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[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Niggaz is flossin a lot, time to start extortin the plot 兄弟们是flossin了很多,时间启动extortin剧情

Just a portion of prod' off the top for my Porsche and my yacht 督促的就在我的保时捷和我的游艇顶部的部分

Somethin for the cops to keep em blind, so we can crime 事端的警察保持EM盲目的,所以我们可以犯罪

with piece of mind, turn the key and shine without bein down 同一片心意,转动钥匙,并没有照耀下贝因

Time to expand, New York to Chicago, Colorado 时间扩展,纽约到芝加哥,科罗拉多

You know my motto, clock G's and rock keys like Drago 你知道我的座右铭,像德拉戈时钟G公司和岩石键

Pablo Escobar and Dom Perignon 巴勃罗·埃斯科瓦尔和唐培里侬

We're buyin out the bar, with Don Juan, and every woman's Shawn Dawn-ing 我们买入了酒吧,唐璜,而每个女人的肖恩·黎明 - 荷兰国际集团

Long donging em down like Shawn Michael does and I'm like a pyscho 龙donging时间下来像肖恩·迈克尔确实和我就像一个pyscho

fuckin suckin the butt like liposuction 他妈的喜欢来吸吸脂对接

Up and down with the tongue twister, c'mon on sister 向上和向下的绕口令,拜托姐姐上

Big Pun's used to cock and squeeze like a gun tester 大双关语的使用和公鸡挤像枪测试仪

Crushin sister's backs with the demon snap, hit you from the back Crushin妹妹的背影与妖扣,打你从后面

Close your eyes relax, let me feed the cat 闭上你的眼睛放松,让我喂猫

Livin fat, true mack, niggaz was catchin feelings Livin的脂肪,真正的麦克,兄弟们是捉感受

Dealing with a smaller deck it just wasn't as mass appealing 用较小的甲板上处理它只是并不像大众吸引力

I started feeling funny, niggaz comin short with money 我开始感觉好笑,兄弟们有钱科曼短

I called my Son he told me chill he'd be over with twenty 我打电话给我的儿子,他告诉我放松,他会是在与20

Punny what's the deal, niggaz wanna kill me 一语双关这是怎么回事,兄弟们想要杀了我

He said it's real, they jealous and tired of seein me Willie silly 他说,这是真实的,他们眼红和疲倦seein我傻威利

Had more to claim, niggaz throwin shit in the game 权利要求,兄弟们肆意拉屎在游戏中有更多的

Gave my wife some pictures with me and bitches runnin the train 给我的妻子和我的一些图片和母狗飞奔的列车

It's like a dream, I called my team and started flippin 这就像一个梦,我打电话给我的团队,开始弗利

Lock the clip in started liftin niggaz off the ground like a magician 锁定开始liftin兄弟们夹子掉在地上像一个魔术师

I skipped town, be back around when things quiet down 我跳过镇,回来时身边的东西安静下来

I lost the war for now but it'll take more to hold me down 我失去了战争,但现在它会采取更抱我下来


"Top of the world ma! Ha ha, top of the world!" “顶级世界马!哈哈,世界之巅! ”


[Chorus] [合唱]

Yo, this is the bad time - boomerang, bring it all back 哟,这是不好的时候 - 飞去,把它都回来了

Flashback, livin prosper', eat well and get fat 闪回,活着繁荣“ ,吃得好和发胖

I was Pop Dula, popular to the masses 我是流行音乐杜拉,通俗的群众

I miss the E-Classes, ?riding? game with def glasses 我怀念的电子类, ?骑?游戏高清眼镜

Rock bottom struck and threw my world off it's axis 谷底袭击,并把我的世界了它的轴

Boomerang - plan to come back like Bronx rap 飞去来器 - 计划回来像布朗克斯说唱

Storm like the Redcoats through anything in my path 狂风暴雨般的红上衣,通过在我的路上什么

First you shine like sterling, then you broke like brick in Berlin 首先,你明亮如英镑,那么你就像破砖在柏林


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Now should I slit my wrists, go for it all or call it quits 现在,我缝我的手腕,去了全部或调用它退出

Picture me taking my life, leaving my wife and my daughter shit 想象着我把我的生命,留下我的妻子和我的女儿狗屎

Wish I could slip back, and switch the memories 希望我能滑回,并切换记忆

Lift the felonies from my record I respected my enemies 从我的记录提起重罪í尊重我的敌人

Live like the Kennedy's, above the law, fuck em all 活得像肯尼迪的,凌驾于法律之上,他妈的他们所有

I'm coming for the rich thieving em even if I wasn't poor 我来为富人偷窃EM就算我是不穷

I seen it all like I said before 我已经看到这一切就像我之前说

The streets are for men at war and the beasts are the predators 满街都是男性,在战争和野兽是掠食者

I shed it all first ?and beat a prob every source? 我流下了一切先? ,打一个概率每一个来源?

Of course, I bury any adversary tryin to floss 当然,我埋葬任何对手试着使用牙线

Just because, the reason I leave em lost in the sauce 只是因为,我之所以离开他们失去了在酱油

Teein off like we up North just for bein soft Teein过像我们北上只为贝因软

A beaten horse like a slave gettin minimum wage 走旁人走过的马像奴隶一样刚开最低工资

Fillin the gauge, front page, these are the last days 写留言压力表,头版,这些都是最后的日子

Cash pays, and rules - the root of all evil 现金支付和规则 - 一切罪恶的根源

Shootin amigos for lootin perrico pollutin our people 乱射吾友为lootin perrico pollutin我们的人民

Movin kilos like it's all good, through every ghetto 居无定所多斤喜欢这一切都很好,通过每一个贫民区

I ain't judgin, but buggin how we floss so many levels 我是不是judgin ,但迷恋我们如何使用牙线这么多的水平

The devil's got us by the balls, that's why the law allows 魔鬼的得到了我们的球,这就是为什么法律允许

the drugs to overflood, knowin we gonna buy it all 该药物overflood ,深深地知道我们该怎么买都

It's time to call a world order where every girl's your daughter 现在是时候叫的世界秩序,每一个女孩是你的女儿

and priceless as ices and pearls fresh out the water 和无价的冰和珍珠新鲜出炉的水

I'm gonna get mine, either from crime, or through the bible 我会得到我的,无论是从犯罪的,或通过圣经

Whichever way, you better pay, I'm feelin suicidal 无论怎样,你更好的薪酬,我感觉自杀


[Chorus] [合唱]

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