歌词 "John Blaze" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

John Blaze



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1: Nas] [诗歌1 :纳斯]

My stripes show like regiments, military intelligence 我的条纹显示像团,军事情报

Murder game, I leave no evidence -- credentials 杀人游戏,我没有留下任何证据 - 凭据

Go ask my pre-school, even talk to my old principal 去问问我的学前教育,甚至跟我的老校长

He'd tell you how you I used to pack a No. 2 pencil 他会告诉你你我是如何用来包装2号铅笔

Stabbin students, grabbin teachers, Catholics, preachers Stabbin学生,去抓教师,天主教徒,传教士

In the school staircase, cuttin class, passin my reefer 在学校的楼梯, cuttin类, passin我的冷藏

In my own class, operation return, they tried to say 在我自己的类,经营回报,他们试图说

I was incompetent, not able to learn 我是不称职的,不能够学习

The table turned now, got my own label to earn 该表翻了,有我自己的标签,以赚取

Like that nigga said in _Dead Presidents_, money to burn 这样的兄弟们在_Dead Presidents_说,钱烧

Queensbridge, pay homage, respect Nas is the vet 皇后桥揽胜,尊重纳斯是兽医

Acknowledge the rep, polish baguettes, niggaz is dissin that 承认代表,波兰面包,兄弟们是dissin了

I'm just the best, puttin all violence to rest 我只是最好的, puttin一切暴力休息

between Latin Kings the blood _los sangres_, blood in Spanish 拉丁国王的血_los sangres_ ,血液西班牙语

So many thugs vanish, unite the system 这么多打手消失,凝聚系统

to fight with inner street wisdom, to help teach a prison 与内街道的智慧对抗,以帮助教监狱


[Verse 2: Big Punisher] [诗2 :大惩罚者]

My crew puff lye, anyone test the Pun must die 我的船员粉扑碱液,任何测试的双关必须死

Just give me one try -- 'Now you know you done fucked up right?' 只要给我一个尝试 - “现在你知道你做搞砸了吧? ”

Hah, you ain't got no wins in my casa 哈,你是不会得到任何胜利在我的CASA

Que te pasa, you ain't even in my clasa 阙德婆娑,你是不是连我clasa

I hate a actor that plays a rapper 我恨起了说唱歌手à演员

I'm Terror Squad beta kappa everybody's favorite rapper 我恐怖队测试卡帕大家的喜爱说唱歌手

Grand imperial college material insane criminal 大帝国理工学院材料疯狂犯罪

The same nigga who known to blow out your brain mineral 谁知道黑鬼一样吹出你的大脑矿物

I reign subliminal inside your visual í统治潜意识里你的视觉

Try to supply your physical with my spiritual side of this lyrical 试着用我的精神这种抒情的一面提供你的身体

I'll appear in your dreams, like Freddie do, no kidding you 我会出现在你的梦里,像房地美这样做,不骗你

Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you 即使我结结巴巴我还是你的SH -SH- SH-狗屎

Soon as I chitter chatter you shitter shatter, I'm the kid 只要我chitter喋喋不休你shitter粉碎,我的孩子

out of Bronx, that'll stomp you to death like it didn't matter 从布朗克斯,那会踩你死如这并不重要

I'm even better than before, iller metaphors 我什至比以前Iller河畔隐喻更好

Killers bet it all on Pun, cause one verse, dead em all 杀手打赌这一切对双关语,引起一首诗,死了他们所有


[Chorus: scratches by DJ Spinbad] [合唱:划痕由DJ Spinbad ]

J-J-J-John Blaze 的J-J -J-约翰·布拉

Ja-Ja-ah-John Bla-Blaze JA -JA -AH-约翰·布拉,布拉

J-Ja-J-Ja, John Blaze 歼贾-J -JA ,约翰·布拉

"Johnny Blaze ain't a damn thing changed!" - [Method Man] “约翰尼火焰不是该死的东西变了! ” - [方法人]


[Verse 3: Jadakiss] [第3节:贾达基斯]

