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Choose Your Own Adventure 3



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(Choose your own adventureeeeeee!) (选择你自己的adventureeeeeee ! )


[tires screeching] [轮胎戛然]


[Intro: Classified] [简介:分类]

And now we head into the big city, Mic Boyd and white Mic with me 现在我们进入了大城市,麦克风Boyd和白色的麦克风与我

We on the 102 cruisin doin 150 我们对102 cruisin杜安150

Clownin around with the music loud, lip syncin 小丑与周围的音乐大声,唇SYNCIN

Yo, turn the music down, my phone's ringin 哟,把音乐了,我的手机在响

Hello 您好


[Verse 1: J-Bru (Classified)] [诗歌1 : J-布鲁(分类) ]

What up Class, can you make it to my show tonight? (Bru!) 怎么了类,你可以把它给我今晚的演出吗? (BRU ! )

I'd love it if you came through, maybe blessed the mic (through) 我喜欢它,如果你都挺过来了,也许祝福麦克风(通过)

But don't stress it right, 'cause the promoter's shady 但不强调它的权利, “使启动子的黑幕

He gonna have me on some "fuck you, pay me! " (oh, you mean the...) 他要去有我的一些“去你妈的,给我! ” (哦,你的意思是...... )

The last time I did a show with this dude (alright, alright, alright) 我最后一次做一个节目这个家伙(好吧,好吧,好吧)

There was twenty people there, really I don't think it's rude 有20人在那里,真的,我不认为这是不礼貌的

I'll understand though, if you got things to do 我明白不过,如果你有事情要做

(Yo, you guys want to see Bru? [yeah, yeah], alright we'll swing through) (哟,你们想看ぷ? [耶,耶] ,好吧,我们会通过摆动)

Ok, ok, well, if you're showin up then 好吧,好吧,好吧,如果你露出来了,然后

I'm a throw you on the list, Classified plus ten (alright) 我名单上的一抛你,分类加十(好吧)

So who's rollin with you? (Well both Mics and I got to pick up Bizzy) 那么,谁是罗林你? (当然这两个话筒,我得去接Bizzy )

Ah shit, tell them I say "what's up? " 啊,妈的,告诉他们,我说:“怎么了? ”

Well if you're comin dog, creep up to the back door 那么,如果你是科曼的狗,攀升至后门

If you hit the front, I think they'll make you take your hats off 如果你打的面前,我想他们会让你把你脱帽

(Alright man but yo, you got drink tickets?) (好了的人,但哟,你喝了门票? )

Yeah, I got them with me (alright, we'll see you in a minute) 是啊,我让他们和我一起(好吧,我们会看到你在一分钟内)

Peace 和平


[Break: Classified] [突破:分类]

We said our goodbyes and see you laters 我们说我们道别,看你laters

Then pulled up to Jay Bizzy's next door neighbor 然后拉到周杰伦Bizzy的隔壁邻居

Gotta out of the car, I could hear his dog barkin [dog barking] 得下了车,我能听到他的狗巴金[狗叫]

Before we even rang the doorbell to his apartment 之前,我们甚至按响了门铃,他的公寓

[doorbell rings] [门铃响起]


[beat stops] [拍站]


Shut up dog, I know who it is, shit 闭嘴的狗,我知道这是谁狗屎


[new beat starts] [新节拍开始]


[Verse 2: Jay Bizzy (Classified)] [诗2:周杰伦Bizzy (分类) ]

Yo! What up Classy, Mic and Mic? 呦!怎么了优雅,麦克风和麦克风?

Already know you brought some heaters, that's exactly why I'm hyped to write 已经知道你带来了一些取暖器,这也正是为什么我炒作写

(Check it out), pick up the pen, I ain't the type to type (检查出来) ,拿起笔,我是不是输入的类型

I throw punches and right hooks, so much you swear I like to fight 我把拳和右勾拳,这么多你发誓,我喜欢打

Don't worry about the pit, that's Cali, she's a sweetheart 不要担心坑,这是卡利,她的爱人

I like you, then it's cool but if I don't, she leavin teeth marks 我喜欢你,那么它很酷,但如果我不这样做,她要走的牙印

I like the way this beat starts, it sounds epic 我很喜欢这一掌启动的方式,听起来史诗

Just get me in the studio, you know I'm down to wreck it 只是让我在片场,你知道我到破坏它

Anyway, what's goin on tonight? Heard Bru had a show 总之,什么是布莱恩今晚?听说ぷ有一个展示

(Yeah, he's on around twelve), alright cool, let's go, let's smoke (是的,他是在大约十二) ,好吧冷静,我们走吧,让我们抽烟

Come on in, yeah don't worry, leave your shoes on 来吧,是不用担心,在离开你的鞋子

We'll have a couple drinks, we got some time before Bru's on 我们将有一对夫妇的饮料,我们得到了一些时间ぷ对前


[Break: Classified - talking (Jay Bizzy)] [beat stops halfway through] [突破:分类 - 谈(周杰伦Bizzy )] [停止跳动中途]

Yo, you feelin that? 哟,你觉得难过吗?

