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2000 B.C. (Before Canibus)



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Yo! My offense is a mixture of Mike and Muhammad  

Knock a nigga unconcious and talk shit  

In bare-knuckle boxin', speed is the object [ Canibus ]

Weavin' and dodgin' with defensive blockin' 呦!我的罪行是Mike和穆罕默德的混合物

So in the ring, you cannot win 敲了一个黑人无意识,跟狗屎

The top ten become nine dead if I ever decide to hop in 在不留情面博信“ ,速度为对象

With the one-two, one-two shot to the chin Weavin “和dodgin ”防御性blockin “

knock you out like ten shots of vodka and gin 因此,在戒指,你赢不了

The beautiful blend of power and strength 前十名成为九死,如果我决定要跳的

From the top of my head, down to where my toe cuticles end 与一,二,一,二拍至下巴

I verbally burn a nigga, 敲你喜欢伏特加和杜松子酒的10杆

Lyrically hurt a nigga, 美丽的混合动力和力量

Pull a voodoo verse on a nigga, 从我的头顶,下至在我的脚趾角质层结束

Kennedy curse a nigga, í口头烧了一个黑人,

Who can spit the words quicker than the average man? 抒情伤了一个黑人,

Who can embarrass a man? 在一个黑人拉巫毒节,

Bite you with fangs and mangle ya hands 肯尼迪诅咒了一个黑人,

On candid cam, the Canibus can 谁可以吐的话比一般人快?

The Canibus can with the stamina to damage a man 谁可以为难男人?


[Chorus] 在坦诚的凸轮,在Canibus可以

It's been a long time, 该Canibus可以与毅力,损害人

I shouldn't have left you,  

Without a strong rhyme to step to [合唱]

I told y'all (C'mon!!) I roast y'all (C'mon!!) 这是一个漫长的时间,

So come on (Hold on) Hold on!! 我不应该离开你,

It's been a long time, 如果没有一个强有力的韵步来

I shouldn't have left you, 我告诉你们(来吧! )本人烤你们(来吧! )

Without a strong rhyme to step to 所以来(别跑)举行的!

I told y'all (C'mon!!) I roast y'all (C'mon!!) 这是一个漫长的时间,

So come on (Hold on) Hold on!! 我不应该离开你,


[Canibus] 我告诉你们(来吧! )本人烤你们(来吧! )

Yo! I spit for it (lie for it!) 所以来(别跑)举行的!

Live for it (die for it!)  

Back out the nine, commit a homicide for it [ Canibus ]

If I'm handcuffed with the right to remain silent for it 呦!我吐了它(的谎言吧! )

I'ma blow trial and do the federal time for it 住它(死了! )

you mad at the last album, I apologise for it, 背出9 ,犯杀人吧

Yo, I can't call it, motherfuckin' Wyclef spoiled it, 如果我铐了保持沉默的权利

But this time for 99 I got 5 on it 我是吹审判和执行联邦的时候呢

You should double up and put a dime on it, 你气死的最后一张专辑,我为它道歉,

Matter of fact, triple your nickle and put 14.99 on it 哟,我不能把它,娘怀克里夫宠坏了,

I'ma shine on it, 但是,这一次99我有5就可以了

Watch Flex drop a bomb on it 你应该加倍,并把一毛钱就可以了,

About ten times on it 事实上,目前的三倍,镍,把14.99就可以了

Watch people call a request line for it 我是照在上面,

Cypher sounds keep pushin rewind on it 关注Flex的投弹就可以了

Look out for the album with the Canibus design on it 大约十次就可以了

12 O'Clock in the morning you'll be standin on line for it 观看的人打电话请求行吧

I'm a live poet, with a sharp ear and eye for it 暗号的声音不断上推着倒带

Coz I tear down mics and put a out of order sign on it 查找出与Canibus设计就可以了专辑


[Chorus] 我是一个活的诗人,用锋利的耳朵和眼睛为它



Yo, I rip shit with the ballistic characteristics [合唱]

Of a hollow tip at point blank distance  

I flip shit when I spit shit [ Canibus ]

Father forgive Bis, 哟,我撕狗屎的弹道特性

I just snatched the Jesus piece off some Christians 空心尖点处的空白距离

Coz they sounded like idiots 我不停地翻转狗屎当我吐狗屎

They went from silver to gold to platinum 父亲原谅双,

After the millenium they'll probably be wearin' Iridium 我只是抢走了耶稣片脱落一些基督徒

They so gassed, if a bitch sucked they dick they'd probably cum helium 怎么把他们听起来像白痴

Y'all niggaz can't be serious, I was nice before ice 他们从银到金与铂

Before Christ, before the words let there be light 千年之后,他们很可能会穿着45 铱

And a light took over the night 他们如此毒气,如果母狗吸他们家伙,他们可能会暨氦气

I was born with a mic 兄弟们你们都不能认真,我是冰之前漂亮

Lord of the mic before all plant and animal life 基督之前,也就是说之前要有光

Took this rap shit to new heights 和光接手夜

Before the Wright brothers took flight 我出生在一个麦克风

Before dog fightin' and aerial strikes 之前麦克的主所有的植物和动物的生命

Before MC's picked up pens and started to write 带着这首rap到新的高度

Before promotional marketin' and ?posterlights? 在莱特兄弟飞行了

The Can-I-Bus'll bust up mics 狗的争斗“和空中打击之前,

Punch out lights 之前,三菱商事的拿起笔,开始写

Punch out your motherfuckin eyesight 促销marketin “和? posterlights呢?

For the title bought fight 在CAN -I Busll破灭了话筒

Ask Top Phife, I snatch the track for half price 冲出来的灯光

The Canibus is too nice 切出你娘的视力

Gimme that mic! 为标题买来打

  问问首页Phife ,我抢夺轨道半价

[Chorus] 该Canibus是太漂亮

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