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Life Is What You Make It



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Nas] [纳斯]

Yo ill will, ruff ryders 哟恶意,围脖ryders

what what, sraight like that 什么什么, sraight像


You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer 你是杀手还是骗子,经销商或客户

Gangsta or buster, youngster or old nigga 黑帮或克星,年轻人还是老黑鬼

A weed head, a coke sniffer 一块杂草丛生头,焦嗅探器

You rich or a broke nigga 你富有还是一个一文不名的黑人

Know you all relate to this shit that i wrote niggas 知道你们都涉及到这个狗屎,我写了黑鬼

Lots of my mans trapped up in a max 很多我的芒被困在一个最大

Penatentary, sending me letters i answer back Penatentary ,给我字母I回嘴

That eventually, we all be bentley'ed out 最终,我们都可以bentleyed出

Throwing campaigns, fuck it I'm running for White House 投掷运动,他妈的我在竞选白宫

My niggas control Senate, pipe seats jeeps tinted 我的黑鬼控制参议院,管席位吉普车有色

Mad Lewinsky chicks, some kinky shit 疯狂莱温斯基小鸡,有的淫狗屎

Did dirt now I knew it would come back one day 难道污垢现在我知道它会回来1天

So I'm on point, scrap, prepare for gunplay 所以我就点,废钢,用于枪战准备

Stared at one face, thought it was beef he looked familiar 凝视着一张脸,还以为是牛肉,他看起来很熟悉

Ready to blast ,nigga gave me daps said I feel ya 准备爆炸,兄弟们给我DAPS说,我觉得雅

Can't believe how my life changed 不敢相信我的生活是如何改变

From the hood, the first time in my life I can say i did the right thing 从引擎盖,第一时间在我的生活,我可以说我做了正确的事


[Chorus: 4x] [合唱: 4倍]

Life is what you make it nigga, I'ma make it 生活是你自己创造的兄弟们,我要让这

No matter what it takes my nigga, we gonna take it (uh) 无论什么需要我的兄弟们,我们该怎么把它(嗯)


[DMX] [ DMX ]

uh, uh, uh, uh, uh 呃,呃,呃,呃,呃

Everyday shit, around the way shit got me stressed (what) 每天大便,周围的狗屎的方式让我强调(什么)

So i keep on the vest in case a nigga wanna test (uh) 所以我一直在背心的情况下,黑人想测试(嗯)

I got no time for games cause I'm all grown up 我没有时间游戏因为我长大了

You wanna joke nigga? laugh when you get blown up (come on) 你想笑话黑鬼?笑的时候,你被炸掉(来吧)

See how funny it is when your kids aint got no father 它是如何有趣,当你的孩子是不是得了无父无

Cause you played it sweet now you floating in the harbor (for real) 因为你打,现在甜你在海港浮动(真正的)

Shit is hectic so respect it for your health (what) 狗屎是如此忙碌尊重它为你的健康(什么)

Didn't think it was right, you should've checked it yourself (come on) 没想到这是正确的,你应该已经检查了它自己(来吧)

Life is too short to get caught up in some dumb shit 生命太短暂,被卷入一些愚蠢的狗屎

Wake up one day, 40 years old on some bumb shit 一觉醒来, 40年的一些bumb老狗屎

Time flew by, you was too fly to see the light 时间飞了,你太飞见光

Everyday it's getting darker then comes the night 每天它变得更暗然后是晚上

Now what? (what) realize that you ain't got shit (uh) 现在怎么办? (什么)意识到,你是不是有狗屎(嗯)

Not long ago you was the man on some hot shit 不久前,你是男人就一些热点狗屎

So just peep the flow yo, cause you already in this 所以刚才偷看流量哟,因为你已经在这

Make sure your shit is right kid and handke your business (uh huh) 确保你的屎是正确的孩子,汉德克​​业务(嗯)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Nas] [纳斯]

Make history before you go 创造历史,在你走之前

Fuck the misery, you po we gettin doe 他妈的苦难,你PO我们刚开母鹿

Except the ?dollars? other reasons why I'm living yo (why?) 除?美元?其他的原因,我住哟(为什么? )

Time is viable 时间是可行的

Low and behold the young, black, and powerful 低不料年轻的,黑色的,功能强大

Got to eat yo, everyday my daughters feet grow 有吃的哟,每天我的女儿脚长

You wack and cheap with the doe, my heat could blow 您怪人和廉价的母鹿,我的热量会吹

Payin doctors when I'm born, a preacher when I'm buried 婚前医生,当我出生时,一个牧师当我被埋

That's why cash is needed for my kids to inherit 这就是为什么需要现金为我的孩子来继承

Gotta pay just for living, tax life is a b'ness (business) 必须付出只是为了谋生,税务,生命是bness (业务)

If you catch a bad deal, watch your life deminish 如果赶上一个糟糕的协议,看你的生活deminish

Deals made by God and the Devil, and we in it 它由上帝和魔鬼,我们的交易

Pawns in the game, can't complain or say shit 在游戏中的走卒,不能抱怨或者说狗屎

Just strap up and hold on, hope for the best 只是表带和坚持,希望最好

prepare for the worse, no fears no nothing on earth 对于糟糕的是,没有恐惧没有在地球上没有什么准备

No tears if I'm dumped in a hearse, I won't be the first 没有眼泪,如果我甩在灵车,我不会是第一个

Nor the last nigga, let's get this cash nigga 也不是最后兄弟们,让我们这个黑鬼现金


[Chorus] [合唱]

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