歌词 "Rolllin (Urban Assault Vehicle)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Rolllin (Urban Assault Vehicle)

Rolllin (城市突击车)


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Play the fucking track! 播放他妈的轨道!

Play that fucking track!! 播放他妈的轨道!

Oh there it is 哦,还有很

Limp Bizkit, DMX, Redman, Method Man 林普巴兹提特, DMX ,雷德曼,方法人

That's right y'all 这是你们的权利

We just keep on rollin baby 我们只是不断罗林宝贝

Are you ready... 你准备好了吗...

Are you ready... 你准备好了吗...

Are you ready!!! 你准备好了吗!


[HOOK:] [钩: ]


Move in now move out! 移动现在搬出去!

Hands up, now hands down! 举起手来,现在倒手!

Back up! Back up! 备份!备份!

Tell me what you gonna do now! 告诉我你现在怎么办!

Breathe in, now breathe out! 吸气,现在出来透透气!

Hands up, now hands down! 举起手来,现在倒手!

Back up! Back up! 备份!备份!

Tell me what you gonna do now! [C'mon!] 告诉我你现在怎么办! [来吧! ]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [Uh!] 让罗林,罗林,罗林,罗林[嗯! ]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [What!] 让罗林,罗林,罗林,罗林[什么! ]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin [Uh!] 让罗林,罗林,罗林,罗林[嗯! ]

Keep rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin 让罗林,罗林,罗林,罗林


[Fred Durst] [弗雷德德斯特]

Now I know y'all be lovin this shit right here 现在我知道你们都可以在这里爱着这个狗屎

L I M P Bizkit is right here Ł I M P Bizkit的就在这里

People in the house put them hands in the air 在房子里的人把他们的手在空中

Cuz if you don't care, than we don't care 的Cuz ,如果你不小心,不是我们不关心

See I, aint givin a fuck, quit pressin your luck 看我,是不是得到安宁一个他妈的,退出压力机,你的运气

Untouchable, branded unfuckable 惹不起,品牌unfuckable

So keep me in this tape, until you run that mouth 所以,让我在这盘磁带,直到您运行的嘴

Then I'ma hafta play, and break the fuck out 然后我是hafta发挥,打破了他妈的

And then we'll see you slept after one round wit X 然后我们会看到你的机智轮后X睡

And what am I bringin next, just know it's Red and Meth 和我是什么bringin旁边,只知道它是红色和冰毒

So where the fuck you at punk, shut the fuck up 那么,你他妈的在朋克,他妈的闭嘴

And back the fuck up, while we fuck this track up 和后面他妈的,当我们他妈的这条赛道了


Are you ready... 你准备好了吗...

Are you ready... 你准备好了吗...

Are you ready!!! 你准备好了吗!


[HOOK] [钩]


[Method Man] [方法人]

Oh what, y'all thought y'all wasn't gon' see me? 哦,什么,你们以为你们是不是坤看我吗?

Check my, dangerous slang atrocious 检查我的,危险的俚语残暴

When I let these nuts hang, focus, it's Wu Tang 当我让这些坚果挂,突出重点,这是武汤

What the fuck's a Hootie and the Blowfish 什么他妈的是个胡蒂和河豚

I wave my black flag at the roaches í挥一挥黑旗的蟑螂

Who approaches, these twin, supersoakers 谁接近,这些双胞胎, supersoakers

Who have poisonous darts for culprits 谁拥有毒飞镖的元凶

Too late to get your blow gun un-holstered 来不及让你吹尘枪未放入皮套

You're left buttered up and lightly toasted 你留下黄油和轻轻烤

So what, I drink and smoke too much 还等什么,我喝酒,抽烟太多

So what I cuss too much, *shut the fuck up!* 所以我坏话太多, *他妈的闭嘴! *


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yo, yo, now when we roll 哟,哟,现在当我们推出

You motherfuckers tuck in your gold 你怎么就掖在你的黄金

Cuz for the platinum, I'm jackin niggas up in limos 的Cuz的铂金,我是辉影黑鬼在豪华轿车

It aint nothin, for bullets to unbutton your clothes 这是不是没什么,因为子弹解开你的衣服

Description, yellow male, tissue up in his nose 说明,黄男,组织起来在他的鼻子

You bitches, swing the vine on the bathroom nuts 您的母狗,摇摆的藤蔓上洗手间坚果

I'm hairy as hell, outta hell and tattoed up 我是毛毛的地狱,地狱失控和tattoed了

I'm a dog only fuck in the bathroom, what 我在浴室是一个只有狗他妈的,什么

In high school, I dealt only with the classroom sluts 在高中,我的教室荡妇只处理


[Method Man] [方法人]

