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Catz Don't Know



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Uh, it's that real shit yo 呃,那就是真正的狗屎哟

Grrr! 哎呀!


[1] - Can't stop [1] - 无法停止

Gotta eat 总得吃

Stepping on, my feet 踩着我的脚

Spread love, think it's sweet 传播爱,认为它是甜的

Uh, uh, uh all you catz don't know 嗯,嗯,嗯你Catz公司不知道


[Repeat 1] [重复1]


Yeah baby, shit's about to jump off and 宝宝呀,该死的一下就跳下去

Lookin' for the bus to bring in my man from up north 追寻的公交车在我的男子从北边带

Been like three years since when got knocked 自当得到了敲门一直喜欢3年

Since he got caught 自从他被抓

Punked up like five new blocks, holding down for it Punked像五个新的区块,按住它

Kept a nigga straight with money in the books 保持一个黑人钱直书

And them bitches is crooks who look out for other crooks 而他们骂是骗子谁看出来的其他骗子

Took him shopping, money in his pocket is straight 带他逛街,在他的口袋里的钱是直

Dropped him off at the wife's crib after we ate 跌断了他的妻子的摇篮,我们吃了之后

Our estate was the next move for me 我们的房地产是下一步的行动对我来说

Had to make that nigga chill for at least two to three months 不得不作出这样的黑鬼寒意至少两到三个月

Cause when it's on, it's on 因为当它在,它是在

He didn't care 他不在乎

It's like slow down baby 这就像慢下来宝贝

The money ain't going nowhere 钱不是无处可去

Keep in touch though and show how much your ass is with it 保持联系,但并显示多少你的屁股是与它

The dope flow is there and in a minute you can get it (come on) 该涂料流动是存在的,在一分钟内就可以得到它(来吧)

You gotta watch a nigga just coming home in a game 你得看一个黑人刚回家的一场比赛

Cause on the low we may just be trying to go against the grain 造成我们可能只是想反其道而行低


[Repeat 1 (2x)] [重复1 (2个) ]


I never figured this nigga would pull this shit that he pulled 我从来没有想通这个黑人会拉狗屎,他拉

What is strange is the change that niggaz go through 奇怪的是,兄弟们经过变化

When they're locked down and really can't hack it 当他们锁定了,真的没本事

A motherfucker like me handles a bid like a jacket 像我这样的混蛋处理像一件外套出价

Strap it on my back, niggaz ain't built like me 表带它在我的背上,兄弟们是不是建立像我

And by the end, niggaz was like "Yo, why you killed Mike, D?" 而到了年底,兄弟们很喜欢:“哟,你为什么杀了迈克,D ? ”

Wasn't me, but yeah he had it coming to him 不是我,但是,是的,他是来给他

Used to be my dog, so I let my cousin do him 曾经是我的狗,所以我让我的表弟做了他

Sent him out of state with like half a brick down to my spot in VA 送他出状况了像半砖到我在弗吉尼亚州现货

Cause the money comes quick 导致钱从哪里来快

Half of that got fucked up before I even got the check in on him (damn) 有一半得到性交之前,我什至得到了支票在他(该死的)

But things happen so I really wasn't wreckin' on him (damn) 但是事情发生,所以我真的没有对他乐队创作了歌曲“ (该死的)

Got him up out of there and sent him down a little further 让他起来离开那里,并派他下来远一点

Ain't heard from him in two months, murder, murder 没有他的消息在两个月内,谋杀,谋杀

And from the next flight thinking I might have to steal something 而从下一个航班想着也许我偷东西

This hungry shit will make a nigga wanna kill something (come on) 这饥饿的狗屎将一个黑人想刷怪(来吧)


[Repeat 1 (2x)] [重复1 (2个) ]


Listen, money is missing and it's hectic (what?) 听着,钱已丢失,这是忙碌的(什么? )

Found the safe, checked it 发现安全,检查了它

Shit looks detected (what?) 妈的外观检测(什么? )

Just what I expected when I got no word from him 这正是我期待的时候我没有一句话从他身上

Asked around but ain't nobody heard from him (uh-huh) 问了一圈,但没有人听到他(嗯)

But money talks and most niggaz is snakes 但有钱能使鬼推磨,最兄弟们是蛇

So it wasn't long before his man was ready to take 所以,这不是他的长才的人已经准备好采取

Me to where he was at, checked my gat 我到他在,检查了我的水道

Threw in a four clip, pumped myself up 加送四夹,抽我自己了

Cause I can't go for that bullshit (come on) 因为我无法去说废话(来吧)

Fuckin' with my last load of cash ain't the issue 与现金我上次负荷他妈的不是问题

It's just real fucked up when your man tries to diss you 这只是真正的性交时,你的男人尝试你难过

Takin' back for niggaz in New York and how they told me so 羚牛回来的兄弟们在纽约,以及他们如何告诉我的

Now I got to knock his boots, he owes me dough 现在我要敲他的靴子,他欠我的面团

Layin' up with a hoe, then he hit me with the sob story (come on) 开始裁员了锄头,然后他打了我的悲伤的故事(来吧)

The famous "Oh you didn't know I got robbed!" story (come on) 著名的“哦,你不知道我被抢劫了! ”故事(来吧)

Told it's to me he should be grateful to 说这是给我,他应该感谢

Fuck that bitch! Look at what she made you do 他妈的婊子!看什么,她让你做

Now there's love lost and a double cross 现在有爱情丧失了双十字

Pointed at that bitch, turned her braids into sauce 指着那个婊子,把她的发辫成芡汁

So you wanna be with him (uh) and talk to me like I'm silly (yeah) 所以,你想和他(嗯)和我说话我傻(耶)

Five bottle of Mo on the floor, boxes of phillys (uh) 五瓶莫在地板上, phillys盒(嗯)

Ten g's in the shoebox under the bed 将10g在床底下的鞋盒

And for every g I put a fuckin' slug in his head 并为每克我把他妈的塞在他的头上

And from then, the moral of the story if you missed it 从此,道德的故事,如果你错过了

Is the grand is always gonna be there 为隆重总是会在那里

Just never go against it 只是从来没有违背它


[Repeat 1 (2x)] [重复1 (2个) ]


You cats must not know 你的猫一定不知道

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A. Fields, Earl Simmons


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