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[Chorus: Tony Sunshine] [合唱:托尼阳光]

Mamma.. I don't understand 妈妈..我不明白

Why he had to fuck with me, now I gotta kill this man 他为什么要操我,现在我得杀了这个人

I said mamma.. now I'm on the run 我说妈妈..现在我在奔跑

Dear ma-mmahhhhhhh.. what have I done? 亲爱的MA- mmahhhhhhh ..我做了什么?


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

Somebody save me, I think I just killed somebody baby 有人救了我,我想我刚刚杀了人的宝宝

Shoulda chilled but money was really tryin to play me 早该冷,但钱是真的试着玩我

Couldn't hold it no more so I showed him the four hold不住就没有更多的让我给他看了四

Duke was dissin my girl like she was hoein on tour 公爵dissin我这样的女孩,她hoein巡演

And knowin I'm raw, money tried to play fly 并深深地知道我生的,钱试着打飞

"I said whassup to the bitch; why she couldn't say hi?" “我说whassup的婊子,为什么她不能说喜”

That ain't right! I had to put him in his place 这是不对的!我只好把他放在他的位置

Remember them hollows I bought for three bottles? 请记住他们镂空我买了三瓶?

I put 'em in his face 我把时间在他的脸上

I didn't have to disgrace myself, hatin myself 我没有玷污自己, hatin自己

"Ahora a tu!" BLAM BLAM, brace yo'self “ Ahora凡恩! ” BLAM BLAM ,振奋yoself

That's the law - the streets are like basketball 这就是规律 - 满街都是喜欢篮球

but sometimes you shoot, sometimes you pass it off 但有时你拍,有时你通过它

Can't always take a shot, make one mistake you upstate for what? 不能总是拿一出手,犯一个错误,你上州是为了什么?

Too much hate, time to break the lock 太多的恨,时间,打破锁

I hate the cops so I ain't tryin to see 'em 我恨警察,所以我不会试着看见他们

I love a brother doin triple life but I ain't tryin to be him 我爱兄弟乐队三联生活,但我不试着为他

That's why I be on the low, and keep my feet in the row 这就是为什么我会在低,并保持我的脚行中

Cause they're tellin me as far as felonies 因为他们是在告诉我,只要重罪

you get life for three in a row 您连续获得人生三

Then whadday'know? Last week at the flicks 然后whaddayknow ?上周在笔触

I had to kill somebody, for steppin on my kicks (STUPID) 我不得不杀了人,在垫脚在我踢(愚蠢)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

I can murder half the world laugh while the other side hate me 我可以杀了半个世界的笑而另一边恨我

but hurt one hair on my mamma head and I'ma, cry like a baby 但伤害了一根头发对我妈妈的头,我是一个,哭的像个孩子

She my heart and soul; what Jimi Hendrix was to rock'n'roll 她我的心脏和灵魂;什么吉米·亨德里克斯是摇滚乐

Made me believe I could achieve the impossible 让我相信我能创造奇迹

Now you know one of my weakness's, but Punisher keeps it glizz 现在,你知道我的弱点的一个,但惩罚者保持它glizz

So don't pull out cause when I pop oh what a relief it is 所以,不要拉出来的原因,当我弹出哦,是一种解脱

Send you where Jesus is - hold up, that's the gas chamber 送你耶稣是 - 抱了起来,那是气室

Think before you put on that ski-mask and blast a stranger 想想你穿上了滑雪面具前和爆炸的陌生人

Relax the anger, don't be so hard on yourself 放松的愤怒,不要对自己太苛刻

That's how you'll end up twelve years old; 这就是你最终十二岁;

bein charged as an adult 贝因被控作为一个成年人

Terror Squad is here to help so you can learn from our mistakes 恐怖队为您提供帮助,所以你可以从我们的错误中吸取教训

Cause power just makes you reject destiny and devour your fate 因为权力只是让你拒绝的命运,吞噬你的命运

How many hours I waste, tryin to figure the shit 有多少时间浪费,试着弄清楚狗屎

Until I finally realized, we're just niggaz and spics 直到我终于明白,我们只是兄弟们和SPICS

That's what they feel, what can I do but just stay real? 这就是他们的感觉,我能做些什么,但仅仅停留真实的吗?

Keep somethin in the stash in case I gotta make bail 请事端,在藏匿的情况下,我得做出保释

Cause ain't no brothers, runnin shit in the system 原因不是没有兄弟,在系统中飞奔狗屎

You goin straight to jail if you colored and fit the description 您直接布莱恩监狱,如果你的颜色和适合描述

.. fuck you talkin about? I live here ..你他妈的在说什么?我住在这里

This is my buildin nigga; fuck you nigga! 这是我的buildin的兄弟们;你他妈的黑鬼!

That's my daughter right there playin.. fuck off me! 这是我的女儿在那里弹唱..他妈的放开我!

Get the fuck off! 获取他妈的了!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

I don't have much time so I'm only gonna ask you once 我没有太多的时间,所以我只是要问你一次

to please forgive me mamma; I love you and I'm sorry I broke your heart 要请你原谅我妈妈;我爱你,对不起我打破你的心脏

But I ask you to do me a favor and take care of my daughters 但我请你帮我一个忙,照顾我的女儿

and raise them to be good respectable woman, like their mother 并提高他们成为受人尊敬的好女人,像他们的母亲

God bless her soul 愿上帝保佑她的灵魂

And raise my son to be a good man, a better man than me 提高我的儿子是一个好人,一个更好的人比我

And for this I give you my soul, I love you 而对于这一点,我给你我的灵魂,我爱你


[Chorus - whispered; a woman cries out in agony] [合唱团 - 嘀咕;女人哭了痛苦]


[Tony Sunshine] [托尼阳光]

Heyyyy ma-ma-ma-mma.. Heyyyy MA- MA- MA- MMA ..

I just killed a man.. 我刚刚杀了人..

Ma-mmaaaa.. what am I to do? 马mmaaaa ..我该怎么办?

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