歌词 "The C-Quel" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

The C-Quel



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Overlapped lines from songs in the past] [从歌曲重叠的线,在过去]

[OVERLAP 1] [重叠1 ]

"I'll battle you on the net, I'll battle you in the flesh “我会战斗,你上了网,我要战斗,你的肉体

I'll battle you over the phone you can call me collect" 我将战斗你电话,你可以打电话给我收“


"Verbally viscious, telekenetically gifted, “口头viscious , telekenetically优,

Took a minute to exhibit that I'm sick with it" 花了一分钟,以表现出我是生病了吧“


"Have you any idea what I'll do to crews like you “你知不知道我会做给队员喜欢你

How many niggaz in my career I've ran through" 有多少兄弟们在我的生涯中,我已经跑过“


"At 1000 degrees celsius I make Emcees melt, “在1000摄氏度左右我做司仪融化,

Fuck my record label I appear courtesy of myself" 他妈的我的唱片我的出现提供了自己“


"Canibus is the type to fight for mics, “ Canibus是为话筒打的类型,

beatin' niggaz to death and beatin' dead niggaz to life" beatin 的兄弟们死和beatin 死的兄弟们的生命“


"While you niggaz is babblin' my lyrics is travelin' “当你的兄弟们是babblin ”我的歌词是路途。 “

like a javelin to stab you in the abdomen" 像标枪刺中你的腹部“


"The intellectual athelete accurately rappin' so rapidly, “智能藓症,准确地说唱如此迅速,

Yet he makes perfect sense mathematically" 然而,他是非常合情合理的数学“


"I walk the B-Lock withe the G-Lock, C-ocked, “我走在B锁枝条的G锁, C- ocked ,

trynna' get the DR-op on the C-ops" trynna “获得在C -OPS的DR- OP”


"The Canibus is a animal with a mechanical mandible “该Canibus是用机械下颌à动物

comin' to damage you spittin' understandable slang at you" 科曼破坏你吐口水理解俚语你“


"Rhymes richocet off the inner walls of my lungs “韵richocet了我的肺内壁

and go past the tongue faster than bullets come out of guns 走过去舌头的速度比子弹出来的枪


"Whenever the head is severed from the human body “每当磁头从人体切断

with a sharp enough weapon the brain remains conscious for 10 seconds" 用锋利的武器,足以大脑保持清醒,持续10秒“


"What's the matter with ya'll, I'll spatter ya'll, “出了什么事与你们大家,我会飞溅你们大家,

against the muthafuckin' wall with these raw lyrics I catapault 反对的muthafuckin 墙上这些原始歌词我catapault


"I'll hop into the back seat of a cab and rhyme, “我跳上一辆出租车,韵达的后座,

Till the meter says 9, 9, 9, 9!!!" 直到米说9,9 , 9,9 ! “


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Yea, it's the C-Quel, the C-Quel, Yo! 是的,它是C-克尔,在C-克尔,呦!

I'm hardcore from the nappy follicles in my pores 我从我的毛孔尿布毛囊铁杆

To every single pore in my skull 在我的头骨的每一个毛孔

Hard from my mouth to my jaws 从我的嘴里我牙床硬

>From my jaws to my torso where my organs are stored >从我的下颚到我的身躯在我的器官保存

And from my balls in my draws to the floor 从我的球在我的画在地板上

I pray to God they hurry up and start the third World War 我祈祷上帝,他们赶快开始第三次世界大战

So I can start World War 4 and murder us all 这样我就可以开始大战4和谋杀我们所有人

I don't give a fuck if you rich or you poor 我不,如果你富有或穷,你给他妈的

Don't give a fuck if you got ya' picture in the Source of Forbes 不要给他妈的如果你有雅在福布斯的来源“画面

I don't give a fuck who won an award 我不给他妈的谁获了奖

On stage tryna' thank God I'll chop ya' tongue off wit' a sword 在舞台上tryna “感谢上帝,我会砍雅的舌头机智剑

Let they blood pour all on the floor 让他们的血都倒在地上

If it ain't a cordless, you gettin' punched in the jaw and hung wit' the cord 如果它不是无线的,你刚开了拳打在下巴挂智慧软线

I'll leave ya' corpse stiff as a board 我会离开你们的尸体僵直如板

Like frozen meat tryna' thaw then bury you under the morge 如冻肉tryna 解冻,然后埋葬你的morge下

Gettin' in my way is like jumpin' in front of a car 刚开了我的路就像是冒险在车前

Breakin' the sound barrier, that means the car is in front of the horn 唱到“音障,​​这意味着该车是在喇叭前

By the time you hear it blowin', it's too late to respond 当你听到它吹响的时候,已经太晚了回应

By the time you feel it hit chu, I'm gone 当你觉得它击中柱的时候,我走了

I'll send ya' to hell where you belong 我会派雅“来属于你的地狱

So by the time ya' body hits the floor 所以的时候雅的身体撞击地板

Ya' spirit won't be in it no more 雅的精神将不会在它没有更多

Who could flow for 4 minutes or more 谁能够流4分钟以上

Without breaks, without mistakes, without flaws 没有休息,没有失误,没有缺陷

I got millions of styles and I mastered'em all 我得到了数以百万计的风格,我masteredem所有

A metaphor matador fast enough to make the bullcharge and crash in the wall 喻斗牛士足够快,使在墙上的bullcharge和崩溃


