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24 Hours To Live



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[Puff Daddy] [吹牛老爹]

I want you to ask yourself one question 我想你要问自己一个问题

If you had twenty four hours to live, what would you do? 如果你有二十四小时生活,你会怎么办?

That's some deep shit right there, a lot of pressure 这是一些深层次的狗屎在那儿,压力很大

How would you handle it? 你会如何​​处理呢?

Mase, what would you do? 忧愁,你会怎么做?


[Mase] [濑]

Yo, I'd turn out all the hoes that's heterosexual 哟,我会变成所有的异性恋的锄头

Smack conceited niggas right off the pedestal 嫌自负黑鬼马上底座

I'd even look for my dad that I never knew 我什至想看看我爸,我从来不知道

And show him how I look in my Beretta, too 并告诉他我是怎么看我的贝雷塔,太

I'd do good shit like take kids from the ghetto 我会做的很好的狗屎一样从贫民窟孩子取

Show them what they could have if they never settle 让他们看看他们能有,如果他们从来没有收

Take every white kid from high class level 采取一切白的孩子从高一流水平

Show 'em what Christmas like growin' up in the ghetto 他们点厉害瞧瞧是什么样的圣诞慢慢生长在贫民窟

Teach niggas how to spend, stack the rest 教黑鬼怎么花,堆休息

Give blunts to the niggas under massive stress 给钝器大规模胁迫下黑鬼

Give every bum on the street cash to invest 给街道上的现金每一个流浪汉投资

And hope Harlem will blow up be my last request 并希望哈林将炸毁是我最后的请求


[Jadakiss] [贾达基斯]

Yo, yo if I had twenty four hours to kick the bucket, fuck it 哟,哟,如果我有二十四小时翘辫子,他妈的

I'd probably eat some fried chicken and drink a Nantucket 我可能会吃一些炸鸡和喝一楠塔基特

Then go get a jar from Branson 然后去得到布兰森罐子

And make sure I leave my mother the money to take care of grandson 并确保我离开我妈的钱照顾孙子

Load the three power, hop in the Eddie Bauer 装入三个电源,跳在Eddie Bauer的

And go give all six to that papi that sold me flour 去给所有六个到PAPI是卖给我的面粉

Get a fresh baldy, make a few calls 获取一个新的秃子,打几个电话

Shop at the mall, shoot a lil' ball 在商场购物,拍一部律球

Have all of my bitches on one telly at the same time 有所有的我的母狗在一个电视中同时

Spread it out on different floors 它铺在不同楼层

And I'm gon' play lotto, for what? 而且我会去玩乐透,为了什么?

Even though I ain't gon' be here tomorrow, so what 虽然我不是坤在这里,明天还等什么


[Black Rob] [黑罗布]

You know when I was close to the ledge 你知道,当我靠近窗台

I'd probably be in the wedge 我可能会在楔形

With this bare spanish mami playin' 'tween my legs 有了这个裸西班牙妈咪玩二层我的腿

Then I'm off to get choke and smoke one a them dreads 然后我要去得到呛烟和一个他们畏惧

And get that bitch from '89 that gave us up to the feds 并从89年那个贱人,给了我们到联邦调查局

Thought of momma, wrote her a note, we ain't close 想妈妈了,给她写了一张纸条,我们不接近

I hate her boyfriend so I put one in his throat 我恨她的男朋友,所以我把一只在他的喉咙

Fuck around and sniff an ounce of raw, bust the four 他妈的四周,嗅生一盎司,胸围四

Fours, pull out my dick and take a piss on the floor 四肢着地,拔出我的鸡巴,并采取小便在地板上

Jump in the whip, git them cats I wanted to git 跳转鞭时,Git他们的猫,我想与git

Since the Tavern on the Green robbery in eighty-six 由于在86上的绿色抢劫酒馆

Went home took a shower in nice cold water 回家洗了个澡尼斯冷水

And spent my last hours wit my son and my daughter 花了我的最后几个小时机智我的儿子和我的女儿


[1] - If you had twenty four hours to live just think [1] - 如果你有二十四小时生活只是觉得

Where would you go? 你会去哪里?

What would you do? 你会怎么办?

Who would you screw? 谁你会拧?

