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We Got This



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

.....[Forte & DMX Growling].... ..... [复地与DMX咆哮....


[Chorus - Forte' & DMX] [合唱团 - 复地与DMX ]


[Forte'] [复地]

You wanna bust guns? (You wanna lock fists?) - DMX in parentheses 你想胸围枪?括号中的DMX - (你想锁定的拳头? )


[Forte] [复]

Forte' ! (DMX!) 复地“ ! ( DMX ! )


[Forte'] [复地]

Be the hottest! 是最热!


[Forte' & DMX] [复地与DMX ]

We Got This!!! (You ain't hear?!!!!) 我们拿到的这款! (你是不是听到了吗? !! )


[Forte'] [复地]

We Got This! ( Nigga! You ain't hear?!!!) 我们拿到的这款! (黑鬼!你是不是听到了吗? ! )


[Forte'] [复地]

We Got This! 我们拿到的这款!


[Forte' & DMX] [复地与DMX ]

Straight up! We locked it!!! 直线上升!我们锁定它!


[Forte' - Verse One] [复地“ - 诗一]


Associated with the razor blade spinners like gym stars and heavy hitters, 相关的刀片纺纱像健身房明星和重量级,

Them younger gods love banana clips, broads that strip 他们年轻的神爱香蕉夹,湖区的带

candle wax, brown Beamers to whip 蜡烛,褐色投影仪鞭

And jerk a bitch, known to hit ya, for taking pictures! 挺举一个婊子,号称打你,拍照!

Thirty two shots to split ya! 三两枪分裂哦!

It's all about the cash when I'm fuckin' wit' ya! 这是所有关于现金的时候,我他妈的智慧哦!

John could make ya richer! 约翰可能使雅更丰富!

Fuck the Prince of Bel-Air! 他妈的贝沙湾的王子!

I'm known to sell heir, got game like a politician 我知道卖的继承人,有游戏像一个政治家

whose trying to add on, when it's not addition 他们试图添加的,当它不是另外

You need to revamp! The hottest nigga out the Refugee Camp! 您需要改造!最热的黑鬼了难民营!

Run up on you B, and leave your seat damp! 跑起来你B和离开你的座位潮湿​​!

And sell stocks slow, sellin' high, by low 卖股票慢,出卖高,低

From Madina up to Y.O. 从麦地那达Y.O.

El Capitan John, micapo 埃尔卡皮坦约翰, micapo

Get tore down, and that's the way it go down! 获取拆除,这就是它的方式下去!

The east is like the wild west without the showdown! 东面是不一样的对决狂野的西部!

Them niggas be like, "what now?!" 他们黑鬼是这样, “现在怎么办? ”

Get cut down! From the gut down! 被切了下来!从肠道下来!

Intense heh? And leave you shut down! 激烈嘿?并留下您关闭!

You knocked out! Regardless, what round! WHAT NOW?!! 你淘汰!无论什么圆!现在怎么办? !


[Dmx] [灯DMX ]


Unghh!!! My nigga said it!! Unghh !我的兄弟们说,这!

Niggas'll get it! That's the rule! Niggasll得到它!这就是规则!

I'm 'bout to break money off - a - li'l somethin', pass the food! 我回合打破赚钱 - A - lil事端,通过食物!

Cuz when I'm drunk! I'm a different nigga! 的Cuz当我醉了!我是一个不同的兄弟们!

And all you gonna see is a spark, ain't no whiffin' nigga! 而你会看到的是火花,是不是没有whiffin 黑鬼!

I figure like this...It's just me against the world! 我想,像这样......这只是我对世界!

Cuz all my fuckin' life, it's been the world against Earl! 所有的Cuz我的人生来说,这是对伯爵的世界!

What you think I'm-a do...when my back's against the wall!!? 你觉得什么我 - 一个做...当我回来的靠在墙上! ?

