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[Ras Kass] [拉斯卡斯]

The beginning of the end niggas! 年底黑鬼的开始!


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Yeah, we gon' rock this shit forever, the alpha and the omega 是的,我们会去摇滚这个狗屎永远的阿尔法和欧米茄

The Canibus'll make your eyes redder 该Canibusll让你的眼睛更红

FUCK ya'll niggas talkin bout cheddar 他妈的你们大家黑鬼说话回合切达


[Ras Kass] [拉斯卡斯]

Brought to you by your millennium group The Horsemen 您千年组骑士赞助商


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Four swordsmen (From the land of the lost) 四剑客(从失落之地)

Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Kurupt wit Can-i-bus RAS卡斯, Killah的牧师和Kurupt机智灿I总线

Throw your 4's up or get your vocal cords cut 扔你4的向上或让你的声带切断



[Both] Wavin the four-four! [全部]威文的四四!


[Kurupt] [ Kurupt ]

I'm headless nigga, but I packs a big piece 我是无头的黑人,但我包一大片

Blastin, they let assassins loose on the street BLASTIN ,他们让刺客松在大街上

Murderous notes I wrote, I lacerate throats 杀气笔记我写的,我划破喉咙

I toss fire at niggas 我折腾火灾黑鬼

Mothafuck a six, the condos is supposed to be flip bricks Mothafuck六,该公寓被认为是翻转砖

All thirty-nine of your bitches, pretty-ass bitch nigga 所有39你的母狗,漂亮屁股婊子黑鬼

I'll throw some fucked up kicks on 我会在抛出一些性交踢

Next is a small tank top, the spot, shot it up 接下来是小背心,当场枪杀起来

Beat you in your face wit a rope knotted up 打你在你的脸上机智绳子打结了

Cuz we don't give a fuck, the Headless Horseman Kurupt cuz我们不给他妈的,无头骑士Kurupt

See I'm off the wall nigga, Horsementality 见我从墙上黑鬼, Horsementality

A Horseman nigga and that's all I'll be 一个骑马的黑鬼,这一切我会

See I'm tired of this Barkley shit 见我已经厌倦了这种巴克利狗屎

Niggas talkin shit, I wanna see the streets dark again 黑鬼说话,妈的,我想黑暗再次看到街头

Let the heaters spark again 让加热器再次引发

Police callin all cars off then 警方在呼唤所有的汽车,然后关闭

Powerful as a mothafuckin Vulcan 强大的该死的火神

My specialty is poetically lyrically energetically ultramagnetically 我的专业是诗意抒情大力ultramagnetically

Dogg Pound pedigree 狗狗庞德血统

Fuck the shiny shit, fuck a bitch, only grimy shit 他妈的狗屁光泽,他妈的婊子,只有肮脏的狗屎

Dirty shit, holocaust thirty-thirty shit 肮脏的狗屎,大屠杀30 - 30狗屎

Missle click, assassin Sicilian 点击飞弹,西西里刺客

Kill women and kill men, and kidnap children 杀害妇女和杀人,绑架儿童

For vengance in the name of the Horsemen 对于vengance在骑士的名字

Slice your Achilles tendon, the Headless Horseman 切到跟腱,无头骑士

And we abide by the code of the streets 我们恪守的街道代码

The makings of a real MC nigga 一个真正的MC黑人的素质

(C...C...C...C) yeah bitch! (C ... C ... C ... C )是啊婊子!


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

So just abide by what you ride by 所以刚才你搭什么遵守

Cuz we abide by what we ride by cuz我们通过我们搭了遵守

Just abide by what you ride by 只是,你搭什么遵守

Cuz we abide by what we ride by cuz我们通过我们搭了遵守


[Killah Priest] [ Killah的牧师]

Mothafucker, it's started, four apocalypic prophets Mothafucker ,它的开始,四apocalypic先知

