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Brave In The Heart



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"Remember Pun?" “还记得潘? ”

Yeah, check me out.. 是啊,对我进行检查..

"Remember Pun?" “还记得潘? ”

Terror Squad.. 恐怖队..


[Triple Seis] [三SEIS ]

I'll battle ya all, from the charts to ghetto stars 我会战斗雅都,从图表贫民窟明星

Face Triple Seis the God of War like Mars 面对三重SEIS战争像火星的神

that leave MC's smashed but my Squad, is odd 这让三菱商事的砸了,但我的球队,是奇数

Y'all never seen relish, but always seem jealous 你们都没有见过津津有味,但似乎总是嫉妒

of my extreme fellas, rockin the (?) sweaters 我的小伙子们极端,摇滚的( ? )毛衣

The ones who paid with they life 付出了他们的生命谁的那些

I rock for forty days and forty nights, and every verse is tight 我摇滚四十天四十夜,每首诗歌是紧

Better than before; rough, rugged, and raw 比以前好;粗糙,凹凸不平,和生

Chainsaw metaphor that leave your brain sore 电锯比喻让你的大脑痛

This ain't a game, I'll leave you maimed 这不是一场比赛,我会离开你残废

Allow me to explain I thrive on the pain while robbin your chain 请允许我解释一下我能应付的痛苦,而罗宾的链

Knahmean? Do him and the fiend, grab his wallet Knahmean ?难道他和恶魔,抢他的钱包

Leave a trail-blazin like (Rasheed Wallace) 留下痕迹, BLAZIN样(拉希德 - 华莱士)

What's today's knowledge? Hold your heat like The Peacemaker 什么是今天的知识呢?握住你的热像和平缔造者

I walk the same streets the police take us 我走在同一条街道的警察把我们

Livin on the corner so won't speak it out my mouth 活着的角落所以不会说出来我的嘴

Respect and got the money son that's all that it's about 尊重和拿到钱儿子这一切,它是关于

No doubt, silence of code, violence of mode 毫无疑问,代码沉默,方式暴力

Under control, can tell my real niggaz really roll 在控制之下,可以告诉我真正的兄弟们真的滚

On the low tryin to blow trees 在低试着吹树

And for no reas', we hit a nigga up for mo' cheese 而对于没有REAS ,我们打了一个黑人弥补莫奶酪

Better relate and start to think, or be the missin link 更好的关联和开始思考,或者是想念链接

I got my +Hustle+ on like Larry Flynt 我有我的川流+ +对像拉里·弗林特


[Big Pun] [大双关语]

We brave in the heart, playin a part, amazingly smart 我们勇敢的心脏,在表演的一部分,令人惊讶的智能

Razor sharp, futuristic raps, state of the art 锋利的,未来派的斥责,最先进的

Takin New York cats past the stars 羚牛纽约猫过去的明星

First it was Nasty Nas now watch me turn a Apple into Macintosh 首先,它是讨厌纳斯看着我把一个苹果的Macintosh到

Computer chip locomotion flow, la cosa nostra dough 电脑芯片的运动流, LA COSA诺斯特拉面团

Hold your toaster low, business never personal 握住你的烤面包机低,企业从来没有个人

Just some words to know - if you run the streets 只是有些话就知道 - 如果你满街跑

come in peace or leave in pieces 为和平而来,或在离开片

Even Jesus was killed by the polices 即使是耶稣被杀害的政策

They crucified him now they inject us with juice to fry 'em 他们钉在十字架上,现在他们注入我们汁炒时间

Depends on the state if death is my fate then cool I'm dyin 要看状态,如果死亡是我的命运,然后冷却,我快要枯萎

If that's my destiny it's meant to be 如果这是我的命运,它的意思是

Just remember to bury the motherfucker that bent me right next to me 不过,别忘了埋在弯曲我的权利我旁边的混蛋

Aight crew? (No doubt Pun!) Aight then, let's fight then Aight船员? (毫无疑问,双关语! ) Aight那么,让我们再拼

I'm hypened, comin with the thunder and the lightning 我hypened ,与雷霆和闪电科曼

Invitin the comp, ice on the arm Invitin的补偿,冰的手臂

Nights when I storm, snipin your moms, right from the Bronx 晚上,当我困, snipin你的妈妈,从一布朗克斯

Mic in the palm it's the ghetto God 麦克风在掌心它的贫民窟神

I rip a nigga heart out his frame while I scream TERROR SQUAD í撕裂了一个黑人心脏出了框架,而我尖叫恐怖队

Be larger than life, my initials carved in my wife 比生命更重要,我的英文缩写刻在我的妻子

She said she'd starve on a diet instead I'm a God in her eyes 她说她想在她的眼里挨饿节食,而不是我是神

The father of Christ, sure to be immortal 基督的父亲,肯定是不朽

Guzzlin beer bottles by the dozen with Devin that's mi hermano Guzzlin啤酒瓶被打了德文那英里hermano