Fuck it! get ROLLED! Roll 'til I fall! 他妈的!得到冷轧!滚,直到我倒下!

X'll Kill 'em all!!! That's what they say to me now! Xll杀了他们所有!这就是他们对我说的吧!

You vermon nigga! In a time where it's okay to be foul!! 您vermon黑鬼!在一个时间,它的好是犯规!

And you lovin' it! 而你喜欢它!

It's got John Blaze! Just duckin' it! 它有约翰火焰!只是duckin 了!

And this track won't rest, unless X'll put the slug in it! 而这首歌也不会休息,除非Xll把塞在里面!

But, would it fit?! Nah, don't even think like that! 但是,它会适应?不,甚至不认为那样的!

This is some shit that I could let go, and bring right back! 这就是有些事情,我可以放手,让右后卫!

It's like crack, if you cook it, overlook it, so I shook it!!! 这就像裂缝,如果你煮它,忽略它,所以我摇摇它!

Like a pit, what you get, is what you wit' me so I took it! 像一个坑,你会得到什么,是你的智慧我,所以我把它!


[Chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]


[20 Grand Pikasoe - Verse Two] [20大Pikasoe - 诗两]


This track'll make me zone out! 这trackll让我扫开!

Run up in the party with the chrome out! 跑起来,在党的镀铬了!

Clear Jerome out, no doubt! 清除杰罗姆出来,毫无疑问!

Ice jingling, sons mingling, drugs we bring it in! 冰叮当,儿子交融,药品,我们把它!

Pikasoe baby! Pikasoe宝贝!

Gotta get this money baby! 总得得到这笔钱的宝贝!

50's and 100's baby! 50的和100的宝贝!

My whole crew be sonnin' you 我的全体船员被sonnin 你

What you gonna talk about wit' a gun in front of you?! 你会讲什么智慧“在你面前的枪?

Niggas grimy wit' it, slimy wit' it! 肮脏的黑鬼机智吧,粘糊糊的智慧“吧!


[Forte'] [复地]

Put in the card baby, you gone 放入卡的宝贝,你走了

Too many hard rappers live for cunan 太多的硬说唱活cunan

You knew John was too on 你知道约翰是太上

Me and DMX, whether change your suit on 我和DMX ,是否改变你的西装

Walk dogs, word to god bound to live large and get charged, WHAT!? 散步的狗,字神束缚住大而被充电,什么!


[DMX] [ DMX ]

Unghh! Unghh! Unghh ! Unghh !

If you my dog, YOU CREEP WHEN I CREEP! 如果我的狗,你的蠕变当我的小人!

EAT WHEN I EAT! 吃饭的时候我吃!


For real, SHIT IS DEEP! 真的,大便深!

And what you don't know, will kill you! 而你不知道是什么,就杀了你!

From X, to Forte' niggas will feel you!! 从X ,以复地“黑鬼会觉得你!


[Forte'] [复地]

I'm roundin' mine more 我roundin更“雷

And very few can nine hold 而极少数能保持9

The kick's too strong, y'all niggas do songs, we live on! 踢的太强大了,你们都黑鬼做的歌曲,我们的生活吧!

Dough to sit on! 面团坐!

I'm down to shit on! 我倒要拉屎!


Watch y'all talkin' mothafuckas keep walkin' watch the dogs barkin'! 看你们都在说 mothafuckas继续走着“看巴金的狗!


[DMX] [ DMX ]


Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh ! Ungh ! Ungh !


I set the clock! 将时钟设定!

Clip the glock! 剪辑格洛克!

Hit the block! 撞块!

Rip the rock! 瑞普摇滚!

In the sock! 在袜子!

Get the knot! 获取结!

This shit is hot! 这一切,是热的!

Can't deny it, you mothafuckas since you know how it go, don't try it! 不能否认它,你mothafuckas因为你知道它是怎么去的,不试一下吧!


[Chorus - 3x] [合唱团 - 3倍]

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