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[LL Cool J] [ LL酷J]。

Get the fuck out of here, I'm LL Cool 获得他妈的离开这里,我的LL酷

Soakin wet with bad bitches in the indoor pool Soakin与坏女人在室内游泳池湿

[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yo what am I, an animal? 哟我是什么,是一种动物?


[LL] [ LL ]

Cuz I bagged your's too 因为我袋装你的过

One bad mooley, and you can get pants, schooly 一个坏mooley ,你可以得到的裤子, schooly

I'm the G.O.A.T., what I wrote cause fire and smoke 我是山羊,我写的事业火和烟

Think I started on the choir singin solo for the pope 想想我开始在合唱团唱独唱的教皇

Tell your mama please, get up off her knees 告诉你妈妈请立刻起身,她的膝盖

You can't wear yellow spandex wit a ass of cottage cheese 你不能穿黄色氨纶机智的奶酪个屁

Open toed shoes, feet smell like collard greens 打开露趾鞋,脚闻起来像羽衣甘蓝

Toes *Kriss Krossed* like she on J. Dupris' team 脚趾*克里斯Krossed *就像她在杂志Dupris队伍

Button your sittin up like beach balls in the sand plus 按钮,你呆坐着,像沙滩球在沙滩上加

A mouth full of rotten teeth with a dildo in her hand 一口口满是烂牙,手里拿着假阳具

Who the fuck let you in, all my assistants are fired 谁他妈的让你在,我所有的助手被解雇

Now I'm lookin for some washed up rapper that I can hire 现在,我正在寻找一些冲上说唱歌手,我可以聘请

You know some old school nigga wit a bit of attitude 你知道,有些老派的兄弟们机智一点的态度

Pay him $1500 to fuck a girl in an interlude 付给他1500美元他妈的一个女孩在一个插曲

You say I'm souped up, well, soup is good food 你说我改装成了,好了,汤是很好的食物

So what I scratch my nuts, how the fuck is that wrong 因此,我挠我的坚果,怎么他妈的是错误的

For so glowin, afro pickin 这么着光,非洲再找

S-curl hatin, Jamaican rum sippin S-卷曲hatin ,牙买加朗姆酒啜饮着


[Method Man] [方法人]

Kid I'll burp on your girl buttcheeks 孩子,我会打饱嗝你的女孩buttcheeks


[LL] [ LL ]

The honey had my nuts like two red beets 蜂蜜有我的坚果像两个红甜菜

I'm banannas, out of my fuckin mind they won't let me back in 我banannas ,出我他妈的头脑,他们不会让我回来

Cuz I was down before the hype like Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund 因为我是下来像多灰尘的Rhodes和Bob Backlund的炒作前

Bruno Samartino, Stan Staziak 布鲁诺Samartino ,斯坦Staziak

Now The Rock and Stone Cold are my favorite maniacs 现在的岩石和冰冷如石是我最喜欢的疯子

The top rooster pluckin, chickens when I'm cluckin 顶公鸡pluckin ,鸡,当我cluckin

WWF stands for When and Where we Fuckin 世界自然基金会代表时间和地点我们他妈的


Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit

Yo kid 呦小子

Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit

Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, Fuhgidabowdit 哟, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, ey, Fuhgidabowdit 哟,安永, Fuhgidabowdit

Ey, ey, Fuhgidabowdit 安永,安永, Fuhgidabowdit

Eh, Fuhgidabowdit 嗯, Fuhgidabowdit


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo 哟,哟,哟,哟,哟,哟

I'm like Menace II Society 我很喜欢的威胁二社

I roll through the drive thru like Kane 我是通过驱动辊直通像凯恩

Jack you for the cheeseburgers and chicken wings, and datins too 杰克,你的芝士汉堡和鸡翅,以及datins太

See my boys down the ride crack patience too 看到我的孩子们倒坐裂的耐心太

Bricks, walk around, snorkel down 砖,四处走走,呼吸管下来

Maccaroni and cheese Timbs broke out the orphan house MACCARONI和奶酪Timbs爆发孤儿房子

Transportin out, the poison in 'em 运输代理了,在时间之毒

Box 'em up in the aisle with the frozen dinners 盒子举起手来与冷冻食品过道


[Method Man] [方法人]

And them niggas that ran... 和他们黑鬼跑...