And who would you wanna notify? 又是谁,你会想通知?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die? 还是会哟屁股否认哟屁股快要不行了?


If you had twenty four hours to live just think 如果你有二十四小时生活只是觉得

Where would you go? 你会去哪里?

What would you do? 你会怎么办?

Who would you screw? 谁你会拧?

And who would you wanna notify? 又是谁,你会想通知?

Or would yo' ass deny that yo' ass about to die? 还是会哟屁股否认哟屁股快要不行了?


[Sheek] [ Sheek ]

What hey yo, if I had twenty four nigga gotta get the raw 什么嘿哟,如果我有24兄弟们得让原

Run all them papi's spot, put one in his head at the door 运行所有这些PAPI的地方,放一在他的头部在门口

For the times that I paid for twenty an he gave me twelve 对于我付了二十一的时候,他给了我12

The other eight had to be baking soda by itself 其它八个已被通过自身小苏打

So papi fuck you, you dead now, I'm off to the bank 所以, PAPI你他妈的,你死了,我要去银行

With those bricks in a bookbag and a stolen Jag I just grabbed 随着在书包的砖头和被盗捷豹我刚抓起

Went in there grabbed the bank teller wit the pretty face 去那里抢到了银行出纳员机智漂亮的脸蛋

Fuck her in the safe, and have her take me to my place 他妈的她的安全,让她带我去我的地方

We'll make a kid but that's selfish and that'll be bad 我们会让一个孩子,但是那是自私的,那将是坏的

For my son to have the same shit his pops just had 对于我的儿子有同样的狗屎他的持久性有机污染物刚

And when I'm down to twenty three, I'm a be strapped wit TNT 当我下到23 ,我是一个被束缚的机智梯恩梯

Run up in city hall and take the judges wit me 运行在市政府,并采取评委机智我


[Styles] [样式]

If I had twenty four hours to live, I'd probably die on the fifth 如果我有二十四小时直播,我可能会死在第五

Run in the station squeezin the inf' 在squeezin的INF 站运行

I'll be waitin' to get to hell and bust down Satan 我将等待着去地狱,胸围下来撒旦

Styles' on this shit and I got spot vacant 在这个狗屎风格 ,我得到了当场悬空

Back to the twenty four I make it out the precinct 回到24我让出选区

Shootin niggas that I hate in they face while they eatin' 我恨他们乱射黑鬼的脸,而他们eatin

I'm on the job robbin' every so-called Don 我在工作中罗宾每一个所谓的唐

Give the money to my moms and tell her that I'm gone 把钱给我妈妈,告诉她,我走了

I would school my little brother that niggas mean him harm 我的学校我的弟弟是黑鬼的意思是他害

He should learn to tell the future without readin' palms 他应该学会告诉未来不看书手心

When they come in with the bullets, you prepared with the bomb 当他们与子弹,你准备用炸弹

So fuck bein' violent get stocks and bonds 所以他妈的拜因“暴力获取的股票和债券


[DMX] [ DMX ]

Twenty four left until my death 二十四离开,直到我死

So I'm gon' waste alot of lives, but I'll cherish every breath 所以我坤的生活垃圾很多,但我会珍惜每一次呼吸

I know exactly where I'm goin', but I'mma send you there first 我知道,正是我要去的,但我就要送你那里第一次

And with the shit that I'll be doin', I'mma send you there worse 并与我会干什么狗屎,我就要送你还有更糟糕

I've been livin' with a curse, and now it's all about to end 我一直活着了诅咒,而现在这一切都即将结束

But before I go, say hello to my little friend 不过,在我走之前,说一下我的朋友很少

But I gots to make it right, reconcile with my mother 但我全球有机纺织品标准,使之正确,调和与我的母亲

Try to explain to my son, tell my girl I love her 试着解释我的儿子,告诉我的女孩,我爱她

C-4 up under the coat, snatch up my dog C-4了外衣下,抢夺了我的狗

Turn like three buildings on Wall Street, into a fog 打开像华尔街三座建筑,成雾

Out with a bang, you will remember my name 出得有声有色,你会记得我的名字

I wanted to live forever, but this wasn't fame 我想长生不老,但这不是成名


[Repeat 1 until fade] [单曲重复,直到淡出]

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