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[CHORUS:] [合唱: ]

I gave you fair warning, beware...beware...beware... [2x] 我给你公平的警告,当心......当心......当心... [ 2倍]

[Mobb Deep sample] [ Mobb深样品]


Yo...what you thought punk, shit was sweet, now you can't sleep 哟......你以为朋克,狗屎是甜蜜的,现在你不能睡

Gotta keep ya eyes open wide and hide ya face from the streets 我要坚持雅双目圆睁,隐藏雅从街头面对

I'm like the beast with a warrant, far from alarmin' 我就像一个令野兽,远远alarmin “

Gave you fair warnin' now you on the stairs swallin' 给你提个醒,公正“现在你在楼梯上swallin ”

I'm callin' out any rapper that I doubt, smack 'em in the mouth 我的呼唤了,我怀疑任何饶舌歌手,嫌时间在嘴里

Throw 'em in the yoke, BOOM!, then I knock 'em out 扔时间的枷锁,咚!,然后我敲时间了

No doubt, Freddie Foxxx files 20-shot auto glock, BLAAOW! 毫无疑问,弗雷迪Foxxx文件20次自动格洛克, BLAAOW !

Benny blind Puerto Rock style 尼盲目波多黎各摇滚风格

Wit' a twist of black in the brow, twist ya cap and I'm out 机智的“黑的眉头一拧,拧盖娅和我走了

Sleep wit' the fish-dips for yappin' too loud 睡眠机智鱼骤降为yappin 太大声

What's happenin' now? Niggaz is hard as hell but they Gargamels 什么happenin 吗?兄弟们是很难得要命,但他们Gargamels

Pickin' on the smallest victim gives 'em heart to kill 接下去上最小的受害者提供时间心脏杀

My squad is real and holds it down the hardest regardless 我的球队是真实的,并持有下来最难的,无论

Besides of the largest, we polish the floor 除了规模最大,我们擦亮地板

with the rawest hardcore artists 用最原始的铁杆艺术家

Flawless victory you niggaz can't do shit to me 完美无瑕的你的兄弟们的胜利不能做狗屎给我

Physically lyrically hypothetically realistically 物理抒情现实的假设

I'm the epitome of catchin' wreck, catch you when you cash your check 我是捉残骸的缩影,追你的时候,你兑现你的支票

Smash you when you pass then jack you for your fuckin' Lex 粉碎你的时候你通过再抬高你的他妈的莱克斯

Nothin' less than the best if the squad did it 没什么比最好的,如果球队做到了

Hard-headed niggaz better beware and fear like God said it 固执的兄弟们更好地提防和恐惧就像上帝说,


[CHORUS (4x)] [合唱(4倍)


Ay-yo I warned you, now all niggaz could do is mourn you 唉,哟我警告你,现在所有的兄弟们能够做的就是你哀悼

I'm born to kill and still thrilled, I put it on you 天生我材必有杀,仍然激动不已,我把它放在你

There's no regrets, remorse, only results and loneliness 有没有遗憾,悔恨,只有结果和寂寞

Only the strong survivors strive through life as warriors 只有强大的幸存者,通过生活的战士努力

All of us die, some of us kill, even massacred 我们大家都死了,有些人追杀,甚至屠杀

Who wanna try? Punisher will if you ask for it 谁想要尝试一下呢?惩罚会,如果你问它

I'm hazardous for your health and hell's your next stop 我是有害你的健康和地狱是你的下一站

For real my shit's cocked the world has just stopped... 对于真正的我的屎的翘起世界刚刚停止...

[pause] [暂停]

I'm not the one you should be underestimatin' 我不是一个你应该underestimatin “

Come test your fate an' I guarantee I'll be under investigation 快来测试你的命运了:“我保证我会在受调查

You can't handle the whole, I'll slam you on your skull 你不能处理整体来说,我会踩住你在你的头骨

Or we can go blow for blow like Evander and Bowe, ya never know 或者我们可以去以牙还牙像霍利和鲍,雅从来不知道

However tho' I still hold the title 然而寿我仍然坚持称号

When all my rivals the chance to dance who missed the homicidal 当我所有的对手有机会跳舞谁错过了杀人

Hand on the bible I swear to defend my crown 手放在圣经上,我发誓要捍卫我的王冠

I've been around since forever and never let it touch the ground 因为我永远是见过世面的,绝不让它接触地面

Don't fuck around and catch a rude awakenin' 别他妈的左右,赶上个粗鲁的awakenin “

My crew's basically waitin' patiently for you to move your patrons in 我的工作人员基本上是等待着“耐心为您将您的惠顾,

Then we'll surround you, form Desert Storm and pound you 然后,我们将围绕着你,形成沙漠风暴和砸向你

Look around you, Terror Squad's everywhere like Soundview 看看你的周围,恐怖队无处不在像Soundview

The Boogie Down do it like nobody, who are we? 在布吉下做这样没人,我们是谁?

The foundation, you're facin' a whole army... 的基础上,你facin A全军...


[CHORUS (2x)] [合唱团( 2个) ]


[Fat Joe] [发乔]

yeah yeah yeah, whassup now potna??! Know I'm sayin'? Think this 是啊是啊是啊, whassup现在potna ? !知道我的意思吗?认为这

just some rap shit? We do this shit for real...Terror Squad nigga! 只是一些说唱狗屎?我们做的这一切,真正的...恐怖队的兄弟们!

Fuckin' shoot the place up! Muthafuckas know the time. This 他妈的拍的地方了! Muthafuckas知道时间。这

muthafuckin' rap game. Joe Crack, Big Dog Punisher, Full Eclipse crew 的muthafuckin “说唱比赛。乔裂缝,大狗处罚者,全部船员的Eclipse

What da fuck...WHAT???! 什么他妈的大...什么? !


BEWARE...BEWARE...BEWARE... 当心......当心......当心...

[fade out] [淡出]

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