Appearin outta floatin objects 呈现开放失控莲花灯对象

Wearin mid-western garments 穿着45号球衣中西部服装

Long trenchcoats wit our hands in our pockets 长风衣机智手在我们的口袋里

Slappin all you scary-ass rap artists half retarded Slappin你吓人屁股说唱艺人一半智障

Swear by our fore fathers 发誓我们脱颖而出的父亲

Anything you speak, think, or show will be disregarded 什么,你说,想想还是演出将被忽略

Then I drag your frightened ass through the darkness 然后,我在黑暗中拖动你害怕的屁股

Bring you out the other side as a carcus 给您带来了另一侧的carcus

I'm heartless, regardless if you claim to be gods or goddess 我很无情,不管你自称是神或女神

To me, ya'll all garbage 对我来说,你们大家都垃圾

I see all of ya'll as movin targets 我看到你们大家都为居无定所的目标

And my lyrics be the atomic rocket 和我的歌词是原子火箭

Cosmic vomic spittin, hittin at ya Vietnam vets 宇宙vomic吐口水,是地球在雅越南老兵

Wit military arms and bombs strapped to our chest 机智的军事武器和炸弹绑在胸口

Castin meteor storms and comets CASTIN流星风暴和彗星

Now who wanna make the next rise comet 现在谁想要做下一个崛起的彗星

And be the first one left unconcious 并成为第一个离开无意识

After I squeeze your head like the Charmin 之后,我挤你的脑袋像Charmin牌

Fuck around and see a lightning bolt around your throat 他妈的四周,看看在你的喉咙闪电

And squeeze till your head smoke from all the electric volts 挤,直到所有的电伏头的烟

Satanically sacrifice your ass like in a colt Satanically牺牲你的屁股就像是小马

Have your seance inside of a dark synogogue 让你的降神暗synogogue内

We was lyrically sent to ya'll 我们是抒情送到你们大家

Like deminigod to put a end to ya'll 像deminigod把一个结束你们大家

Spit bites like dogs and get the scent of ya'll 吐咬狗一样,让你们大家的香味

Horsemen, we be scorchin when we be walkin 骑士,我们可以当我们要走着劲爆

Wit the power to put a graveyard inside a coffin 机智的权力,把墓地棺材里


[Ras Kass] [拉斯卡斯]

Let's serve it out like the breeze 让我们为它就像微风

Now watch me do one-armed handstands 现在看我做的一个武装倒立

And hang these N-U-T's over seven continents and seven seas 并挂这些螺母的过七大洲及七大洋

Streets is Lebonese 街道是Lebonese

Be rockin Bogari wrist watches and sniper marines 是摇滚Bogari腕表及海军陆战队狙击手

Most of these MC's can't even rap 大多数这些三菱商事甚至不能说唱

Just modeling, go gold and get big-headed like they swallowin colleges 只是造型,走的黄金,并得到大头像他们swallowin学院

I spit empty gravesites, rap stars fill em out 我吐空墓地,说唱明星填写时间了

You what? Thirty, forty years old and still wack as fuck 你说什么?三,四十岁,仍然怪人作为他妈的

Me? I'm ain't even in my prime 我?我竟然没有在我的首要

When I write my dopest rhyme, western civilization declines 当我写我dopest韵,西方文明跌幅

Catch me hoppin off the A train in a New York state of mind 抓住我霍脱火车在纽约州的心态

But I rep westside, so I keep L.A. time 但是,我代表西边,所以我一直在洛杉矶时间

That's a three-hour difference 这是一个三个小时的时差

So when my bitch is a six, she really a nine 所以,当我的母狗是六,她真的九

In seven days, she'd still be a dime 七天,她仍然是一角钱

Call me Blaze Skywalker hittin jugular veins 叫我布拉天行者地球上颈静脉

Crack open your skull wit a paperate and suck out your brains 裂开的头颅机智​​paperate和吸出你的大脑

Kiddo, I be doin my thug-thizzo for shizzo Kiddo ,我将会做我的暴徒, thizzo的shizzo

And the wife of a careless man is almost a widow 和一个不小心的男人,妻子几乎是一个寡妇

So what's happening, from P.I. to '99 Madden 所以,这是怎么回事,从P.I.到99劲爆

Since police be jackin blacks, I talk to pigs in Pig Latin 由于警察是辉影的黑人,我跟猪拉丁猪

Uckfe uye ichbe echbe a igginebe and free Keith Murray Uckfe uye ichbe echbe à igginebe和免费基思·默里

[Translation:] Fuck you bitch ass niggas [翻译]你他妈的婊子屁股黑鬼


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Yo yo yo yo 呦呦呦呦

I kick a verse at six-hundred and sixty-six meghertz 我踢的诗句,在六百66 meghertz

Make lightning flash across the sky everytime I curse 让闪电划过天空,每次我骂人

Six-hundred and sixty-six flashes 六百66闪烁

Give out six-hundred and sixty-six lashes 发出六百和66睫毛

To the backs of six-hundred and sixty-six Master of Ceremony has-beens 为了仪式的六百和66法师背上了过气政客

