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Pure Uncut Remix



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[Eightball] [ Eightball ]


DMX McGruff and Canibus. DMX McGruff和Canibus 。

You know where you heard it first. 你知道你第一次听到它。

My man Cardin, G Black, Ralph, Universal Records. 我的男人卡丹, G黑,拉尔夫,环球唱片。

Uh [all echoes]. Pure Uncut, 呃[所有回波。纯足本,

Eightball [DMX barks in background] Eightball [ DMX背景树皮]

DMX (What?) DMX, McGruff, McGruff, and Canibus, baby. DMX (什么? )的DMX , McGruff , McGruff和Canibus ,宝贝。

Yeah, its the Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw. 是啊,它的纯切断,原料,我们保持它原始的。

Its the Pure Uncut, raw we keep it raw. Listen... 其纯足本,生我们保持它原始的。听着...


[DMX] [ DMX ]


Niggas at Ruff Ryders is the illest, baby gorillas 黑鬼在拉夫Ryders是illest ,大猩猩宝宝

And shit we do today is gon' catch up with us and kill us 和狗屎我们今天会去追赶我们,杀死我们

Long as I feel this, motherfucker's head is shot 只要我觉得这个混蛋的脑袋就是一枪

Fucking lead is hot, and leave them dead to rot 他妈的铅是热的,并让他们死腐

Ruff Ryders cut the shit up, like raw keys 拉夫Ryders切狗屎一样的原始钥匙

Like that crystal aching my last ?name is Raheed? 像水晶痛我最后?​​名字是Raheed ?

It can happen niggas, dog keys, and still gun it down 它可以发生黑鬼,狗键,仍然枪下来

Only cause I know how you look up to a nigga, from the ground 只因为我知道你是怎么仰望一个黑人,从地面

Running clown, you no better, than ?a braveless heart? 运行小丑,你没有更好的,比?一个braveless心脏?

?For my kids? I thank you God ?为我的孩子?我感谢你们的神

And if you don't know, ask a nigga, that they just put in the ground 如果你不知道,问了一个黑人,他们只是把在地

Slugs ran out of him, so I must've put in a pound 蛞蝓用尽了他,所以我一定放一斤

At least! I gave it to another nigga for lookin 至少!我给了另一个黑人的看着

Money, ?could never stop my slugs? from cookin 钱?永远无法停止我的蛞蝓?从乱打

Remember me, cause I'ma be there when they bury, you 记住我,因为我是在那里当他们埋葬,你

Leave your skeleton in the cemetery 留下您的骨骼在墓地


[Eightball] [ Eightball ]

Dum, du-du, dum 达姆,杜笃,达姆

Who got the, who got the bum bu-bu bum? 谁得到了,谁的屁股布布流浪汉?

We wrap it up and smoke it, sixty green 我们把它包起来,抽吧, 60绿

I'm a fiend for this rap thing 我是个恶魔在这个说唱的东西

Down South hustiln' and we all about the cream 去南方hustiln ,我们都对霜

Stick em up, mad face, car chase through the city 穿城而过棍举起手来,疯狂的脸,追车

Fuck the police, I'm mad plus I'm going off that gritty 他妈的警察,我疯了,再加上我要去了那坚韧不拔

Frank ?Nitty? got a mob down to murder with me 弗兰克?基本事实?有一个暴徒下来谋杀我

Catch one to stick me, believe it or not, I cripply 赶上一个粘我,不管你信不信,我cripply

I rip thee, back into a stack and flip it like a tech í撕裂你,回到堆栈和翻转它像一个高科技

Pure uncut, tie it up, and watch the fiends come back 纯完整无缺,配合起来,并观看了恶魔回来

Bucklin, real dogs stay around for troublin 琳达,真正的狗呆在身边的troublin

Eightball, pick up the ball, when them tricks start bumblin Eightball ,拿起球,当他们的技巧开始bumblin

Rumblin (vrooom) much room, cloud trippin Rumblin ( vrooom )大的空间,云践踏

Victims who lie there die when I be speakin, releasin 谁躺在那里的受害者,当我是speakin , releasin死

You heard me, are you worthy 你没听错,是你值得

To ride with the Suave House and get down and dirty? 骑的倜傥之家,并得到降浊?



