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["loonie" repeated throughout the song] [ “加元”反复在歌曲]


[Verse 1: Classified] [诗歌1 :分类]

Yeah, as I drop my coin into the slot machine 是啊,因为我把我的硬币到老虎机

My eyes double in size, you can't stop a fiend 我的眼睛两倍大,你不能阻止一个恶魔

And it doesn't make a difference if I got the means 它不会有所作为,如果我有办法

All I need to succeed is jackpot in threes 我所需要的成功是困境中的三分球

I'm feelin uneasy, lost and unrational 我感觉不安,失落与非理性

Bettin on my life, tryin to double up my capital (ha) Bettin对我的生活,试着加倍我的资本(公顷)

I'll make it back, I don't worry what the cost 我会回来的,我不担心什么费用

Tomorrow I'll be here and I'll win back what I lost 明天我会在这里,我会夺回我失去了什么

Win some, lose some, consumed every day (day) 赢了一些,失去一些,消耗的每一天(一天)

I started with my crew, now I sit alone and play (play) 我开始与我的团队,现在我独自坐着玩(游戏)

I'm crazy, I'm lonely, I feel I barely know me 我疯了,我很孤独,我觉得我几乎不知道我

I'm through with it, one more loonie, am I losin it? 我通过它,多一个加元,我会失去感到了吗?


[Verse 2: D-Sisive] [诗2: D- Sisive ]

A new record penned, another one spins 一个新的纪录执笔,另一个旋转

One mixed in as the other one ends 一混合在作为另一端

I wonderin if the one I just pressed 如果是我刚按下í迷惘

Will be gripped by the DJ's fingertips 将由DJ的指尖抓握

Slipped out of the crate, out the sleeve 溜出箱子,出套

Laid on the technique and played out my speak-ers 放在技术和发挥出我的说话, ERS

Ears glued to the show and wait 耳朵粘在表演和等待

For my song's debut and my SOCAN change 对于我的歌曲的首张专辑,我SOCAN变化

And when the song don't play, smile gets lost 而当这首歌不玩了,笑容迷失

Fingers ball up, walls get right crossed 手指球了,墙壁马上冲过

Ouch, I can't absorb the hate 哎哟,我不能吸收仇恨

I go "Psycho", killer, Norman Bates 我走了“惊魂记” ,杀手诺曼·贝茨


[Chorus: x4] [合唱: X4 ]

I gets loc'd and loonie í被locd及加元

I, I get loonie 一,我得到加元


[Verse 3: Shad K] [第3节:沙德K]

You ever read 40 classics, for your classes, for your Master's 你看过40经典,为你的类,你的师父

And while on tour rappin, crashin on a little mattress? 虽然巡演说唱, crashin一个小床垫?

It's madness but fact is I, I need to pass 这是疯狂的,但其实也是我的,我需要传递

'Cause the masses still don't got a clue who Shad is “事业的群众仍然没有一点头绪沙德是谁

No cash to afford a DJ, I'm scratch less 没有现金,得到的DJ ,我挠少

Just in class or ironically with that Class kid 只是在课堂上或讽刺与该类小孩

Out of class and back in school fast 淘汰类,并回到了学校快速

Catchin up on what's happened, after mad distractions 捉上发生了什么,疯狂的杂念后

Imagine S-K all night rappin 试想一下, S-Kα整夜说唱

And writin an essay, then next day, on the flight, no relaxin 并以创作的文章,然后第二天,上航,无松弛

And I barely get paid 我几乎没有得到报酬

All I gets late penalties, couple C's and a headache 我所得到迟到的处罚,夫妻CS和头痛


[Verse 4: DL Incognito] [第4节: DL隐身]

RFI chips and kids got Intel inside me 射频芯片和孩子们得到了英特尔在我心中

Don't bother to write things down 也懒得写下来

Tip of my full QWERTY keypad, 'Shift', 'Tab', backslash, deleted 我的QWERTY全键盘, 移,标签 ,反斜杠的提示删除

My album hit the world wide web half completed 我的专辑打万维网上半年完成

A few weeks prior to when I chose to release it 几个星期前,当我选择了将其释放

I hear it blarin out your Bluetooth stereo speakers 我听说blarin你的蓝牙立体声扬声器

The boy genius reports all necessary features 天才少年报告所有必要的功能

So I know them Blackberrys got 3G speeds kid 所以,我也认识他们了黑莓3G速度小子

And here's my thesis, we started with beepers 这是我的论文中,我们开始与寻呼机

Now I got more gadgets than a Japanese kid 现在,我得到了比日本的孩子更多小工具

Plus I frequent, sites indecent 另外,我频繁,不雅网站

If I lose my iPhone, there go all my secrets 如果我失去了我的iPhone ,有去我所有的秘密

I'm loonie 我是加元


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 5: Buck 65] [第5节:巴克65 ]

For me it's the tedium, mass media, the heavy glare 对于我来说,乏味,大众媒体,沉重的眩光

Graffiti and it's the broken glass everywhere 涂鸦,它是破碎的玻璃随处可见

Stress complex, the pressure in ex-projects 应力复杂,前项目的压力

Bad news and taboos, women as sex objects 坏消息和禁忌,女性为性对象

Nipple slips, the price of gas, twice as fast, triple flips 乳头滑倒,天然气,价格快两倍,三倍翻转

Makin crack, my achin back and crippled hips 马金裂纹,我阿钦背部和臀部残废

The bag of green, the never endin gag machine 绿色,从未endin插科打诨机包

Booze and drugs, reviews and plugs, in People magazine 酒和毒品,审查和插头,在人物杂志

Money for nothin, a payment to fight 钱没什么,付款打

The rise of advertising, Entertainment Tonight 广告的崛起,今夜娱乐

Span of limbs, Tanya Kim's, throws of passion 跨度四肢,蔡健雅金的,抛出的激情

Runnin yokes and funny jokes and shows of fashion 飞奔轭和有趣的笑话和时尚秀


[Chorus] [合唱]

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