[Redman] [雷德曼]

My goal's to get 'em 我的目标的获得时间

With the heat seekin flow wit, fo' antennas 与热seekin流机智,为天线

Doc's Da Name, that's why y'all fuck wit me Doc的大名字,这就是为什么你们都他妈的机智我

I'm pocket change, the bums don't fuck with D 我口袋里的零钱,该流浪汉不带D他妈的

Objective in 'em, Carlo inspection sticka 客观的他们,卡罗检查sticka

Check the pen, I write like a X was in 'em 检查笔,我写这样一λ是时间

Teeth grittin, I brawl wit a major league mitten 牙齿grittin ,我争吵机智大联盟手套


[Meth] [冰毒]

Where the stash at 凡藏匿处

[Red] [红色]

Yo, yo, punk, M takin me wit him 哟,哟,朋克,男羚牛我他的智慧


Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, Fuhgidabowdit 哟, Fuhgidabowdit

Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit 亚青的兄弟们, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, yo, yo, Fuhgidabowdit 哟,哟,哟, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo dog, Fuhgidabowdit 溜溜狗, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo you heard, Fuhgidabowdit 哟,你听说过, Fuhgidabowdit

Ayo you hear me, Fuhgidabowdit 亚青,你听我说, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit 哟黑鬼, Fuhgidabowdit


[Method Man] [方法人]

Yo, this be the Cool J function, music get my blood pumpin 哟,这是Cool J与功能,音乐让我的血液给水站

Down for whatever, which usually means I'm up to somethin 下来什么的,这通常意味着我到事端

Who owe me somethin, them niggas in the back frontin 谁我欠事端,他们黑鬼在后面廷

They rockin cuffs and, put the eight up, rappercussion 他们摇滚袖口,把八时, rappercussion

You know my name, so there's no need for introduction 你知道我的名字,所以没有必要介绍

I'm Mr. Done it all, so none of y'all can do me nothing 我先生做了这一切,所以没有你们可以帮我什么

Bitch I'm grown, puffin on that one and bone 母狗我成长,海雀在一个与骨

Bet me and Queen Bee be swingin til the honey come 打赌我和女王蜂来荡秋千直到蜂蜜来

Backs get blown, trash get thrown 背上被爆发,垃圾扔得到

In headlocks, from this view, I'm fuckin Star Jones 在headlocks ,从这个观点,我他妈的明星琼斯

I'm red hot just like candy, in '95 won the Grammy 我是红热像糖果,是在1995年赢得了格莱美


[Redman] [雷德曼]

Yo, he use it as an ashtray now 哟,他把它作为一个烟灰缸,现在

[Method] [方法]

Niggas can't stand or understand me, yeah 黑鬼不能站立或理解我,是啊

Either or, funky headhunter wild comanchees wit shitty draws 无论是或,时髦的猎头野生comanchees机智低劣的画

What's that shit, what shit, that shit on your lip 那是什么狗屁,什么狗屁,你的嘴唇的那些事

I can't smoke wit ya kid, but I'll save ya the clip... 我不抽烟机智雅的孩子,但我可以节省雅剪辑...


Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit

Ayo nigga, Fuhgidabowdit 亚青的兄弟们, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, what the fuck, Fuhgidabowdit 哟,什么他妈的, Fuhgidabowdit

Yo, Fuhgidabowdit 哟, Fuhgidabowdit

Uh, Fuhgidabowdit 嗯, Fuhgidabowdit

Ayo dog, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] 亚青狗, Fuhgidabowdit [ DMX咆哮]

Bitches can't stand me, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] 母犬不能忍受我, Fuhgidabowdit [ DMX咆哮]

Still pullin out pennies, Fuhgidabowdit [DMX growl] 尽管如此普林出便士, Fuhgidabowdit [ DMX咆哮]


[DMX] [ DMX ]

The shit I see every day brings tears to my eyes 我每天看到的狗屎柔柔我的眼睛

How I holla at my niggas brings ears to my cries 我怎么呼啦我的黑鬼带来了耳朵到我的哭声

Stick niggas for not knowin, then teach 'em somethin 坚持黑鬼不深深地知道,然后教时间事端

Bitch niggas talkin bout you from the streets you frontin 母狗黑鬼从龙廷,你在街上说话回合你

I never liked you, and you, I don't know 我从来不喜欢你,你,我不知道

So what the fuck you think is 'sposed to happen, we gon go 所以你认为是 sposed ,他妈的要发生什么事情,我们会去走

Mono on mono, whatever nigga, I'm gon dust you 单声道单声道,无论黑人,我会去你的灰尘

If you can't pick that afro, I'm gon bust you 如果你不能挑,非裔,我会去你的胸围

Walkin like you was a lil nigga cuz you is 走着像你是一个可爱的小黑人,因为你是

And don't forget that daddy's gonna always love his kids 而且不要忘了,爸爸的会永远爱他的孩子们

Crackin niggas got the nerve to wonder why I rob, why Crackin黑鬼得到好意思不知道为什么我抢,为什么

You guys will live while everybody else'll starve 你们将生活,而大家elsell挨饿

That pretty shit is played, fuck what your name hold 那个漂亮的狗屎播放,他妈的你的名字保持

Break a nigga off somethin, watch a nigga gain fo' 打破了一个黑人关事端,看一个黑人增益为

Now you layin somewhere cold, stiff as shit 现在你开始裁员某处冷,僵硬的狗屎

And all that riffin shit, mens will get you hit, bitch 和所有riffin狗屎,男子将让你打,婊子


Fuhgidabowdit Fuhgidabowdit

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