[Chorus Eightball] [合唱Eightball ]


Its the Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw [2X] 其纯切断,原料,我们保持它原始的[ 2倍]

Baby Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw 婴儿纯切断,原料,我们保持它的原始

Its the Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw 其纯切断,原料,我们保持它的原始

(What?) Nigga, Pure Uncut, raw, we keep it raw (是什么? )兄弟们,纯切断,原料,我们保持它的原始

[repeat] [重复]


[McGruff] [ McGruff ]


Yo; where the fuck is the dough? its time to bubble and blow 哟;这里他妈的是面团?它的时间去泡吹

If I spit this from the back, have em clutchin they ?toes? 如果我吐出这从后面,有EM clutchin他们?脚趾?

Once smoked my lungs out, but now I fuck with my nose 一旦抽我的肺了,但现在我他妈的我的鼻子

Perform shows, bad bitches crunchin my clothes 进行表演,坏女人crunchin我的衣服

Yo I'm 'Gruff, street thug beyond the speakers, beyond the rap 哟我脾气暴躁,街头暴徒超越扬声器,超越了说唱

Man I'm on a car and my gat, swarm attack, sip Don and Cognac 男人我上车,我的水道,群攻,抿唐和干邑

Ain't just me, my whole freakin army strapped 不只是我,我的整个刻着军绑

Aiyyo, fuck that! And fuck you! Who the fuck you? Aiyyo ,他妈的!和你他妈的!谁他妈的你?

Touch you, you act like you want trouble 触摸你,你像你想的麻烦

Money don't know you, don't rub you, I got' eat, that's like trying to tell me don't hustle 钱不知道你,不擦你,我得到了吃,那就像试图告诉我不要喧嚣

I gotta blow a couple, niggas away just to show the muscle 我要吹一对夫妇,黑鬼离开只是为了显示肌肉

Yo, I squeeze till your vocal tussle 哟,我挤你,直到厮打声

Niggas please, I got keys, coke, and snow to bubble 请黑鬼,我有钥匙,焦炭,雪泡

Hoes to cuff you, fuck you, suck the shit out your dick 锄头到袖口你,你他妈的,吸狗屎了你的鸡巴

Sucker for love, think you can fuck with McGruff? 挡不住的爱,认为你可以McGruff他妈的?

Now listen mister 现在听老总

Gruff put your soul in a twister 粗暴的把你的灵魂在捻线机


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]


Just got off the payphone, on a three-way line, with Eightball and Tony Draper 刚下车的公用电话,上三路线, Eightball和托尼·德雷珀


Askin me for a favor 地问我一个忙

Now let me take it from the top I touch your knot, with the rubber glock 现在,让我把它从我摸着你的心结顶,与橡胶格洛克

Then I take your title, nigga, fuck your spot 然后,我把你的标题,兄弟,你他妈的现货

Peace to the players who crush a lot, but they call me Canibus because I bust a lot 和平的球员谁粉碎了很多,但他们叫我Canibus因为我胸围很多

You can suck my cock, and got the same transmitted disease your mother got 你可以吸我的公鸡,并得到了相同的传播疾病的母亲得了

Being a favorite with me right before she was forced to pop 作为我最喜欢的她被迫流行权利之前

She came home at four o'clock, was shot, she was riding me on top 她回家后下午四点,被枪杀,她在上面骑我

I told the bitch to keep the door locked, I know your heating up hot 我告诉母狗保持大门紧锁,我知道你的升温热

Because I touched the sure spot, you got defeated and dropped 因为我感动的当场肯定,你得大败而下降

I punch you in the jaw-ops í冲你的下巴, OPS

You talk dirt, you get dirt thats how I stand on niggas networks 你说话的污垢,你得到的污垢,这是我怎么站在黑鬼网络

You think that best works? You think you can't get hurt? 你认为最好的作品?你以为你可以不会受伤?

The bitch in you, makes you run for cover when I spit at you 在你的婊子,让你运行的封面时,我吐你

A man-to-man zone Allen Iverson couldn't dribble through 一个人盯人区域艾弗森无法通过运球

Rapid fire syllables, you gotta bribe me with a mill or two 速射音节,你总得贿赂我用磨或两个

To keep me from killing you with the lyrical 为了不让我杀了你的抒情

All you chief executives ampin ?answer? wreckin shit 所有你的首席执行官ampin ?回答?乐队创作了歌曲狗屎

See, what goes around comes around, bitch 你看,善有善报恶有恶报,婊子

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