Yeah man, I think, I think I could fuck with this one man 是男人,我想,我想我可以他妈的这一个男人

Alright, I got a couple more beats, check this out man 好吧,我有一对夫妇更次,看看这个男人

Check this one out 检查这一个


[another new beats starts] [另一种新的节奏开始]


[Verse 3: Jay Bizzy (Classified)] [第3节:周杰伦Bizzy (分类) ]

Yeah, yeah, I'm thinkin about a new song 是啊,是啊,我在想一个新的歌曲

But I can't write or flip the beat, I'll let it move on 但我不能写或翻转的节拍,我会让它继续前进

This one for me excited, got to roll somethin fat to this 这对我来说兴奋,拿到推出事端发这个

But I ain't got a light and I don't know where my matches is 但我没有得到一盏灯,我不知道我的比赛是

My little brother always snatches it, I'm easy to adapt to this 我弟弟总是抢了,我很容易适应这种

'Cause I just light it off the stove 因为我刚点燃它关掉炉子

The back burner been there for half my life I do suppose 能拖就拖在那里等了半辈子,我想

Stay fresh like new clothes, write rhymes and do shows 保持新鲜喜欢新衣服,写儿歌和做节目

Who knows maybe this blue nose can probably win some Junos 谁知道,也许这蓝色的鼻子或许可以赢得一些的Junos

(Yeah but when the album comin out?), not anytime soon though (是的,但是当专辑马上就要来了呢? ) ,不是很快,虽然

I'm busy on the regular and everyday I'm hustlin 我很忙,就经常和日常我hustlin

No matter what the outcome is, you know that it's a must we win 无论结局是什么,你知道,这是一个我们必须赢


[Break: Jay Bizzy - talking (Classified)] [打破:周杰伦Bizzy - 谈(分类) ]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, man 是啊,是啊,是啊,人

I really like this shit (alright man) 我真的很喜欢这个狗屎(好吧人)

But we got, we got to get to the fuckin club man 但是,我们得到了,我们得去他妈的俱乐部的人

'Cause Bru's on any minute now “原因ぷ对任何一分钟,现在

(Yeah, check this shit later, just check it later) (是的,后来检查这个狗屎,以后只检查它)

Come on man, let's go (Yo Mic), just shut my door 拜托,哥们,让我们去(哟麦克风) ,只关我的门

(Mic, grab the door) (麦克风,抢门)


[beat stops] [拍站]


(Yo, jump in) (哟,跳)

(Shotgun!) (猎枪! )


[engine revs and tires peel away] [发动机转速和轮胎剥离]


[another new beat starts] [另一个新的节拍开始]


[Verse 4: Classified (DJ IV) {Martin Finch}] [第4节:分类( DJ四) {马丁·芬奇}]

Ok, right back where we left off 好了,回到原点,我们离开

Piled in the ride then it's on to the next stop 堆在骑那么它的下一站

Pull up to the club, hit the back door, sneakin in 拉起俱乐部,打后门,正在偷的

Hit the VIP, where IV's rollin weed again 再次命中贵宾,其中四的罗林杂草

(Yo, what's up?), this is it, how you feelin man? (哟,这是怎么回事? ) ,这是它,你感觉怎样的人?

(Shit I'm good, you know, wheelin and dealin man) (妈的,我很好,你知道, wheelin和戏份的人)

Well when you on? (Soon but I could be wrong) 好了,当你呢? (很快,但我可能是错的)

Alright, well I'm a get a beer, I'll see you back out there 好吧,我是一个喝啤酒,我就看到你回到那里

Now when I'm in the club, I play the wall 现在,当我在俱乐部,我打在墙上

Or I roll my marijuana in the bathroom stall 或者我摇我的大麻在浴室摊位

And honestly I never dance unless I'm intoxicated 而且老实说,我从来不跳舞,除非我很陶醉

I never contemplate it 'til my mind's inebriated 我从来没有考虑它,直到我心中的醉醺醺

That's just me, yo, is that Martin Finch? Shit it must be 这就是我,哟,是马丁·芬奇?妈的一定是

I thought that he was gone away, didn't he just leave? 我以为他是走了,难道他就这么走?

And join the Army or something, was he frontin? 参军什么的,他是龙廷?

Mr. Finch! {Class, what's up cousin? } 芬奇先生! {类,这是怎么回事表哥? }

Yo, how you doin? {What? }, I said how you doin? 哟,你怎么上来的? {什么? } ,我说你怎么上来的?

{What you went canoein? That's stupid} {你就去canoein什么?这是愚蠢的}

Man meet me outside so we can catch up for a second 男子见我之外,所以我们可以赶上一秒钟

He hit the side door, then the DJ cut the record 他打了侧门,然后DJ削减创纪录


[Break: DJ at the club - talking] [突破: DJ在俱乐部 - 谈论]

Yo, up next, we got my man Jordan Croucher doin his new song 哟,旁边,我们得到了我的男人乔丹槎上来他的新歌

Produced by the homie Classified 通过分类的亲密产


[Break 2 - Classified - talking] [突破2 - 分类 - 谈论]

Shit, I gotta hear the new song live 妈的,我得听到新歌现场

For the very first time but Martin's waitin outside 对于第一次,但外界马丁的等待着

Now, what the hell am I supposed to do? 现在,什么是地狱我该怎么办?

I'll leave it up to you, here's your choices, choose 我把它留给你,这里是你的选择,选择


[beat stops] [拍站]


[Outro: Narrator - talking] [尾奏:配音 - 谈]

If you'd like to go outside and see what's up with Martin Finch 如果你想去外面看看有什么与马丁·芬奇

Proceed to Track 17 继续追踪17

If you'd like to stay in the bar and hear the new Jordan Croucher song 如果你想留在酒吧,听到新的乔丹槎歌

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