kept me out the game 糟糕的决定让我的游戏

Now I'm strickly out for cream 现在我愈好出来的奶油

Doin things to fiends I doubt you'll ever dream 干什么事情的恶魔,我怀疑你曾经的梦想

My team's the meanest thing you ever seen 我的团队是你见过的最卑鄙的事情

Measured by the heaven's King, down to the devil's mezzanine 测量由天堂的国王,下至恶魔的夹层

I never screamed so loud, I'm proud to be alive 我从来没有叫得那么响,我很骄傲地活着

Most heads died by twenty-five, or catch a quick 3 to 5 最头由25死,或赶上一个快速的3到5

So be advised, the streets is full of surprises 所以,被告知,该街道是充满惊喜

It's not what crew's the livest 这不是什么船员的活的

One that survive is who's the wisest 一个生存是谁是最聪明的


[Hook - 2X] [钩 - 2倍]

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