My name is, Johnny, Donnie, Brasco 我的名字是,横空出世,甄子丹, BRASCO

Tuck the gat low, cut your cash flow 塔克的GAT低,削减你的现金流

Yell if you want money, funny 叫喊,如果你想赚钱,搞笑

A hungry dummy snatch crumbs from me 从我饥饿的虚拟抢夺面包屑

Doc and Hot Niks, bodies in the mosh pit DOC和热NIKS ,在台下机构


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yo, and I'm the D.O., you lookin at the raw invented 哟,我在做什么,你在看着发明了原始

On Friday, I spit 35 to 40 minutes 上周五,我吐了35至40分钟

Smell up, the bathroom like Craig Paul was in it 闻起来,卫生间像克雷格·保罗在这

Endin up, on your back, Wu swords up in it Endin了,在你的背上,吴长剑,在这

Anyone can match me I crack 'em all to Guinness 任何人都可以匹配我我打击他们所有吉尼斯

Fuck how many thugs, players, and ballers in it 他妈的多少打手,球员,并在它ballers

Brick City, Shaolin, better call us sinners 砖城,少林,好叫我们罪人

Boys that'll run up in your wife, maul and spill it 这会在你的妻子,打伤跑起来泼洒出去的男孩



Yo we said c'mon!! 哟,我们说来吧!


[HOOK] [钩]


[DMX] It just don't get no darker than that kid with the barker [ DMX ]它只是不明白没有比这小子的剥皮暗

Bald head with the boots who shoots to make it spark 秃头头谁拍摄,使其火花靴

I'm a fair nigga, but aint nann nigga 我是一个公平的黑人,但AINT nann黑鬼

Quicker than the hand trigga, so if you dare nigga 快比手trigga ,因此,如果你敢黑鬼

It'll be like your man tryin to hold your brain to your head 它会像你的男人试着保持你的大脑你的头

But you'll be shittin on yourslef cuz you already dead 但你会shittin上yourslef ,因为你已经死了

And at the funeral you won't need a casket 而在葬礼上,你不会需要一个骨灰盒

Leavin just enough of him to stuff in a basket 要走刚够他要的东西在一个篮子

Just get the casket, I really need my ass kicked 刚刚得到的骨灰盒,我真的需要我的屁股踢

My mom never let me forget, that I'm a bastard 我妈妈从来不让我忘了,我是个混蛋

I aint never been shit, and aint gon' be shit 我是不是从来没有狗屎,和AINT坤是狗屎

That's why I taste shit, whenever I see shit 这就是为什么我狗屎的味道,每当我看到狗屎

It's just that D shit, D's short for do what I wanna do 这只是使D狗屎, D的简称,做我想做的事

And that's what I'm gonna do, right here in front of you 而这正是我该怎么办,就在这里在你面前

And I'll be runnin you and your man straight up out 我会飞奔你和你的男人直线上升了

And y'all niggas aint runnin a fuckin thing but your mouth 而且你们都黑鬼是不是飞奔他妈的事情,但你的嘴


[DMX bark] [ DMX树皮]



[HOOK] [钩]


[Durst] [德斯特]

You, wanna mess with Limp Bizkit [yeah] 你想惹林普巴兹提特[耶]

You can't mess with Limp Bizkit [why?] 你不能惹林普巴兹提特[为什么? ]

Because we get it on, [when?] every day and every night [oh] 因为我们得到它, [什么时候? ]每一天,每一个夜晚[呵呵]

See this platinum thing right here? [uh huh] 看到这种铂东西就在这里? [嗯]

Well we doin it all the time [what?] 嗯,我们的乐队这一切的时候[是什么? ]

So you better get some better beats 让你更好的得到一些更好的节拍

And uh, get some better rhymes [oooh!] 呵,得到一些更好的童谣[哦! ]

You really, really, really wanna get shit started 你真的,真的,真的想要得到狗屎开始

Well people everywhere just get retarded 以及世界各地的人们刚刚得到迟钝

Get retarded, get retarded, people everywhere just get retarded! 得到迟钝,让智障,世界各地的人们刚刚得到迟钝!


[HOOK] [钩]


That's right baby! 这是正确的宝贝!

Watch out punk! 当心朋克!

Limp Bizkit! DMX! Method Man! Redman! 林普巴兹提特! DMX !方法人!雷德曼!

And Swizz Beatz! 而上当Beatz !

Where the fuck you at?! [DMX bark] 当你他妈的在? [ DMX树皮]

Bump that shit! Bump that shit! Bump that shit! Bump that shit! 凹凸的那些事!凹凸的那些事!凹凸的那些事!凹凸的那些事!

Ruff Ryders! Punk! 拉夫Ryders !朋克!

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