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You Came Up



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Noreaga] Yo what the deal baby [ Noreaga ]哟这么对待孩子

I see ya aight 我看到亚aight


[Big Pun] Still not a player but you still a hater [大双关语]还没成为球员,但你还是一个仇敌

Ha, Pun here where my horns at 哈,潘这儿,我在喇叭

Where my horns? 在我的牛角?

[Horns sounding] [喇叭发声]


[Intro/Bridge: Big Punisher and Noreaga] [简介/桥:大惩罚者和Noreaga ]


Fa ye da da ya da da da da 发你们哒哒雅哒哒哒哒

Fa ye da da ya da da da 发你们哒哒雅哒哒哒


[Chorus: Big Punisher and Noreaga] [合唱:大惩罚者和Noreaga ]


[Noreaga] Pun you came up [ Noreaga ]潘,你想出了

What what, making it happen 什么什么,使之成为现实

From rappin on the corner of blocks we going platinum 从说唱上,我们将铂金街区的角落

But when we roll, are you still ready to ride 但是,当我们滚,你还准备乘车

[Big Punisher] Yo I be ready to ride and I be ready to die [大惩罚者]哟,我准备骑,我准备死

[Repeat] [重复]


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Ay yo my word is born long as I'm alive I'm gonna put it on 哎哟我的话是天生,只要我还活着,我要把它放在

Could've gone to gee shit, thug nigga till I'm gone 可能已经去了啧啧狗屎,暴徒黑鬼直到我走了

Where to Bronx I'm flippin, five boroughs thoroughly reppin' 凡布朗克斯我冒失,五个行政区彻底reppin

Lets unite the city and step to the world as a weapon 让我们团结起来的城市,并加强对世界作为武器

Cause everybody's checking for Pun second to none 因为每个人都检查营盘首屈一指

Cause Latins going platinum was destine to come 原因拉丁人将铂注定来

The inevitable, heavenly better than whatever you do 不可避免的,天上的比任何你做的更好

We eligible, T.S. incredibly credible 我们有资格, T.S。令人难以置信的可信

For the revenue we gettin you open with lyrical dope 因为我们刚开了你的收入与抒情涂料打开

And these breaths that are potent is like an injectional dose 这些呼吸是有效的就像是一个injectional剂量

[Big Pun and Noreaga] And it never quits [大双关语和Noreaga ]它决不会退却。

Take it from TS's top terrorist 把它从TS顶级恐怖

Rapper slash hijacker bombin' tracks ever since 说唱斜线劫机者bombin “跟踪自从

I was young, I wasn't always Big Pun 我还年轻,我并不总是大双关语

It wasn't always this fun, ay yo I rose from the slums 这并不总是这样好玩,哎哟我从贫民窟上涨

I had to pay my due, lay a few 我不得不支付我应得,奠定了几

But I ain't saying who, stayin' true to da game 但我没有说谁,留下来真实的大游戏

No names, playin' it cool just me and da crew 没有名字,玩够很酷只是我和大机组

Holdin' it down long as we round 牵着下来只要我们圆

We gonna keep sockin' it to you like Homey the Clown 我们要努力sockin 给你喜欢温馨的家庭的男人

Going down like Pac ready to ride or die nigga 下去像小精灵准备乘车或死黑鬼

La da le la la la la la 拉大了啦啦啦啦啦


[Chorus (2x)] [合唱团(2个) ]


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Ay yo ain't nothin' changed I'm still the same 哎哟是没什么改变,我还是一样

The way you remembered me since the centipede 途中你还记得我,因为蜈蚣

Harder, big blacker back in the seventies 难,大黑在七十年代

Try to remember me from my aggressive will 试着从我的侵略性会记得我

The way I kept it real is more important than any record deal 这样,我保留了它真正的,比任何唱片合约更重要

I used to chill on da block with Cuban and Seis 我曾经寒心古巴和SEIS DA块

I'm still do but now it's in the blue convertible eight...fifty 我还在做,但现在它的蓝色敞篷8 ... 50

My true niggaz will always be wit me 我真正的兄弟们永远是我的智慧

The shifty kiss me, tell me they miss me, then try to dis me 缩骨吻我,告诉我他们想念我,然后尝试DIS我

Cause I'm rispy crispy for life sixties the price 因为我rispy香脆生命六十年代的价格

Another fifty for the Cuban twisted in ice 另50对古巴扭曲冰

Niggaz is shiest but I sike em out 兄弟们是shiest但我死磕时间了

Though they like to doubt I make them all believers once I let the Tyson out 虽然他们喜欢怀疑我要让所有的信徒有一次我让泰森出

Cause I can vouch for only a few only the crew 因为我可以保证仅只有少数船员

From the old school I consider loyally true 从老同学,我认为真正的忠诚

I'm morally rude from a fool to a scholar 我在道义上粗鲁从傻瓜到学者

Follow the rules on how to spot a plotter that's cool for a dollar 按照有关如何识别绘图仪这是很酷的一块钱的规则

I wanna holla at my peeps that reppin' the streets 我想在呼啦我的窥视是reppin “街头

Wrestlin the beast of chest restin' in peace 在和平Wrestlin胸部的休眠的野兽“

Blessin' my seeds and watchin' over us Blessin 我的种子,在看着过我们

Til I die them souls of mine I'll align the souls of mine 直到我死了他们我的灵魂,我会调整我的灵魂

And shine for all of us 和照耀我们所有的人


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Bridge: Big Punisher and Noreaga] [桥:大惩罚者和Noreaga ]

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Dana Stinson, Christopher Rios, Victor Santiago


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