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[Jay-Z:] [ Jay-Z的: ]


Niggas is dead, dead I tell you, can't be serious 黑鬼死了,死了,我告诉你,不会是认真的

What you think is gonna happen 你认为什么是要发生的事

with three of the illest niggas together 与三illest黑鬼在一起

Street music and so fourth on one track,huh? 街头音乐和一个轨道,第四个,是吧?

Can't be serious, it's murda nigga, huh, it's Murda 不会是认真的,它的murda黑人,呵呵,这是Murda


Motha fuckers wanna kill me but don't got the heart Motha博士不要脸想杀死我,但是不要得了心脏

To look me in the eyes with the nine and spark 看看我的眼睛与九火花

Cause whether your for or against this 原因你是否赞成或反对该

When I spit with murderous intentions, everybody goes everybody knows 当我吐了杀机,大家都去大家都知道

The weapons I possess they not for show 武器我拥有他们不是作秀

And you put dresses on your weapons when you walk out the door 而你把你的武器,衣服,当你走出门

See once I flash mother fuckers better do the one shot dash 见一次我闪不要脸更好地做一杆冲刺

Or be one shot ass 或者是一次性的屁股

J to the A-Y to the drive by to your hood screamin bye-bye to you J可在AY给驱动器到你的引擎盖尖叫再见你

Why would you fuck with me 为什么你他妈的跟我

Knowing I put you six feet deep and them niggas could die wit'cha 知道我把你六英尺深,他们黑鬼会死witcha

Cock the hot pistol and pop the hot Cristal 公鸡热手枪和流行的水晶烫

And promise you only one thing, to not miss you 并承诺你一件事,不要错过你

Jahova know the god that served ya Jahova知道曾雅神

Cause dead or alive when I arrive it's Murda 原因是死是活,当我到达它的Murda


[Ja:] [ JA: ]

Shit I hope ya'll niggas know to lay low now 妈的,我希望你们大家黑鬼知道现在要低调

Cause thou shall perish if you don't bow down 因为你必灭亡,如果你不跪拜

Cause I hit em on sight, its dark dim the lights 因为我打EM视线,其暗昏黄的路灯

You shot twice god bless to this the night 你出手两次上帝保佑这个夜晚

That alot of niggas fear the coming of their life 他们生活的黑鬼那很多恐惧来临

And you dead right be in hell looking for ice 而你死的权利是在地狱里寻找冰

Fuckin with Ja you bitch niggas talking shit 与贾他妈的你婊子黑鬼狗屎说话

All on my dick you broke niggas making me rich 所有对我的鸡巴你打破黑鬼让我富有

You gonna blaze me cause you high ripped off the henne rock 你会走出我,因为你高扯掉亨石

Flow semi-hot handling me your not 流半热处理我你不

Check my forte not even on a bad day you beat this 查看我的专长都不在一个糟糕的一天,你该打

Rather beat your dick or your bitch 而打败你的家伙和你的婊子

My flow be the sick shit, pray again 我的流程是生病了,妈的,又祈祷

Niggas dying cause they know I spit like iron, nothing but bark flyin 黑鬼死去的原因,他们知道我吐如铁,只是树皮飞翔

Flows and mics, hell and night, go together like heaven and light 流和麦克风,地狱和晚上,走在一起,就像天上的光

Niggas ain't seein my plight, It's alright 黑鬼是不是seein我的困境,这是正常的

I let the world know I shine like ice 我让全世界知道我闪耀像冰

I bet it all I can throw a hard four in the dice 我敢打赌,这一切,我可以扔骰子硬4

Cause I'm a gambling man, you should gamble with a gat in your hand 因为我是一个赌博的人,你应该在你的手水道赌博

Spin in barrel and put it to your head 在旋转筒,并把它给你的头

Cause we don't dance no more all we do is cock and spit 因为我们不跳舞没有更多我们所要做的就是公鸡和吐

Dedicated to giving you nothing but thug shit 致力于为您提供什么,但暴徒狗屎

Think we playing, you undoubtable fall further 想想我们​​玩,你undoubtable再跌

Fuckin with I N C is Murda 与I N c个他妈的是Murda


[DMX:] [ DMX : ]


