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Fast Money



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I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in ice 我得到了最甜蜜的抢劫,万元现金,在冰中另外3

Who can I trust? Cuban'll bust plus ?good thief the night? 谁可以相信? Cubanll胸围加?好贼夜?

Here's the plan (plan), we nab the man, bring a camcorder 这里的计划(方案) ,我们逮到的人,带上摄像机

Grab his fam, and run the train on his granddaughter 抓住他的票价调整机制,并运行在他的孙女火车

Nah chill, that's too ill, for real I'd rather kill somethin 罗寒意,那是太病,真正的我宁愿杀了事端

Here's the deal, we shatter his grill, and drill fuck him 这里的交易,我们打破了他的烧烤,并深入他妈的他

Oral torture, no doubt, the shit is holocaust 口腔折磨,毫无疑问,狗屎是大屠杀

In two minutes tops he's guaranteed to cap and give up all the morsels 在两分钟内上衣,他的保证上限,并放弃所有的点点滴滴

It's settled, blitt up, put on your metal, foot on the pedal 它的落户, blitt起来,把你的金属脚踏在踏板上

We got a half hour before the plan sours like Amaretto 我们得到了一个半小时才计划苏尔像杏仁

Far from the ghetto, a rebel of chance, the devil in pants 远离贫民窟,有机会的反叛,裤子魔鬼

Out for the fast cash, level advance 出了快速的现金,提前水平

Takin a chance, I've only got one my hundred shot 羚牛的机会,我只得到了一个我百拍

tommy shotguns my judge jury and Johnny Cochran 汤米猎枪我的法官和陪审团约翰尼·科克伦


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]


Movin on the stash, first we get the cash 居无定所的藏匿处,首先我们得到的现金

For the fast money, I smash a niggaz shit like a crash dummy 对于快钱,我sMash中的兄弟们像狗屎碰撞假人

Ask money where the safe, anybody move gettin laced 问钱用在安全,任何人移动刚开花边

Look at my face and I'ma shoot the place 看看我的脸,我是拍的地方


Aiyyo the plot thickens, I'm pickin the locks in the back entrance Aiyyo情节变稠,我捡了后门的锁

Payin attention, not tryin to get knocked and catch a fat sentence 婚前注意,不要试着让敲,赶上一个胖胖的句子

Not to mention these kids is mafioso with lots of dough so 且不说这些孩子是黑手党成员,有很多面,使

they got poco lock with the down to rock Morocco chokehold (oh oh) 他们得到了POCO锁向下晃动摩洛哥控制遭到(哦)

Their security system's linear laser protection 其安全系统的线性激光防护

No sweat, I brought the miniature mirrors for reflectin 无汗,我带了微型反射镜的reflectin

Inspectin the vault, for weapons assault, second of course Inspectin金库,武器的攻击,当然第二

It's poisonous rays, boiled and baked in epsom salt 它是有毒的光线,煮和烤泻盐

Rep in New York is the cat burgalar, the fat murderer 众议员在纽约是猫burgalar ,脂肪凶手

Slippin the clip in the Mac, inserterer 跌到夹在Mac上, inserterer

Hurtin your pockets, droppin your stock to zero profit Hurtin你的口袋里,丢下你的股票,以零利润

Holding heroes hostage and mansions for ransom like DeNiro mob flicks 持人质的英雄和广厦赎金像德尼罗暴徒笔触

Back to the top again, hand the grand prize 回到顶端再次出手大奖

The safe flies open, the shining was blinding my eyes 安全苍蝇开来,闪耀的是缭乱了我的眼睛

I cracked the code, enough ice to make you laugh at gold í破译了密码,足够的冰让你笑金

Passed the dough to Cuban started movin for the back real slow 通过面团古巴展开居无定所的背很慢

That's when I heard the sirens hopin that my ears was lyin 这时候,我听到了警笛声河滨,我的耳朵是胡扯

Knew we was dyin when I saw the guard we tortured cryin 当我看到我们折磨哭泣卫兵知道我们快要枯萎了

Pointing at the building screamin, "I can see them, kill em!" 指着大楼尖叫, “我能看到他们,杀了他们! ”

Snipers was willing but couldn't, there's too many civilians 狙击手愿意,但不能有太多的平民

Still inside nowhere to hide nowhere to run 还在里面无处可躲无处可逃

Cuban said, "Fuck it, we die, we die busting our guns" 库班说, “他妈的,我们死了,我们死破坏我们的枪”


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]


Aiyyo it's time to pay, and I ain't trying to give my shine away Aiyyo它的时候要,我是不是想给我的光芒远

Let's show these pigs how much we give a fuck about a brighter day 让我们来展示这些猪多少,我们给出一个关于光明的白天他妈的

I cocked the Eagle, Cuban drew the Glock it was diesel í竖起鹰,古巴提请格洛克是柴油

Said, "See you in Hell coppers" and started poppin like it was legal 说, “看你在地狱铜币”,并开始屁股就像是合法的

We need a plan, if we can make it to the van 我们需要一个计划,如果我们可以把它的面包车

Missile launchers there with the grenade pistol I bought from Uncle Dan 导弹发射架有与手榴弹手枪,我从丹叔叔买

Me and my man are runnin out of ammo, I got about a handful 我和我的男人都飞奔出弹药的时候,我得到了关于少数

of Black Rhino's and two Rambles strapped to my ankles 黑犀牛的两个逍遥绑在我的脚踝

I trampled over one of the bodies, I grabbed the steel í践踏过的机构之一,我抓起钢

Threw the bitch over my shoulder and used her butt as a shield 扔母狗在我的肩膀,用她的屁股作为挡箭牌

I filled the clip with the little bit of bullets remaining 我填写的剪辑剩余子弹的点点

Cuban said, "Move your fat ass faster motherfucker they gaining" 库班说, “移动你的肥屁股快娘,他们获得”

I gave him the case, told him, "Go ahead save yourself 我给他的情况下,对他说: “来吧救自己

Blaze a L in my memory, tell the family I gave em Hell" 杀出一条L的我的记忆,告诉家人我给EM地狱“

For real, that's when I heard the tires screechin 真的,当我听到轮胎screechin的

Peeped and it was Joe the God with twenty Terror Squad niggaz reachin 偷看,这是乔神20恐怖队的兄弟们要触摸


[conversation and gunfight to fade] [对话和枪战褪色]

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