Put a crown of thorns on whoever the king of rap is 把荆棘的冠冕戴在谁说唱之王,

If he's a (Catholic) I nail him to a crucifix 如果他是一个(天主教)本人钉他十字架

Then I beat him till he's blackish-blueish 然后,我打他,直到他的黑色,青色

Then perform acupuncture wit six-hundred and sixty-six toothpicks 然后进行针灸机智六百和66牙签

Beat em wit two whips wit pieces of broken glass glued to it 打斗机智2鞭子机智片碎玻璃粘在它

Your whole crew gets bayed and nuetered 你的全体船员被联体和nuetered

As i aim and shoot it, you get sprayed with bullets 我瞄准射击它,你就会得到喷子弹

Your armored cars and your kevlar vests is useless 你的装甲车和你的凯夫拉背心是没用的

I'ma fuck all of you pussies like group sex 我是他妈的喜欢群体性大家的pussies

You get six-hundred and sixty-six years imprisonment 你得到六百六十六年徒刑

For bitin off another niggas' shit you bitch 对于bitin了另一个黑鬼狗屎你婊子

You got caught, now you on the other side of the law 你被抓住了,现在你对法律的另一边

Snitchin on mad niggas in a soundproof court 在一个隔音法院Snitchin上疯狂黑鬼

To get some of your sentence knocked off, na nigga you wildin 为了得到你的一些句子弄掉, NA兄弟你wildin

Cuz you still be in Riker's Island gettin forced to toss salads 因为你仍然在Riker的岛开始报被迫折腾沙拉

You scared of that, wit a phobia fear of that 你害怕的是,机智恐惧症恐惧的

I'ma tape it on a digital video DAT and send a copy to Miramax 我是磁带它在数字视频DAT和抄报米拉麦克斯

Leave you exposed, turn on the fiction and fact so everybody you know 离开你暴露出来,打开虚构和事实让大家都知道

You a sucker-ass nigga, father-fuckin ass nigga 你个傻逼,蠢货,父亲他妈的蠢货

That got fucked in the ass by a father figure 这引起了一个父亲的身影性交的屁股

(Battle who?) I'll bruise and bash you, blast you (战谁? )我会挫伤和bash你,你爆

Autograph you wit a bullet wound for a tattoo 签名你的智慧枪伤的纹身

Delivering mind blowin rhymes and poems 把心头飘荡童谣和诗歌

Controllin my tongue when I'm flowin like pilot controlled Boeings Controllin我的舌头时,我喜欢此处流动控制试点波音

When I get bitten, I bite back 当我咬我咬回来

Quicker than Tyson attacks, I don't give a FUCK if I don't get my license back 比快泰森的攻击,我不给他妈的,如果我没有得到我的许可背

So, take caution 因此,采取谨慎

The Four Horsemen'll chop your head off wit a sword then 四Horsemenll砍你的头机智剑则

Gallop northward 向北疾驰

MC's take caution 三菱商事的一定要小心

The Four Horsemen'll chop your head off wit a sword then 四Horsemenll砍你的头机智剑则

Gallop northward mothafuckers 疾驰向北mothafuckers


Yeah, so just abide by what your ride by 是啊,所以就由您乘坐遵守什么

Cuz we abide by what we ride by cuz我们通过我们搭了遵守

Just abide by what your ride by 只是你乘坐遵守什么

Cuz we abide by what we ride by, HA! cuz我们通过我们乘坐恪守,哈!


[All] [全部]

Wavin the four-four! All you heard was "Priest, don't hit me no more" 威文的四四!所有你听到的是“牧师,不要打我了”

Wavin the four-four! All you heard was "Bis, don't hit me no more" 威文的四四!所有你听到的是“二,不要打我了”

Wavin the four-four! All you heard was "Ras, don't hit me no more" 威文的四四!所有你听到的是“ RAS,不要打我了”

Wavin the four-four! Aiyyo Kurupt, hit them niggas wit the hardcore 威文的四四! Aiyyo Kurupt ,打他们黑鬼机智的铁杆


[Kurupt] [ Kurupt ]

Yeah nigga, I'm headless without thoughts 是啊兄弟们,我是无头无想法

Wit my mothafuckin arms crossed 机智我该死的双臂交叉

I transform from a Dogg to a Horse í变换从狗狗到马

Took over the whole race course 接管了整场比赛过程

Throw the jockey off the saddle, now who the fuck really wanna battle? 扔骑师落鞍,现在谁他妈的真的想战斗?

[Fading] [衰落]

Got me a pistol, launch it off like a missle 得到了我一把手枪,发射它关闭像飞弹

Let it whistle, they fall fuckin 'round wit the Dogg 让它吹口哨,它们属于他妈的一轮机智的狗狗

I'm a hog 我是猪

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