"Big Pun.." ".. will be here, forever" -> [KRS] “大双关语。”“ ..会在这里,永远” - > [ KRS ]

"We brave in the heart.." “我们的心脏勇敢。”

".. p-p-p-playin a part" “ .. P- P- P-弹唱的一部分。”

"Amazingly smart.." “令人惊讶的聪明。”

".. remember Pun?", "That's the ghetto God" “ ..记得潘? ” , “这是神的贫民窟”

"We brave in the heart.." “我们的心脏勇敢。”

".. p-p-p-playin a part" “ .. P- P- P-弹唱的一部分。”

"Amazingly smart.." “令人惊讶的聪明。”

".. remember Pun?", "That's the ghetto God" “ ..记得潘? ” , “这是神的贫民窟”

"We brave in the heart, playin a part, amazingly smart" “我们勇敢的心脏,在表演的一部分,令人惊讶的智慧”

"Big Pun.." ".. for-EVER!" -> [KRS] “大双关语。” “对于前所未有的! ” - > [ KRS ]


[Prospect] [展望]

You ain't understand how I push your wig back quick 你是不是知道我是怎么把你的假发快回来

A little quiet nigga wouldn't think I did that shit 稍稍平静黑人会不会认为我写那些歌

I'm from where the guns love to introduce theyself 我是从那里的枪爱介绍theyself我

Reduce your health, little bulletproofs get felt 降低您的健康,小bulletproofs得到感觉

Who mind ready, for this big dog who hold a nine steady 谁介意准备好了,这大狗谁持有九稳

I'm John Blazin when you see the arms razin 我是约翰BLAZIN当你看到拉辛武器

Shit crime heavy already, I keep it sharper than the long 'chette 妈的犯罪已经很重,我把它比尖锐的长“ chette

Far from a snitch nigga who call Teddy 从打小报告黑鬼谁打电话泰迪远

I click triggers how you more ready and switch bigger 我点击触发如何更愿意和大切换

than more berry I'm a cherry you a strawberry 超过浆果我是你的樱桃草莓

If you lost that mean I'm on top of the whip 如果你失去了意思,我就鞭顶部

You plottin to flip, fuck around and get shot in the lip 您阴谋计划翻转,他妈的四周,被枪杀在唇

You stop with the quick and never make another move 你停止用快速,永不再作行动

Even your mother lose, I hurt up your pops to pay your brother dues 即使你的母亲输了,我伤害了你的持久性有机污染物付出你的兄弟会费


"Big Pun.." “大双关语。”

"Forever.. do you understand? FOREVER!" -> [KRS] “永远的..你懂吗?永远! ” - > [ KRS ]


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

Make way for krill, I don't play I spray for real 让路磷虾,我不玩了我喷了真正的

Blow your top with the glock, that's my favorite kill 吹你的顶配格洛克,这是我最喜欢杀

Blaze your crib with like thirty shots 以开拓你的床像30杆

I'm already hot, but my last one is with some dirty cops 我已经很热,但我的最后一个是用一些肮脏的警察

I play the streets with toast cause the thieves is close 我玩了敬酒街头引起盗贼靠近

Wanna keep your post then don't beef with Joe 想要让你的帖子,然后不带乔牛肉

Still niggaz think I won't bring the heat out 兄弟们还在想我会不会带来热出

That's like sayin Puff ain't never beat up Steve Stoute 这就像在说吹牛是不是从来没有殴打史蒂夫·斯托特

Truth first, Terror Squad, shoot first 真相第一,恐怖队,先拍

War with me and you guaranteed to leave the earth 战争与我和你保证离开地球

I'm, dressed to kill, my niggaz rep for real 我的打扮杀,我的兄弟们代表了真正的

Joe Crack's back like I never had a deal 乔裂缝的背就像我从未有过的交易

Hungry and shit, it don't get more lovely than this 饿了,妈的,它没有得到比这更可爱

Blow a hole through your ribs just for runnin your lips 吹过你的肋骨一个洞只是飞奔你的嘴唇

The street's a trip; either you deep or you sleep with the fish 华尔街的一次旅行;要么你深或你睡觉的鱼

I keep a fifth for them niggaz that's seekin to flip 我把五分之一的他们的seekin翻转的兄弟们


"We brave in the heart.." “我们的心脏勇敢。”

".. p-p-p-playin a part" “ .. P- P- P-弹唱的一部分。”

"Amazingly smart.." “令人惊讶的聪明。”

".. remember Pun?", "That's the ghetto God" “ ..记得潘? ” , “这是神的贫民窟”

"We brave in the heart, playin a part, amazingly smart" “我们勇敢的心脏,在表演的一部分,令人惊讶的智慧”

"Big Pun.." ".. for-EVER!" -> [KRS] “大双关语。” “对于前所未有的! ” - > [ KRS ]

"Do you understand? FOREVER!" -> [KRS] “你明白了吗?永远! ” - > [ KRS ]

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