[OVERLAP 2] [重叠2 ]

"Whoever grabs the mic after me'll get booed “谁抓住麦克风mell得到嘘声后,

Get everything in the club thrown at you and ya' crew" 把一切抛在你和雅“船员”俱乐部


"I'm the illest nigga alive, watch me prove it, “我是illest黑鬼活着,看我证明这一点,

I'll snatch ya' crown with ya' head still attached to it" 我会抢夺雅“冠雅”HEAD仍连接在其“


"I battle you the respect, I'll battle you over a blank check “我战你的尊重,我会战斗过你一张空白支票

I'll battle you with a gun to my neck" 我将战斗你用枪指着我的脖子“


"Ambushin' emcees, jumpin' out the trees like Vietnamese “ Ambushin ”司仪,冒险出像越南的树

in fatigues covered with leaves" 在铺满树叶迷彩服“


"Next year, you'll be walkin' around the "How Can I Be Down" “明年,你会四处游荡的”我怎样才能下来“

conference with a laminate, that said "I Got Shitted-On By Canibus"" 会议用层压板,上面写着“我被Shitted ,由Canibus ” “


"Turn ya' head round gimmie the cheddar, “把雅”HEAD轮gimmie的切达,

I'd rather be a lion for a day than a lamb who lives forever" 我宁愿是一只狮子一天不是羔羊谁住到永远“


"Fuck ya'll, you don't impress me and no one can test me, “操你们大家,你不打动我,没人能考验我,

an emcee so ill I got AIDS scared to catch me" 司仪所以病了我得了艾滋病害怕抓我“


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Canibus is what the hardcore niggas is waitin' on Canibus是铁杆黑鬼是在等待着

Debatin' on what the fuck is takin' so long “什么他妈的是羚牛 Debatin这么久

Well I'm here now, verbal ass whippins bout to get shared out 嗯,我现在就在这里,语言的屁股whippins回合得到共享出来

Wack niggas bout to get aired out 怪人黑鬼回合获得了播出

Faggit niggas get they ass teared out Faggit黑鬼得到他们的屁股满含泪水出来

Grab a wise man by his goatee and rip his fuckin' beard out 抓住一个聪明的人通过他的山羊胡子和撕裂他该死的胡子

Cold beat a niggas ass like Stout 冷击败黑鬼屁股像烈性黑啤酒

Then bust a shot in the muthafuckin' courtroom and watch it clear out 然后,胸围在的muthafuckin 法庭出手,看着它清除掉

A hundred thousand mile warranty 成百成千英里的保修

Metaphorically, I'll use a hundred thousand styles and murder you orally 打个比方,我将使用一个十万的风格和口服杀了你

I took a lion on tour wit' me, made him respect authority 我把一只狮子在巡演的智慧我,让他尊重权威

Smacked him in the head for trynna' roar at me 拍了拍他的头trynna 吼我

Lyrics got my undivided loyalty 歌词有我一心一意的忠诚度

And there ain't nothin' on this God damn planet that's worth more to me 并没有在这个该死的星球上是值得更多的对我没什么

In the name of Hip-Hop niggas could corner me 在嘻哈黑鬼的名字可以要挟到我

Torture me, slice me then stitch me up like embroidery 折磨我,切我,然后缝合了我喜欢刺绣

Way back before gold-plated male and female 遥想镀金男,女前

RCA jacks was used for crystal clear playback RCA插孔用于晶莹剔透播放

I was trynna' blaze ADATS, and if a nigga said my demo was wack? 我trynna “杀出阿达茨,如果一个黑人说我的演示是怪人?

I'd beat his ass and took my tape back 我会打他的屁股,把我带回来

"Yea nigga" [smack] "What? Yeah nigga take that" “是啊黑鬼” [咂] “什么?是啊黑鬼采取”

Anybody get outta' line, get they face slapped 任何人都拿到失控“行,得到他们一记耳光

Quick fast, the Can-I-Bus'll buss yo' ass 快速快,罐-I Busll巴斯哟屁股

Then I'll bust you wit' a shotgun blast 然后,我将胸围你的智慧“猎枪爆炸

It's not fun so I don't laugh 这不好玩,所以我不笑

To me this rap shit is as serious as, the death of a loved one 对我来说,这首rap是严重的,对心爱的人死亡

You know how you be feelin' sad 你知道你是怎么感觉伤心

That's how I feel when I grab the microphone but niggas don't understand 这就是我的感觉,当我抢麦克风,但黑鬼不明白

Canibus is unequivocably the illest killin' machine in the industry Canibus是unequivocably的illest杀人机器在同行业中

For the 20th century 对于20世纪

Trapped in a max security building 被困在最大安全建设

Sufferin' from a severe illness called brillance [echoes] 从严重的疾病称为华晨在痛苦[回音]

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