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Punish Me



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

I was the luckiest man on Earth, my wisdom was worth 我是最幸运的人在地球上,我的智慧是值得的

any purse but had a curse that hurt worse than givin birth 任何的钱包,但有一个诅咒不是得到安宁诞生伤害差

My first verse explains some of the game she was playin 我的第一首诗解释了一些比赛,她在玩的

I'm blamin myself cause in my wealth was her pain would haven 我blamin自己造成我的财富是她的痛苦会避风港

Behavin like a money hungry hooker, funny how the money took her Behavin像一个贪婪的妓女,有趣的钱怎么带她

from a average honey to a stunning looker 从平均蜂蜜惊人的旁观者

I look back and reminsce how we used to kiss 我回头看,并reminsce我们如何来吻

and smash hips in the GS I bought her last Christ' 粉碎臀部的GS我买了她最后的基督“

She got too big for her britches but The Britch is Over 她有过大对她的裤子,但Britch结束

Not the one in Queens I mean the one she dreamin wasn't sober 没有一个在皇后区我的意思是一个她作梦不清醒

Told her how I felt, gassed me when she cried for help 告诉她我的感受,我的毒气时,她大声呼救

Supplied the guilt trip and I was whipped without a fuckin belt 提供的内疚之旅,我被鞭打不他妈的带

I felt stupid Cupid struck me with a poison arrow 我感觉自己傻丘比特打我了毒箭

Shoulda drowned ya when I found ya crushin in my boy's Camaro 早该淹死雅当我发现雅crushin在我孩子的卡玛洛

I didn't bother but you probably find your lover dead 我没有理会,但你可能会发现你的爱人死了

You robbed me of my honor, you ain't shit like my mother said 你抢了我的我的荣幸,你是不是拉屎像我妈妈说


[Chorus: miss jones] [合唱:琼斯小姐]


Come back come back come back come back to meeeee, Punisher 回来回来回来回来meeeee ,处罚者

Punish me... ahhhhhhhIII've been so bad, so bad 惩罚我...... ahhhhhhhIIIve这么坏,坏

Won't you come back? 你会不会回来?


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

Nah baby, I'm Not Gon' Be Able to Do It; You blew it 罗宝贝,我不是安好能够做到这一点;你就吹吧

Threw it all the way cause you was stupid -- girl why'd you do it? 扔了,因为你很愚蠢一路 - 为什么你要这么做的女孩?

I mighta knew it by the way you gave me your baby í可能走就知道了,你给我你的宝宝的方式

Then left a day before I ever saw the son that God made me 然后留下了我前天见过的儿子,上帝让我

It's hard maybe we can make amends, be friends 这很难,也许我们可以弥补,是朋友

But 'Roni hurtin all of us for certain by forsakin him 但是, “罗尼被forsakin他hurtin大家来说一定

Just take it in, don't even say a word, observe 只要看看它,甚至不说一句话,观察

the way you were, preserved, these words so you won't play the herb 你的方式,保存完好,这些话让你不会玩草

ever again, never pretend that he doesn't have a father 又过,从来没有假装他没有父亲

I'm always there and you don't wanna bother 我总是在那里,你不想要打扰

I honor my word on my father's grave, guide him through his hardest age 我尊敬我的话对我父亲的坟墓,引导他通过他最困难的时代

So he can thrive and survive in these modern days 这样他就可以茁壮成长,并在这几天的现代化生存

I wanna raise my little man but you keep resistin 我想提高我的小男人,但你继续抵抗

I'm insistin you chill for real before you come up missin 我insistin你放松了真实的你想着拿出前

Listen, I don't wanna fight I'd rather do what's right 听着,我不想打,我宁愿做正确的事情

A boy needs a father that's the most important part of his life 一个男孩需要一个父亲这是他一生中最重要的组成部分


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]


[Big Punisher] [大惩罚者]

I gave you everything, love letters and sweaters with leather seams 我给了你一切,情书和皮革接缝毛衣

Feathered wings, and rings with emeralds right out of Geraldine's 羽毛的翅膀,戒指翡翠右出的杰拉尔丁的

Simple dreams a dream fulfilled, the green DeVille Cadillac 简单的梦想一个梦想实现了,绿蒂娜凯迪拉克

to mack, not a fact ?redeemed to build? 麦克,不是事实?赎回建?

I mean for real I can play it mami how you wanna stay 我的意思是真正的我可以发挥它的真身,你怎么想留下

at Monty Frask, givin the next nigga my punani 在蒙蒂Frask ,得到安宁的下一个黑鬼我punani

You want me back cause he hit it wrong, now you wanna get it on 你要我回来,因为他打它错了,现在你想它

with the Long Don, word bond my shit is strong (come back) 与龙唐,字键我的屎强(回来)

Girl don't even start again, I beg your pardon 女孩甚至不重新开始,对不起

and get your hands off my six button Cardigan 并把你的手从我6扣开衫

This ain't no love lost between us far as I'm concerned 这是不是不爱我们之间失去了就我而言

Please leave, cut that busted weave I've been dyin to burn 请留下,将那捣毁织我已经快要枯萎烧

Go buy a perm, try and earn some respect 去购买烫发,尽量多赚些尊重

It's better to have loved and lost than live with regret 这是更好地爱过而失败,生活​​的遗憾


[miss jones] [琼斯小姐]

Come back... to, me 回来......于我

I want you to 我要你


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]


to me, yeah yeah 我说,是啊是啊

Alright, don't go, no 好了,不走,不

Ohhhhhahahaooahhoahhohhh, hmmmmmm ohh hmmm hmm Ohhhhhahahaooahhoahhohhh , hmmmmmm哦嗯嗯

Yeahhhhhhhhh, take my hand, and punish me Yeahhhhhhhhh ,牵着我的手,而惩罚我

Hmm, been so bad, come punish me, yeahh 嗯,是这么差,来惩罚我, yeahh

Take my hand, and punish me, ohhh 牵着我的手,并惩罚了我,哦~~

Been so bad, come punish me... 如此糟糕,来惩罚我......

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