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Friend Of Mine



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[DMX] [ DMX ]

Uh-oh! (GROWLS) 嗯,哦! (咆哮)

Don't tell me!(GROWLS) 不要告诉我! (咆哮)

Don't tell me it's another one of these PK joints! 不要告诉我这是一个又一个的PK这些关节!

Not another P. Killer joint! 没有其他体育杀手联合!


Uh, uh, uh 嗯,嗯,嗯


[CHORUS] [合唱]

You better stop that 你最好停止

Before I come ridin' back (RIGHT BACK) 在我来坐车回来(右后卫)

Right back to you (BACK TO YOU) 马上回你(还给你)

I know you wouldn't like that (OH NO) 我知道你不喜欢的(不是吧)

We don't need no (WE DON'T NEED NO) 我们不需要任何(我们不需要任何)

Extra offer see (WE DON'T NEED NO) 额外优惠见(我们不需要任何)

Wasn't really no friend of mine (WASN'T NO FRIEND) 是不是真的没有朋友我的(不是无友)

Wasn't really no friend of mine (OF MINE) 是不是真的没有朋友我的(我的)


[VERSE 1] [诗歌1 ]

I'm part of the meek, started to speak, at age 10 我是温顺的一部分,开始说话, 10岁

Other kids were ridin' bikes, but that was the age when 其他孩子们坐车自行车,但那是时代的时候

I became a man, learned to stand, on my own 我成了一个男人,学会了站立,我自己

One dog, no bone, so young, so grown 一只狗,无骨,这么年轻,这么长大

Kid left home, shit got harder, kid got smarter 孩子离家出走,狗屎了困难,孩子变得更聪明

Did my part of the bad shit, I was the starter 难道我的不良狗屎的一部分,我是首发

Came from the heart of the hood, not lookin' too good 从引擎盖的心脏来了,不是看着的太好

Fuckin' did what I could; ready to bitch in the wood 他妈的做了我所能做;准备在木材婊子

For all the shit you do, just when you think you sly 对于所有你做的狗屎,只是当你觉得你狡猾

What goes around, comes around, the wrong damn time 善有善报,恶有恶报,错该死的时间

Maybe too late, but damn, I shoulda did that back then 也许为时已晚,但该死的,我早该这样做当时

Shoulda thought about that then, now come on out the den 早该想到的话,现在就来从坑里

Slowly, Come on; keep your hands where I can see ‘em 慢慢的,加油;保持你的手,我可以看见他们

You don't know me, but we already got wifey tied up in the BM 你不认识我,但我们已经得到了wifey捆绑在BM

And know who set you up? That bitch with the crazy ass! 而且知道是谁陷害你?那个婊子与疯狂的屁股!

Another shorty, another party of your shady past! 另一位矮个子,你见不得人的过去另一方!


[CHORUS] [合唱]


[VERSE 2] [诗歌2]

God don't like ugly, all that love me, wanna plug me 上帝不喜欢丑陋的,所有爱我,想我插

But fuck me, it's about “Is this really what you want G?” 不过,我他妈的,这是关于“你想要的G是真的? ”

The more dirt you do, the more dirt you get 更多的污垢你做什么,你得到的更多的污垢

More fake niggas that ride, that'll jerk your dick 在乘坐更假黑鬼,那将挺举你的鸡巴

The more you think your slick, but somebody sees everything 你认为你的光滑,但有人看到的一切更

Sometimes the thieves never hang 有时,盗贼永远挂

They remain, outlaws, wild dogs, outdoors 他们依然存在,不法分子,野狗,户外

Strippin' cats about yours, it's all about claws Strippin “猫约你的,它是所有关于爪

Beggin', scratchin', weighin' and matchin' 开始 , scratchin “重量机械”及配套配件“

You stayin with the batch, and playin' with what you catchin' 您留驻的批次,并弹唱“与你捉

Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you, that's under you 己所不欲,你希望别人对你做什么,这就是你下

You must first separate from, then connect with 您必须从第一个分离,然后用连接

Fuckin' with that X shit (WHAT), ‘cos this the best shit (WHAT) 他妈的带是X狗屎(什么) , “ COS就是最好的狗屎(什么)

Motherfuck the rest bitch (WHAT), it's all about this (WHAT) Motherfuck剩下的母狗(什么) ,它是所有关于这个(什么)

Do what you do, and you get what you get! 做什么你做什么,你会得到你所得到的!


[CHORUS] [合唱]


[VERSE 3] [诗歌3 ]

See what it boils down to, is that it all comes through 看看它归结为是,这一切都通过

Remember what you do, cause it's gon' come true 还记得你做了什么,因为它是坤成真

A little harder than you did it, but that's the way it is 有一点比你更难,但是这事情是这样的

I aint know it be like this, but that's the way it is 我是不是知道它是这样的,但是这事情是这样的

Keep fuckin' with them kids, cause they all get grown and shit 保持他妈的跟他们的孩子,因为他们都得到成长和狗屎

When they get they own, what's gon' been that you shown ‘em? 当他们得到他们所拥有的,什么是坤被你显示他们吗?

Fuck how to take a bone? How to rob a nigga of his throne? 他妈的怎么坐骨?如何抢他的王位的兄弟们?

How to be left standin' alone? 如何留下站在人吗?

Get a nigga gone, that aint right 得到了一个黑人走了,那AINT权

Do it yourself, be a man and fight 自己做的,是一个男人和斗争

Nigga earn your stripes, I damn sure earned mine 兄弟们赚你的条纹,我妈肯定赚矿

I already know your language, now try to learn mine 我已经知道你的语言,现在努力学习雷

Dig ‘til you find, and when you find you keep 挖,直到你发现,当你发现你保持

I done spelled it out for you, but you niggas is still asleep 我做了阐述出来给你,但你黑鬼们还在睡觉

6 feet deep, was just around the corner 6英尺深,是指日可待

Be surprised how many niggas, wanna, wanna! 惊讶有多少黑鬼,想,想!


[CHORUS X2] [合唱x ]

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