I'm a crudy nigga, goin raw-dogin dirty bitches 我是一个crudy黑人,布莱恩原始dogin肮脏的婊子

And if I give birth I'm giving that shit to thirty bitches 如果我生下我给狗屎三十母狗

You say you know a nigga like me, guess again Poppy 你说你知道像我这样的黑人,再猜罂粟

I might smile up in your face but I ain't your friend Poppy 我会微笑在你的脸,但我不是你的朋友罂粟

Jump out the fifteen hundred like runnin, niggas don't want it 跳出1500一样飞奔,黑鬼不想它

Get it, Done it, when I'm blunted 得到它,完成它,当我迟钝

However it went down, I made it happen, made it scrapin 然而,它去了,我做了这一点,使它scrapin

I made it fussin, bustin, I made it cappin 我把它迫害的妄想,巴斯廷,我做到了cappin

And lettin off wasn't nothing new to a nigga 并释放Walking关是不是什么新鲜事了,以一个黑人

Something to do to a nigga, Cause you is a fool nigga 东西做了一个黑人,因为你是一个傻瓜黑鬼

I know your type, you hype, all up off that fake shit 我知道你的类型,你炒作,都起来了,假冒狗屎

You can't understand why a man would have to take shit 你可以不理解为什么一个人将不得不采取狗屎

Or steal shit, but this is that real, niggas kill shit, peel shit 或窃取狗屎,但是这是真实的,黑鬼杀狗屎,狗屎剥离

I hit you in your head you won't feel shit!!! 我打了你在你的头上,你会不会觉得狗屎!


Let the dogs lose on a niggas ass 让狗失去一个黑鬼屁股

Find out if the niggas faster then the trigger's blast 找出如果黑鬼的速度,然后触发的爆炸

A fucking snake in the truest form 在最真实的形式的他妈的蛇

Knowin damn well that what I do is wrong, plus what I do is strong 深深地知道该死的是我做的是错的,再加上我做的是强大的

Niggas is makin movies so i gots to stop production 黑鬼是出不来的电影,所以我全球有机纺织品标准停止生产

I need a block to function and maybe I'll stop destructin 我需要一个模块的功能,也许我会停下destructin

The blocks is not for frontin, So let me get that shorty 该区块是不是龙廷,因此,让我得到那个矮个子

Cause you don't need that shorty 因为你不需要这样的矮个子

you don't know what to do with that shorty 你不知道做什么用的矮子

You might as well hit this 40, before you hit the floor 你还不如打这个40 ,你砸在地板上之前,

Another 24, What you want, Money, More!?! 另一位24 ,你想要什么,钱,更多! ? !

Them niggas did it raw, with no condom 他们黑鬼干的原料,没有安全套

You find em, sayin sorry he for what he said before I blind them 你找到他们,对他说的话在说对不起,他之前,我瞎了他们

Get the flame out the four fifth, and there aint gonna be no more riff 让火焰的四个第五,有是不是会再有即兴

Dog you want a floss tiff, but would of made it to the door if 狗你想要一个肉松TIFF,但会用它制成的门,如果

Bullets travled alot slower, and you ran alot faster 子弹travled慢了很多,而你快得多跑

But they don't and you can't so don't think about after 但他们不,你不能这么不想想后

Cause tomorrow ain't comin, so stop runnin 原因明天是不是科曼,所以停止奔跑

cause you gonna die like a sucker 因为你会死的像个傻逼

Murder Motherfucker!!! 杀人娘!


Uh!, where my mother fucking dogs at, Uh, Uh 嗯!,在我的母亲,嗯,他妈的狗呃

My nigga Jigga, My dog Ja, Irv Gotti, Rough Riders, Def Jam 我的兄弟们Jigga ,我的狗JA,欧文高帝,概略的车手, Def Jam公司

Where my dogs at, Top Fight Uh, Where my dogs at 在哪里我的狗在,前扑灭嗯,如果我的狗在

Hold me down baby, Hold me down baby, Hold me down baby 抓住我的宝贝,抓住我的宝贝,抓住我的宝宝

Boomer One Love Nigga, URRUURRRR, Murda Motherfucker.. 布玛一爱黑人, URRUURRRR , Murda娘..

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