歌词 "Piña Colada" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Piña Colada



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

-Vaya -Vaya

-Come on -COMe上

-Vaya -Vaya

-A vailar -A vailar


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]

Where're my niggaz with the big dicks? -Ahh 哪儿我的兄弟们与大侦探? -Ahh

Where're my niggaz with the hot whips? -Ahh 哪儿我的兄弟们与热鞭子? -Ahh

Where're my niggaz living better? 哪儿我的兄弟们生活更好吗?

We want Barettas and Amarettas, butter leathers and mad cheddar 我们希望Barettas和Amarettas ,黄油皮革和疯狂的切达


[Sheek] [ Sheek ]

(Ayo Pun, I got you baby) (亚青双关语,我把你的宝宝)

We play the front not the back, when there's beef I attack 我们玩的不是前面后面,当有牛肉我攻击

Grab the guns and start lighting 抢了枪,并开始照明

Ya'll the bitch niggaz behind cars scared to death like "yo, who fighting?" 使你们的车后面吓死像母狗的兄弟们“哟,谁战斗? ”

How the fuck you teaching me I ain't got no obedience 你怎么教我,他妈的我没有得到任何服从

Ya'll are made of shit I'm the thug's ingredients 你们大家都取得了狗屎我是暴徒的成分

And for my niggaz I peel like fucked up paint jobs 和我的兄弟们我剥喜欢性交了油漆工作

Cover your block and put holes in you like old blankets 护住块,并把洞你喜欢旧的毯子

Fuck a bitch use a sock and wipe my nut what? 他妈的婊子用袜子擦拭我的螺母是什么?

Run in your spot and use a Glock to get my cut what? 在你的位置上运行,并使用格洛克,让我剪什么样的?

Smack you in public and embarrass you slut what? 嫌你在公共场合和为难你贱人是什么?

Put you on punishment the same way I do to my son 把你的处罚如同我做我的儿子

And the only bullets by my stomach be the clip from my gun 并通过我的胃唯一的子弹从我的枪剪辑

And when my gun busts it's over so close the curtains 而当我的枪半身像是在如此接近的窗帘

My silencer's like ch, ch, ch like birds was chirping 我的消音器的类似通道,通道,通道就像鸟儿的鸣叫了

I like Boricuas ya know that Sheek be freaky 我喜欢Boricuas雅知道Sheek是奇特

I put coke in their peepee then stuff the bras 我把焦炭在他们peepee然后东西胸罩

Put some coke in the bras that look like coconuts 放入胸罩一些焦炭,看起来像椰子

That's what's up don't have Sheek's click clack this up 这是怎么回事没有Sheek的点击唠叨这件事

Disload the back pack her bitch ass back me up Disload后面收拾她的母狗屁股支持我

You know double R and Terror Squad niggaz want they cut. 你知道双R和恐怖队的兄弟们希望他们削减。


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

I'm well know like Al Capone, full blown like Tone Montana 我也知道,像铝卡波恩,完全成熟的如音蒙大拿

In the zone sitting on chrome stoned sipping on Champana 在开发区坐在铬砸死喝着Champana

Rolling ganja up in Bible paper 滚动大麻在圣经纸

A high that will take us through the eyes of Christ, John, Elijah, Jacob 高,将带领我们透过基督,约翰,以利亚,雅各的眼睛

I make the kind of green that hustler's dream 我做的那种绿色的是骗子的梦想

Busting out that custard cream 破坏了的奶油蛋羹

Piper cause I'm piped up with the mustard team 派珀因为我尖着嗓子与芥菜团队

Plus the queen Fort Knox and hearts 再加上皇后诺克斯堡和心灵

King of medallions Monty Guard 纪念章王蒙蒂卫队

Even Italians see my battalion prop the broad 即使是意大利人看到我的营撑起了广阔

I got the squad over qualified pulling over Karl Kani 我得到了球队在资格靠边卡尔·卡尼

Range Rover tilted three wilted hydraulic slide 揽胜倾斜3枯萎液压滑

Spark the Live in the crowd ripping trough housings 引发了现场的人群中抓取槽壳

Like the Wu do in Shaolin 像吴尽在少林

John Blazing on a pound of buddha and all the mami chulas, 约翰熊熊一斤佛和所有的真身chulas ,

They want to ride on my Honda scooter 他们想坐我的本田摩托车

You know the red one from the video 你知道红色的从视频

But really though she ain't coming and she ain't running the 不过说真的,虽然她不来了,她没有运行

Trizzie yo! Trizzie哟!


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

Disrespect the Don word's bond I'm gonna shoot ya 不敬唐字的债券我要拍雅

We can get it on maricon hijo'de gran puta 我们可以得到它maricon hijode大谴

Who you fucking' wit? 谁你他妈的机智?

Bitch ass nigga you ain't running' up on shit 这群蠢货,你是不是跑了狗屎上

Talking' like you gonna bust yo clip 说到“像你打爆哟夹

nigga you ain't no fucking threat 兄弟你是不是没有他妈的威胁

You talk a lot but you ain't never realized that if you walk that block 请您谈了很多,但你是不是从来没有意识到,如果你走了块

Cock that Glock, think I'm pussy oh shit man! 公鸡格洛克,觉得我的猫哦,该死的人!

Big Punisher's off his rocker 大惩罚者的脱下摇杆

What you got? Beef wit' me? Aight then papi, Sheek's with me 你得到了什么?牛肉智慧我吗? Aight然后PAPI , Sheek与我

Thought you cats were gonna creep on me 想你的猫是要去蠕变对我

without some type of an injury. 如果没有某种类型的伤害。


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[Sheek] [ Sheek ]

I see coward in yours, what you up in my eyes? 我看到懦夫在你,你在我的眼睛吗?

Big dick between mine, What the fuck between your thighs? 大家伙矿之间,什么他妈的你的大腿之间?

Pussy, If I shoot, are you gonna shoot back? 猫,如果我开枪,你打算怎么拍背?

I don't think so, your man's the thug you ride piggy-back 我不这么认为,你的男人是暴徒,你骑背驮式

You're the one that passed the gat, told your man to bust that 你认为通过水道之一,告诉你的男人该胸围

You ain't making no money, you're a broke-ass cat 你是不是不再赚钱,你是个一文不名屁股猫

And once these pop, cops bring the chalk 而一旦这些弹出,警察把粉笔

and the mop to get the rest of you off the sidewalk. what! 和拖把让你休息了人行道上。什么!


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]

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