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Used To Be



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[Intro:] [简介: ]

[Classified:] Man, remember tape cassettes? [分类: ]男人,记得磁带盒?

[Mic Boyd:] Tape cassettes? ! [麦克风博伊德: ]盒式磁带? !

[Classified:] I remember goin into record stores, gettin so excited [分类: ]我记得布莱恩到唱片店,刚开太激动了

For that new album, you know? 对于新专辑,你知道吗?

When you got it, is was like nothin else mattered 当你得到它,则像没有其他的无所谓

[Mic Boyd:] Oh yeah, yeah, I guess, you had to pay for that shit [麦克风博伊德: ]噢,是的,我想,你必须为此付出代价的狗屎

[Classified:] Yeah man, it's not like that anymore [分类:]是男人,不是这样的了

Kind of feel, kind of feelin like damn 那种感觉,那种感觉就像该死的

When they used to say they don't make music like they used to 当他们常说他们没有做音乐就像他们用

(The way it used to be) (事情是这样曾经是)

[Mic Boyd:] No, I see what you're sayin man, I see what you're sayin [麦克风博伊德:]没有,我明白你在说的时候,我看到你在说什么

[Classified:] Check this out, look, yeah [分类: ]检查了这一点,你看,是啊

[Mic Boyd:] What you got? [麦克风博伊德: ]你有什么?


[Verse 1: Classified] [诗歌1 :分类]

My, my, my, my dad says they don't make music like they use to 我,我,我,我爸说,他们并不做音乐就像他们使用

And nowadays there ain't no record store to root through 而如今不过是没有记录存储到root通过

We upload and then we viewin it on YouTube 我们上传,然后我们viewin在YouTube上

Digital to Bluetooth, I see why that confuse you 数码蓝牙,我明白为什么你混淆

This day and age, shit it's hard to tell who's who 这个时代,狗屎这是很难说谁是谁

So many artists, every week you hear a new group 这么多的艺术家,每个星期你听到一个新组

Maybe it's me or possibly I got a screw loose 也许是我也可能我有一个螺丝松动

A raisin short of two scoops but we don't do what you do (do, do) 两个勺子葡萄干短,但我们不这样做你做什么(做什么,做的)


[Verse 2: Mic Boyd] [诗2:麦克风博伊德]

Now-now-now-nowadays when I turn on the radio (yeah) 现在,现在,现在,现在,当我打开收音机(耶)

It's like they take the same old song and play it out (true) 这就像他们采取同样的老调重弹,并播放出来(真)

Might be your favorite now but hate it in a day or so 可能是你最喜欢的,但现在讨厌它在一天左右

Here today, gone tomorrow, that's how the saying goes 今天在这里,明天走了,这是多么俗话说

The oldies were timeless and classic (that's right) 老歌是永恒和经典(这是正确的)

Music now is models and actress (ah naw) 音乐,现在是模特和演员(啊瑙)

Who we pay to ogle they asses (yeah) 谁我们付出抛媚眼他们评估(耶)

Never liked metal but still prefer it to plastic 从来不喜欢金属,但还是喜欢它的塑料


[Chorus: Classified (Mic Boyd) - w/ ad libs] [合唱:分类(麦克风博伊德) - 瓦特/广告库]

My dad says they don't make music like they use to 我爸爸说,他们并不做音乐就像他们使用

(Oh no they don't, no they don't, no they don't) (哦,不不,不,他们不这样做,不这样做)

And my crew says they don't make beats like they use to 和我的工作人员说,他们不作节拍像他们使用

(Oh no they don't, no they don't, no they don't) (哦,不不,不,他们不这样做,不这样做)

You know what I-I think? It's just the music that I'm use to 你知道我的,我想?这只是我使用的音乐

(It's what I'm use to, it's what I'm use to) (这就是我使用到,这就是我使用到)

I need my headphones louder, louder, louder, louder, louder, louder, louder, louder 我需要我的耳机大声,响亮,响亮,响亮,响亮,响亮,响亮,响亮


[Verse 3: Mic Boyd] [诗歌3 :麦克风博伊德]

Drum machines with touch screens, this must be the future 鼓机与触摸屏,这一定是未来

One man band all recorded on computer 一个人的乐队都记录在计算机

Cubase, Cakewalk and Pro Tools users Cubase中,步态和Pro Tools用户

Filtered effects and overused Auto-Tuners 过滤效果和过度使用自动调谐器

(If you can't hit the note), then hit a switch (如果你不能打注) ,然后打一个开关

Artists can't get the pitch and end up [Auto-Tune voice] "singing like this" 艺术家不能得到球场,最终[自动调整声音]“唱这样的”

Sounds like robots are takin our jobs 听起来像机器人羚牛我们的工作

While these same record labels keep on payin 'em off 而这些相同的唱片公司不断婚前时间关闭


[Verse 4: Classified] [第4节:分类]

Now have you ever thought about the old records we were proud to play (yeah) 现在,你有没有想过,旧的记录,我们自豪地玩(耶)

And if you heard them for the first time nowadays? (yeah) 如果你听到了他们的第一次时下? (是啊)

Would we give the same props, same amount of praise? (nope) 我们会给予同样的道具,赞美相同数量? (没了)

I highly doubt it eh, it'd probably sound out of date (yeah) 我很怀疑它吧,它很可能听起来过时了(是啊)

Or maybe life nowadays kind of cloud our taste (yeah) 种时下又或者生活妨碍我们的口味(耶)

And hearin old tracks takes us back around the way (woo) 并倾听老歌曲把我们带回到身边方式(宇)

Yeah, still soundin great, off to outer space 是啊,还是soundin很大,关外空

Without a trace, leavin eardrums bent out of shape 无踪,要走的耳膜弯曲变形


[Chorus: w/ ad libs] [合唱:瓦特/广告库]


[Outro: (Sample from "Back in the Day" by Ahmad)] [尾奏: (样品从“早在天”艾哈迈德)

[Classified:] Yeah, the records that I play (back in the days) [分类: ]是啊,我玩(在天回)记录

[Mic Boyd:] You know the clothes that I wear (back in the days) [麦克风博伊德: ]你知道我穿的(在天回)衣服

[Classified:] Haha, hey yo people! {you should know just how I feel} [分类: ]哈哈,嘿哟的人! {你应该知道我的感受}

[Classified:] When? [分类: ]什么时候?

(Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore) [echo] (回到我小时候的日子里,我不是一个孩子了) [回应]

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