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Parental Discretion



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[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Aiyyo I'm hard to talk to, if you live I probably thought you stalked you Aiyyo我很难聊得来,如果你还活着,我可能会以为你偷偷靠近你

where you walked to at night, caught you then tried to extort you 在那里你晚上走到,然后抓到你试图敲诈你

New York niggaz is trigger happy, got Pataki scared 纽约的兄弟们是引发快乐,得到了帕塔基害怕

This town ain't big enough for both of us AND I AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE 这个镇是不够大的我们俩,而我是不是要扔掉无处

There it is, plain and simple like Jigga my game is mental 在那里,它是平淡而简单的像Jigga我的游戏精神

While slow niggaz better know I blow their brains out they temples 虽然慢的兄弟们更好地了解我吹自己的脑袋,他们的寺庙

I'm into black magical torture romantic dramatical author 我把黑魔法的折磨浪漫的戏剧性作者

Compatible with the average New Yorker 兼容平均纽约客

A fast talker, like Tony when gas whores I'm the masked enforcer 个吹牛大王,像托尼,当气体妓女我是蒙面执法

out for the cash and the cho-cha 出的现金和CHO -CHA

Smash the coca, bottle it up watch the fiends gobble it up 粉碎可口可乐,瓶起来观看恶魔吞噬它

If I roll up, you do what? Swallow the stuff 如果我滚了,你会怎么做?吞下的东西

I don't give a fuck anymore, I'm only twenty-four years old 我不给他妈的了,我只有二十四岁

and I've already broken every law 我已经打破所有的法律

I'm horrorcore, this is for the heads 我horrorcore ,这是头

Runnin up in your crib, knot if you still hot in under the bed 奔跑在你的床,结,如果你在床底下还是热的


[Chorus: Busta Rhymes] [合唱: Busta押韵]


Yo, parental discretion advised, please cover your eyes 哟,亲酌劝,请遮住你的眼睛

Little kids -- GET OUT OF HERE!!! This shits is homicide! 小孩 - 离开这里!这妈是他杀!

Drugs and money, this ain't no Bugs Bunny! 毒品和金钱,这不是没有兔八哥!

Little girls too; this ain't for you it's for the thugs honey! 小女孩太;这是不是你这是在暴徒的蜂蜜!


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Hey yo my shit's the truth, 150 proof no question 嘿哟我的妈是事实, 150证明没有问题

Parental discretion advised, keep out the eyes of the youth 家长自行决定建议,保持青春了眼睛

It's too explicit, bullshit! I challenge the statistics 这太露骨,废话!我挑战的统计数据

Violence existed before our music was even suggested 暴力的存在在我们的音乐,甚至建议

Arrested on sight, it's like there's no rights 被捕的景象,就好像没有权利

That's why I rhyme so aggressive and bring every message to life 这就是为什么我韵如此咄咄逼人,把每封邮件的生活

I fight the power, spite the power the 90 percent 我战斗的动力,虽然功率的90%

Keep 10 and feed Twin half for personal reasons 保持10和双馈一半出于个人原因

The seasons change.. things re-arrange, but I stay the same 季节的变化..东西重新安排,但我保持不变

Play the game, for the wealth, until I've made myself a name 玩游戏,对于财富,直到我自己做了一个名字

So blame it all on the gangster rapper, thanks to Joey Crack 于是责怪所有的黑帮说唱,感谢乔伊裂缝

for the chance to do it my way like Frank Sinatra 对于有机会做我的方式就像弗兰克·西纳特拉

I ain't a actor so it's all facts, strictly raw rap 我公司是不是一个演员所以它的所有事实,严格的原料说唱

Totally intended for yours dressed in all black 完全适用于你的穿着全黑

with the ski mask, or the pantyhose makin cameos 与滑雪面具,或连裤袜马金客串

in liquor store cameras with the twin Calico's 在酒类专卖店摄像头与双棉布的


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

So forget the boom, one look, you shook -- you know I'm stickin you 所以忘了热潮,一看,你震撼 - 你知道我在你朵朵

Liftin you off the ground, look down -- that's where I'm puttin you Liftin你掉在地上,往下看 - 这就是我puttin你

Look in my eyes and remember me, how does it feel mentally 看着我的眼睛,记住我,到底是什么感觉精神

havin the enemy be the last thing you ever see? 就吃敌人是你所看到的?

The recipe is death and I'm the chef, fricaseein your flesh 配方是死,我的厨师, fricaseein你的肉

Be my guest, but I ain't cleanin the mess 是我的客人,但我不洗洁用品的一塌糊涂

Me and TS we testin niggaz faith, just to see they face 我和TS ,我们试验在兄弟们的信仰,只是为了看看他们面对

expression when destined to states, that death be in the case 表达时,注定州,死亡是如此

I'm in the state of grace, in the hated race, by the pagan face 我在恩典的状态,在痛恨比赛,在面对异教

Couldn't fight us, made a virus, gave us AIDS 不能打我们,做了一个病毒,给了我们艾滋病

I paint the wake cause they ain't get me yet, wet me 我画了之后因为他们没有得到我呢,我湿

or reflect me yet, I know they comin they just tryin to let me sweat 或反映我呢,我知道他们马上就要来,他们只是试着让我流汗

I wreck it like when I was just a boy, eatin Chips Ahoy! í破坏它想,当我还是一个小男孩, eatin趣多多!

Wasn't allowed to raise my voice, now I'm makin noise 不允许以提高我的声音,现在我要做个噪音

No more toys, strictly Mac's and missiles, shorties with forties 没有更多的玩具,严格Mac的导弹,矮仔有四十多岁

packin pistols catchin bodies make sure we'll get you 包装;手枪捉机构确保我们给你拿

So they say, I pray there's a better way 所以他们说,我祈求有一个更好的办法

My kids don't do as I do, they do as I say, cause daddy don't play 我的孩子不听我的话,他们听我的话,造成的爸爸不玩


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]


[Busta Rhymes] [ Busta押韵]

Word is bond 字是债券

One thing about MC's is that we don't conceal the truth 有一件事对三菱商事的是,我们并没有隐瞒真相

We present real pictures about the positive and the negative 我们目前的实拍照片对正,负

So don't blame the hip-hop when your seed is learnin the real life from us 所以,不要怪嘻哈当你的种子是从我们设计学习的真实生活

Do your duty at home and raise your child in the house 尽你的责任在家里,并提高您的孩子在家里

Parents... 父母...

You don't do your job we gonna put your children to bed at nine o'clock 你没有做你的工作,我们会帮你的孩子上床睡觉九点

Past your bedtime 过去你睡觉

You get your ass in bed you ain't 'posed to be hearin this shit 你让你的屁股,你是不是提出要倾听这个狗屎床

Word up 新词涌现

Punishment motherfuckers! 怎么就处罚!

By the Punisher, and Busta Rhymes, hah 受处罚者,和Busta押韵,哈

Terror Squad! Flipmode Squad niggaz! 恐怖队! Flipmode队的兄弟们!

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