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Things Are Looking Up



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[Intro: Classified - talking] [简介:分类 - 谈论]

Yo C, give me a little bass 哟℃,给我一点低音

(Things are looking up, things are looking up...) (事物都在进步,事物都在进步...)

Put in some bass, give me the keys 把一些低音,给我钥匙

Just give me some feel good music 只要给我一些自我感觉良好的音乐

I need something to cheer me up 我需要一些东西来逗我

Something to put a smile on my face 东西要放的笑容在我脸上


[Verse 1: Classified] [诗歌1 :分类]

Look, I'm hangin by the end of my rope 你看,我用我的绳子的一端犹豫不决

Feelin defensive and broke, with no intention to cope 感觉防守和突破,而无意以应付

When the weather is cold and the adrenaline flows 当天气寒冷,肾上腺素流动

And everything is lookin down (hey!), there's no mention of hope (ho!) ,一切都看着倒(哎! ) ,这里没有提到的希望(嗬! )

It's hard to get away, so we tend to be prone 这很难脱身,所以我们往往容易出现

And the world seems depressed, so when your in Rome, I guess 当世界变得郁闷,所以当你在罗马,我猜

I gotta keep the engine afloat 我得保持发动机漂浮

And when the water leaks in, don't abandon the boat 而当水泄漏,不抛弃船

And yes, soon the depression will fold 是的,很快就会抑郁折

It's a battle and ya gotta choose your weapon to hold (ha) 这是一个战斗啊,你必须选择你的武器,以保持(公顷)

I figured that we've learned from the lessons of old 我想,我们从旧的经验教训

It ain't over 'til we meet up at the end of the road 这还没有结束,直到我们见面在路的尽头

Yeah we destined to grow, so remember control 是的,我们注定要成长,所以记得控制

A bit of patience can work as a friend or a foe 耐心一点可以为朋友或敌人工作

I'm lettin it out, so I don't bottle it in 我释放Walking出来,所以我不肚内的

I'm puttin up, things are looking down, no not again 我puttin了,东西都往下看,无不是再


[Verse 2: Chad Hatcher] [诗2:乍得海切尔]

I've seen the sun come up today 我已经看到了今天的太阳上来

It will probably change to rain or something 这可能会改变下雨什么的

It's hard to keep a smile on my face sometimes 很难保持笑容在我的脸上,有时

I know that we can find a way 我知道,我们能找到一种方法

To forget those little things that stop us 忘记那些阻止我们的小事

And push on through the rain and the sun will shine 并推动通过雨水和阳光会照耀

'Cause hope will only get you so far 因为希望只会让你至今

Have a plan and know where your friends are 有一个计划,并知道你的朋友们

If you leave your town just to find your place 如果你离开你的城市,只是为了找到你的地方

And run from things you find you can't escape 从运行的东西,你发现你无法逃避

You can find what it is you see 你可以找到它是什么,你看

Take it day by day, take it week by week 把它一天一天,把它逐周

Just push on 'cause when things get rough 只是因为推当事情变得粗糙

No head down, things are looking up (things are looking up...) 没有低着头,事情正在好转(事物都在进步...)


[Chorus: Chad Hatcher - w/ ad libs] [合唱:乍得孵化器 - 瓦特/广告库]

I gotta hold on for one more day 我要坚持多一天

I gotta hold on for one more day 我要坚持多一天

I gotta hold on for one more day 我要坚持多一天

And I gotta push on 'cause when things get tough 我得上“的原因推当事情变得艰难

No head down, things are looking up 没有低着头,事情正在好转


[Verse 3: Classified] [第3节:分类]

Yeah, we do that feel good music 是的,我们确实感觉很好的音乐

So feel good to it, it's the fuel to get through it 所以觉得好它,它的燃料打通它

Problems Houston but we are only human 休斯顿的问题,但我们也是人

So air out and deal with the heat when it's humid (yeah) 所以空出和处理热时,它的湿润(耶)

I'm lost on a path that is mapped out (ha) 我迷路了,它映射出的路径上(公顷)

On the mat, thinkin maybe I should tap out (yeah) 在垫子上,想着也许我应该挖掘出来(耶)

But in time the anxiety will pass slow 但在时间的焦虑会通过缓慢

I use to worry but now it makes me laugh though (huh) 我用担心,但现在它让我发笑,但(呵呵)

Fuck it I'll be blunt 他妈的我就不客气

I'm sure we all thought about suicide once 我敢肯定,我们都想过自杀一次

I know I did but I never made the cut 我知道我这样做,但我从来没有晋级

I guess I never had the guts or wasn't selfish enough 我想我从来没有胆量还是不够自私

We push on every day that's just how life is 我们不断的每一天,这就是生活是多么的

Until things are looking up like gas prices 直到事情正在寻找像天然气价格

It's ironic, the irony is clever 这是具有讽刺意味的​​,具有讽刺意味的​​是聪明的

But once you hit the bottom it can only get better 但是,一旦你已经到了谷底,只能变得更好


[Verse 4: Chad Hatcher] [第4节:乍得海切尔]

I know that there will be a day 我知道,有那么一天

Or two that come as a surprise 或两个来得太突然

But things will seem way to, good to be true 但事情会显得办法,好得令人难以置信

I just know there's another way 我只知道有另一种方式

To clear a path through all that stops you 要清除路径通过所有阻止你

With nothin in the way, there's nothin to lose 没什么用的方式,有没有什么好输

I don't know what it is these days 我不知道它是什么,这些天

I seem to spend them in a daze 我好像花他们发呆

I got plans that are hard to keep 我有计划,是很难保持

And lately man, well I don't get no sleep 而最近的人,还有我不明白无眠

I can find everything I need 我能找到我需要的一切

Take it day by day, take it week by week 把它一天一天,把它逐周

Have a drink, maybe have a puff 喝一杯,也许有一个粉扑

And don't look down, things are looking up 而且不要往下看,事情正在好转


[Chorus: w/ ad libs until the end] [合唱:瓦特/广告库,直到结束]

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