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Doomsday News



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Yo, yo.. 哟,哟..

If I had half as many bars in gold 如果我有黄金一半多条

as I had in lyrics when I flowed 因为我在歌词的时候我流

I'd be the richest man on the globe 我会成为最富有的人在地球上

Niggaz wanna know is Canibus gold? 兄弟们想知道的是Canibus黄金?

That's a stupid-ass question motherfucker, is Canada cold? 这是一个愚蠢的屁股问题娘,是加拿大冷吗?

Bout a thousand degrees lower than liquid nitro is 布特千度比液态硝基较低的

Five thousand degrees hotter than flame throwers 五千度比火焰喷射器热

I reflect light, bounce off walls and wreck mics 我反思轻,反弹的墙壁和沉船话筒

Disconnect your windpipe by cuttin your neck with a knife 用刀子cuttin你的脖子断开的气管

Rip through, everything from tissues to blood vessels 瑞普通,一切从组织血管

My ninjitsu, kill you with the art of Tenchu 我ninjitsu ,杀了你天诛的艺术

I zig zag, zig crushin a kid í锯齿形,锯齿crushin一个孩子

With G-forces violent enough to crush your ribs 随着G力不够暴力粉碎你的肋骨

like pilots that fly Russian MIG 像飞行员飞往俄罗斯的米格

Comin to punish you pigs 今儿给你惩罚的猪

Give a fuck who you is; nigga, Canibus in ya biz 给他妈的你是谁;兄弟们, Canibus雅BIZ

From the lowest point in the planet to Mt. Everest 从地球到山的最低点珠峰

I kick the illest shit, spray-paintin my name across the pyramids 我踢了illest狗屎,整个金字塔喷雾paintin我的名字

The rap terrorist, Professor Emeritus 说唱恐怖,名誉教授

Fuck forbidden fruit I was eating pussy in Genesis 他妈的禁果我吃的猫在创世记


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]


What you got niggaz that's ready to brawl? 你有什么兄弟们已经准备好斗殴?

I'll give you the phone card and the celly to make a call 我给你的手机卡和小区j拨打电话

What the fuck y'all bitch niggaz actin like y'all tuff for? 什么他妈的你们都母狗肌动蛋白的兄弟们你们都喜欢凝灰岩?

We'll stuff y'all, uppercut y'all, confront y'all 我们将你们的东西,你们都上勾,面对你们

On stage we break arms, legs, backs and jaws 在舞台上,我们打破胳膊,腿,后背和下巴

Enough damage to cancel your tour (Fuck y'all!) 足够的伤害取消巡演(他妈的你们! )


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Now I said it once and I'll say it a thousand times 现在我说,这一次,我会说,这一千次

I got thousands of rhymes, the rechargeable alkaline kind 我得到了成千上万的押韵,可充电碱性类

You wanna a piece of mind? Fine, we can take it outside 你想一块疯了吗?好的,我们可以把它外面

Otherwise you're wastin your time, cause I'ma shine 否则,你在浪费你的时间,因为我是大放异彩

for the one-triple-9, niggaz gamblin damage they eyes 对于一个三9 ,兄弟们布林损害他们的眼睛

Goin blind, tryin to keep up with these lyrical lines 布莱恩盲目,试着跟上这些抒情线

The type of nigga you can't flow behind without a dope rhyme 黑人的类型,你不能流动的背后没有一个涂料韵

You fuck around and get clotheslined til you nosedive 你他妈的左右,并获得clotheslined直到你暴挫

We can rhyme fair and square or fair in the sphere 我们可以押韵正大光明的或公平的领域

Anyplace, anywhere, you niggaz don't have a prayer 任何地方,任何地方,你的兄弟们没有一个祷告

Cause doomsday is near, faggot niggaz is scared 因为世界末日近了,柴草兄弟们是害怕

They stand and stare as I appear upon a cushion of air 他们冷眼旁观,因为我出现在气垫

With a long white beard flamin, hot enough to sunburn Satan 用长长的白胡子弗莱明,热得足以晒伤撒旦

Hotter than white people takin vacation 较白的人羚牛的假期更热

out in Jamaica out in the sun bathin; 在牙买加在阳光bathin ;

sun bakin in gamma ray radiation 伽玛射线的太阳马琴

til they skin color look cajun 直到他们的肤色看起来印第安

Motherfuckers start agin to the point 怎么就开始阿恩的地步

where they faces shrivel up like raisins 在那里他们面临枯萎像葡萄干

and they become cancer patients 和他们成为癌症患者


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Canibus] [ Canibus ]

Yo, yo, yo.. I manipulate the metaphysical 哟,哟,哟..我操纵的形而上学

power to hold my breath for half an hour 电源屏住呼吸半小时

Continuously breathin outward; you ain't an MC you a coward 持续的呼吸向外;你是不是一个MC ,你是个懦夫

I make wack rappers lose control of they bladders 我做怪人说唱歌手失去控制,他们水囊

and piss in they trousers 小便在他们西裤

Pink pussy possum niggaz play dead 粉红色的猫负鼠兄弟们玩死

While my heat waves hit, and verbal x-rays evaporate shit 虽然我的热浪袭击,并口头X射线蒸发狗屎

Water molecules get transformed to vapors 水分子得到转化为蒸汽

My lyrics turn the Pacific into a dry lakebed 我的歌词把太平洋变成干湖床

Electromagnetic cassettes melt tape decks 电磁录音带融化磁带机

Niggaz battle in space; tryin to hold it down 兄弟们战斗空间;试着按住不放

but they can't cause they weightless 但也不能因为他们没有重量

Amateur swordsmen gets stabbed through they face mask 业余剑士被刺伤通过他们面临面膜

trying to escape death 试图逃脱死亡

A world where the whole globe will contract Ebola 当今世界,整个地球将合同埃博拉病毒

from drinkin spring water darker than Coca-Cola 从边喝边泉水深于可口可乐

Human with AIDS, computers with Y2K 人类与艾滋病, 2000年数位​​电脑

I rock rhymes counter-clockwise until doomsday 我摇滚儿歌逆时针方向,直到世界末日


Fuck y'all, fuck y'all, fuck y'all 你们都他妈的,他妈的你们说你们都他妈的

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