Aiyyo my attitude is subject to change, I mess around Aiyyo我的态度如有更改,我勾搭

and spit twelve at the driver's side door of your Range 吐12在驾驶员侧的范围门

Six hit you, the other six, up in your dame 六打你,其他六,在你的圣母院

Mafia style, leave you with your watch and your chains 黑手党的风格,让你与你的手表,你的链条

Take heed that, not only can I flow I can aim 你要小心,不是只有我可以流动,我可以瞄准

cause y'all misdemeanor niggaz can't stand the reign 使你们的兄弟们轻罪受不了统治

Better believe that, whenever I see y'all I'ma test ya 更相信,只要我看到你们我是​​考雅

Only cause I know that faggots respect pressure 只因为我知道,柴尊重压力

Hardcore, like shit you get, kicked out the yard for 性交,像狗屎你,踢出了院子里

'Kiss ain't the cops, but I lock niggaz up “吻是不是警察,但我锁起来的兄弟们

You could meet me in my cell I soak and sock niggaz up 你能满足我,我的手机我泡和袜子的兄弟们了

Far as the flow go, you could let your dough show 只要顺其自然,你可以让你的面团秀

Put your money on the table, we could battle on cable 把你的钱放在桌子上,我们可以战斗电缆

Y'all hot dog niggaz get nathans 你们都热狗的兄弟们GET纳森

Fuck around with Jason, that shorty from The Lox, John Blazin 他妈的周围的杰森,由液氧,约翰BLAZIN的矮子


[Verse 4: Raekwon] [第4节: Raekwon的]

My son cool out (what) don't beef yo, throw the tool out 我的儿子凉了(什么)没有牛肉哟,扔出去的工具

Let's run these niggaz, kidnap they work, make em move out 让我们来运行这些兄弟们,绑架他们的工作,让时间迁出

Crushed hash, hands is like glass, keep the heat 碎散,双手就像是玻璃,保持热

in the dash, did some dirt for some work, caught a gash 在仪表板,做了一些泥土的一些工作,钓到了一条口子

The flicker blocker, wicked sneaker rocker footwear 闪烁阻滞剂,邪恶的运动鞋鞋类摇杆

Strike me out God, stackin up joints, rack em like Footlocker 打我了神, stackin了关节,机架EM像手提箱

This is raw, raw like fuck kid, represent 这是原始的,原始的像他妈的孩子,代表

Here to Crenshaw, hold my words stronger than a Benz stall 这里克伦肖,握住我的话比奔驰失速强

Relentless, the anthology consolidated 无情的诗集整合

with the quickness, dress up in the wig and blouse, killer sickness 与快速,打扮的假发,上衣,杀手病

Lex, imagination large, gold cards 法,想象的大,黄金卡

Beat the bogus squad brains that connect put on the Older God 击败连接穿上旧神的假球队的大脑

Specialist, iciclist, Woolridge collar 专家iciclist , Woolridge领

Feelin the rich, work for every dollar don't snitch, that's why 感觉丰富,工作的每一美元不打小报告,这就是为什么

broke niggaz who got heart God, sign em up 谁得到心脏破了神的兄弟们,请举起手来

Start the wind up, we John Blazin, Don up in the line up 启动拉闸,我们约翰BLAZIN ,唐在排队


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 5: Fat Joe] [第5节:胖乔]

It's simple mathematics, you gotta love us 这是简单的数学,你得爱我们

Cause Joey Crack plus gat equals a lotta dead motherfuckers 原因乔伊裂缝加上水道等于洛塔怎么就死了

Just when you thought I was done, I recruited Pun 正当你以为我做的,我找来潘

Terror Squad Enterprise, undisputed Dunn 恐怖队企业,无可争议的邓恩

I'm from the slums where it's worse, bust with guns til it hurts 我是从那里更糟糕的贫民窟是,胸围枪直到它伤害

for fuckin with my funds on the first 与我的资金在第一他妈的

And go to church like a mobster 和去教堂像一个流氓

Discuss your death over shrimp and lobster, with my Cuban partners 讨论你死了的虾和龙虾,我的古巴合作伙伴

Lucas with the cartridge, twenty shot 卢卡斯与墨盒, 20杆

Run up on any block, disrespect any cop 跑起来的任何街区,任何不敬警察

Used to run many spots, now I own shops 用于运行许多斑点,现在我自己的商店

Gortex with the lot, five sixty-four bills a pop Gortex的很多,五64法案弹出

I'm hot, who wanna get burned? 我好热,谁想要引火烧身?

I fire one in your knot and watch your whole fuckin head turn 我火了一个在您结,看你他妈的整个脑袋转

You best learn to parlay, I've had a hard day 你最好的学习,充分利用,我度过了艰难的一天

Fuck around with the Don and get John Blazed 他妈的周围的顿河并获得约翰·闪耀


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]

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