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Quit While You're Ahead



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

You better quit while you're ahead 你最好退出,而你前面

Ah that's what I said, or you're better off dead 啊,这就是我说的,还是你最好死了

Hey eh, you better quit while you're ahead 嘿,呃,你最好退出,而你前面


[Verse 1: Choclair] [诗歌1 : Choclair ]

I told ya (yeah) 我告诉你,(耶)

I did (I did, I did) 我做了(我做了,我做了)

Now, a lot of MC's walkin with no knees 现在,很多MC的走着的,没有膝盖

They persistent with fuckin with me 他们用执着与我他妈的

I'm just that real laid back, chill bat, smokin them trees 我只是,真正的悠闲,寒意蝙蝠,戒掉他们的树

But yo I turn into some African bees (if you're fuckin with me) 但是,哟,我变成了一些非洲蜜蜂(如果你他妈的跟我)

I'm unmatched, unpassed, since way back 我是无与伦比的, unpassed ,因为回来的路上

Up upon them blocks, rockin MCM hats 最多给他们块,摇滚MCM帽子

Just spittin at these people like I'm swingin a bat 只是吐口水在这些人喜欢我荡秋千蝙蝠

At Scarborough Village, where the pillage was at 在士嘉堡的村庄,那里掠夺报

(You better quit while you're) (你最好退出,而你)

All them girls in them pum pum shorts, where they wanted it fat (yes) 所有这些女孩在他们PUM PUM短裤,他们希望它的脂肪(是)

Yo, I ain't braggin, I'm just spittin the facts 哟,我是不是braggin ,我只是吐口水的事实

No exaggeration (naw), no grippin on my balls for charm 毫不夸张(瑙) ,我的球的魅力不grippin

A Big Mac with no lettuce and sauce 巨无霸,没有生菜,酱

Now my collar bone is filled with stars and got stripes down the arm 现在我的锁骨充满了恒星和有条纹顺着手臂

Got Class in the cut, pull the pin out the bomb, brother 在切了类,拔出插销炸弹,兄弟

Yo, so let them horns blow (yeah) 哟,所以让他们牛角吹(耶)

We're reppin this here because you all asked for it, so yo 我们reppin这这里,因为你的所有要求,所以哟


[Chorus x2: w/ ad libs] [合唱x :瓦特/广告库]


[talking behind Chorus: Choclair] [谈后面合唱: Choclair ]

I told ya 我告诉过你

I told ya 我告诉过你


[Verse 2: Classified] [诗2:分类]

I ain't goin nowhere, I got my people in here 我是不是要扔掉行不通的,我有我的人在这里

We still got it after all the smoke clears 我们还是所有的硝烟散尽之后,得到了它

Now speakin mathematically, there's no comparin to my strategy 现在speakin数学,有没有开始比较,以我的策略

Tryin to measure up, I appreciate the flattery 试着来衡量了,我很欣赏的奉承

But half of these rappers are half of a beat backwards 但一半以上的说唱歌手是半拍的倒退

Claimin they on point man, ch-check the stats first 点上的人Claimin他们, CH-检查统计第一

I've dropped 12 albums with at least 12 songs in the last 12 years 我已经跌至12个相册,其中至少有12首歌曲,在过去的12年

Do the math right there 做数学题就在那里

That's 144, on a one a month average 这是144 ,在一个平均一个月

And that don't even count what I produced for other rappers 而这甚至不指望什么我公司生产的其他说唱歌手

(You better quit while you're) (你最好退出,而你)

Done 5 tours, with 20 shows or more 做5之旅,与20表演或以上

And that's only dating back to 2004 而这只有历史可以追溯到2004年

Let's not forget the other years that don't apply to 让我们不要忘记其他年份不适用

Now name another rapper tourin Canada like I do 像我现在做的另一名说唱歌手tourin加拿大

I know I am, on the top of this 我知道我,在这之上

And I know I have, many accomplices 我知道我有很多帮凶

If the numbers add up you can't get rid of me 如果数字加起来,你无法摆脱我

So kid, know your past or your future will be history 所以,孩子,知道你的过去或将来你会成为历史


[Chorus: w/ ad libs] [合唱:瓦特/广告库]


[Verse 3: Maestro] [第3节:大师]

