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How We Roll '98



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[dice being shook up and thrown, i.e. "Tumblin Dice"] [骰子被震撼了,丢,即“ Tumblin骰子”]


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

You know I'm well known like Al Capone, fully blown like Ton' Montana 你知道我是知名的如铝卡波恩,完全像吹吨“蒙大拿

In a zone, sittin on chrome, stoned sippin on cham-pagna 在一个区域,坐在上镀铬,砸死啜饮着对湛pagna

Rollin ganja up in bible papers, see how high the lye can take us 罗林大麻在圣经中的文件,请参阅碱液有多高带我们

Through the eyes of Christ, John, Elijah, Jacob 借着基督,约翰,以利亚,雅各的眼睛

I make the kind of green a hustler dream 我做的那种绿色骗子梦想

Bustin out the custard cream Viper 巴斯廷了奶油冰淇淋蝰蛇

custom piped up with the mustard seams 自定义的管道与芥末缝

Clustered green Fort Knox and hard (?) medallions 集群绿色诺克斯堡和硬( ? )奖章

Mockin God even Italians see my batallion pull out the broad Mockin神甚至意大利人看到我营的拉出广阔

I got the +Squad+ over-qualified, pullin over Karl Kani 我得到了+ +队在资格,普林在卡尔·卡尼

Range Rover tilted, three-wheelted hydraulic slide 揽胜倾斜,三wheelted液压滑

Sparkin lye in the clouds and reppin my housin Sparkin碱液中的云和reppin我housin

Like the Wu do in Shaolin 像吴尽在少林


[Chorus: A. Rios, C. Rios, V. Rios, Veronica] [合唱:A里奥斯,里奥斯三,五,里奥斯,维罗尼卡]

There's something I want to tell you (I want to tell you) 有件事情我要告诉你(我想告诉你)

There's something I think your crew should know 有件事情我觉得你的船员应该知道

Big Pun is the largest (so large) we straight out of the projects 大双关语是最大的(这么大) ,我们直接从项目

That's how we roll.. (that's how we roll..) 这就是我们推出.. (这是我们推出..)


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

I keep my Desert Eagle cocked back in my tuxedo with my top hat 我把我的沙漠之鹰竖起回到我的燕尾服与我顶帽

What you broke motherfuckers know about that? 你怎么就破知道的是什么?

Lookin fat in Marc and Pelle leather like Fonzarelli 在马克·佩尔和皮革类Fonzarelli看着胖子

Sparkin Phillies with the Gods like Makaveli Sparkin费城人与像Makaveli神

On the celly blown Benz, chrome rims 在小区j吹奔驰,镀铬轮辋

Shinin like the stone gems on my gold rings 像照耀在我的金戒指的宝石石

I got it sewn Twinz, I can't begin to tell you the story 我把它缝Twinz ,我不能一开始就告诉你的故事

that soared me from livin poorly to a modern day Cinderfella 从活着不佳到现代Cinderfella我飙

I've been a killer and a drug dealer, a bugged nigga 我是一个杀手和一个毒贩一个窃听黑鬼

But now I'm like Puffy cause money's thicker than blood player 但现在我很喜欢泡泡事业的钱比血更浓的球员

I'm still a threat but now I think before I flip 我仍然是一个威胁,但现在我想在我翻转

Call my connects together 打电话给我连接在一起

and figure which cleaner's the best for the hit 和数字,清洁是最好的打

I get the job done, Pun's handlin business 我得到的工作做好,潘的韩德林业务

Candlelight dinners, havin a toast with the most glamorous bitches 烛光晚餐,就吃干杯最迷人的母狗

My road to riches was no Christmas 我的致富之路是没有圣诞节

Now we blessed with gold Lazaruses 现在,我们拥有得天独厚的黄金Lazaruses

so expensive my whole family's religious 这么贵我全家的宗教


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

Aiyyo I want it all you can call me greedy and superficial Aiyyo我想这一切,你可以叫我贪婪和肤浅

long as my crew's official and pulls they pistols soon as I whistle 只要我的工作人员的官方和拉他们手枪只要我吹口哨

I'm tryin to triple a million and split it three ways 我试着三重一万元,并把它分解三种方式

Joe the God, Full Eclipse, and myself - that'll be the day 乔神,完全的Eclipse ,和我自己 - 那将是这一天

I need a way to get it already got the ambition 我需要一种方式来获得它已经得到了野心

Start the ignition, watch for the NARCs in the marked Expedition 打开点火开关,观察了显着的远征NARCs

I'm on a mission which requires a higher position 我在要求更高的位置使命

Desire and vision keeps the fire inside of me glistenin 愿望和愿景保持消防glistenin我内心的

I'm infinite like math, so I'm gonna last 我无限喜欢数学,所以我要过去

But you wanna laugh all day, bullshit and sittin on your ass 但是,你想笑了一整天,废话和坐在你的屁股

I'm all about cash and the power 我所有关于现金及电源

A stash with the power that lasts like hittin ass for an hour 与持续就像是地球上的屁股了一个小时的力量藏匿

Let's get it locked, I want a watch with baguetted rocks 让我们把它锁住,我想与baguetted岩石手表

so I can clock hoes with the glow that never stops 这样我就可以时钟锄头与永不停歇的光芒

Forget the cops, we got Deserts and glocks too 忘了警察,我们得到了沙漠和glocks太

Ready to rock whoever tryin to stop our cheddar from stockin forever 准备摇滚凡试着阻止我们从stockin永远切达


[Chorus - 2X (with variations)] [合唱团 - 2倍(与变化)


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

Straight out the PJ's Twinz, Soundview! 直出PJ的Twinz , Soundview !

Castle Hill, can't forget Bronx River 城堡山,不能忘记布朗克斯河

Lil Villes.. huh, the Forest Projects, Eden Wald 律Villes ..呵呵,森林工程,伊甸沃尔德

Bronxdale, the Bronx baby straight out the PJ's Bronxdale ,布朗克斯宝宝直接从PJ的

That's where we from 这就是我们从

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