The Maes, the Maes is smooth and here to soothe you when 在梅斯,梅斯的光滑和这里的时候安慰你

MC's lose, he keeps improvin 三菱商事的失落,他不断improvin

'Cause he keeps comin back with more and more hits 因为他一直有越来越多的命中科曼回来

(Ahh shit), suckers better quit (啊狗屎) ,吸盘最好退出

When you touch my first record, then we can talk 当你触摸我的第一个记录,那么我们就可以谈

Start prayin, start fastin, then we can walk 开始祈祷,开始FASTIN ,那么我们就可以走

I'm makin movies now, while rappers still runnin their lips 我要做个电影现在,说唱歌手同时还是飞奔自己的嘴唇

Get off my dick, I'm tryin to study my script 下车我的鸡巴,我试着学习我的剧本

(You better quit while you're) (你最好退出,而你)

I got politicians callin 'cause I'm influential 我得到了政治家的呼唤“因为我是有影响的

Beat makers want my voice on their instrumentals 垮掉的厂商希望我对他们的乐器的声音

Rappers makin mixtapes, then they get out of line 说唱混音带出不来,然后他们出去行

Except I've never seen a record yet do better than mine 除了我从来没有见过一个记录又做的比我好

They just keep recyclin, not excitin 他们只是不停地再生技术,不excitin

Never the less I just put it to rest 'cause Wes keeps enticin them 从来没有少我只是把它休息“会导致韦斯保持enticin他们

'Stro fans wonder how he's gonna flow next 的Stro球迷不知道他是如何的下一个快要流

But all you gotta know is that he so Fresh Wes 但是,你必须知道的是,他那么新鲜韦斯

(Godfather, God bless), still I spark the flame (教父,上帝保佑) ,我仍然火花,火焰

Only rapper from Toronto on the Walk Of Fame 只有从多伦多说唱歌手在星光大道

Now who you think Toronto trusts more - me or you? 现在,你觉得谁多伦多信托更多 - 我还是你?

Who you think Toronto loves more - me or you? 你觉得多伦多谁爱更多 - 我还是你?

Son I'm not tryin to say that I'm better than y'all 儿子,我不试着说我比你们都好

I'm just on another level than y'all, so just move 我只是在另一个层面上比你们,所以才动


[Chorus x2: w/ ad libs] [合唱x :瓦特/广告库]


[Verse 4: Moka Only (Classified)] [第4节:摩卡只(分级) ]

Man y'all can't talk about stats without puttin your boy Moka in 男人你们都不能谈历史不puttin你的孩子在莫卡

(Yo, that's why I got at you man, let 'em know) (哟,这就是为什么我得到你的人,让他们知道)

You see my braggin rights could be wrote on the longest list 你看我的braggin权可最长的名单上写的

The most prolific rapper in the world that fits 在符合世界上最丰富的说唱歌手

In my palm like this, my likeness is ubiquitous 在我的手掌像这样,我的肖像无处不在

36 albums underneath my belt 36张专辑我的腰带下方

I whip 'em off like they Bisquick biscuits bitch í鞭时间过像他们Bisquick饼干婊子

And ain't many that can deal with the heat that's felt 而不是很多,可以与感受到的热量处理

Rappers on the thing underneath my briefs and belt 我的内裤和腰带下面的事情说唱歌手

I said (you better quit while you're ahead) 我说(你最好退出,而你前面)

Mok a kept on with the keep on 莫一个风尘上的不断

You can't sleep on, so get gone and go get my coffee gopher 你不能睡,所以得到不见了,去拿我的咖啡地鼠

The girls on my toblerone, the bone her 女孩们对我的瑞士三角,在她的骨

Head stat on your cold toner 对你的感冒碳粉头统计

I've got the Junos and the platinum plaques back at home 我已经得到了的Junos和铂金斑回到家里

7 MMVAs, I can hold my own 7 MMVAs ,我能坚持我自己的

A known felon when it come to the microphone chrome 一个已知的重罪犯,当它走到麦克风铬

Choclair, Class, Maestro and Moka Only, let's go Choclair ,类,艺术大师和摩卡只是,我们走吧


[Chorus] [合唱]


[talking behind the Chorus: Moka Only] [谈合唱团的背后:摩卡只]

Man we got stats 人,我们有统计

Comin at ya like some baseball bats 今儿在雅像一些棒球棍

You fall flat, fall back nigga 你一无所获,回落黑鬼

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