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You Must Love Me



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[Kelly Price (Jay-Z)] [凯利价格( Jay-Z的) ]

Talking: Throughout my life (uh huh uh huh uh) 谈:在我的一生(呃,嗯,嗯)

no matter what I've done.(Right) 无论我做了什么。 (右)

You've been merciful and your love endureth (yeah) 你已经怜悯,你的爱永远长存(耶)

through all things (ye yeah) For that 通过所有的东西(你们是)对于

I am eternally grateful. 我感激不尽。


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Since my date of birth 由于我的出生日期

bought you nothing but hurt 给你买了什么,但伤

play those video games 那些玩视频游戏

stole change from ya purse 从雅钱包偷走了变化

Sat on the cold court bench 坐在冰冷的板凳法院

'til I was arraigned in ya skirt 直到我被提审雅裙

Saw the pain in ya face 看到你的脸痛苦

through you maintained a smirk 通过你保持着傻笑

All you did was motivate me 所有你所做的就是激励我

don't let 'em hold you back 不要让时间拖你后腿

What I do I turned around 我做什么我转身

and I sold you crack 我卖给你破解

I was a bastard for that 我是一个混蛋该

still I'm drowning in shame 我依然淹没在耻辱

Just remember one thing now 只要记住一件事,现在

you're not to blame 你不怪

You was newly seperated 您是新分隔

tryin' to escape ya world 试着逃跑雅的世界

and through my thirst 并通过我渴

I didn't help you 我没帮你

I just made things worse 我只是把事情弄得更糟

I hated me and everybody 我讨厌我,每个人都

that created crack 创建裂纹

Had me thinkin' 有我在想

the newest kicks and the latest gat 最新踢和最新的水道

Still haven't apologized 还没有道歉

so please play this back 所以请玩这个回

while I try to come to terms 当我试图达成协议

with such a heinous act 这样的罪恶行径

you know in more than one way 你知道在一个以上的方式

cocaine numbs the brain 可卡因麻木的大脑

All I did was think about 我所做的只是想

how the funds once came 如何将资金一经问世

then I ran across this memory 然后我跑过这个内存

and it stung the brain 它刺痛的大脑

How can you ever destroy the beauty 你怎么都不能破坏美感

from which one came 从中来

That's a savage you're the reason 这是一个野蛮的你的原因

why me and these beats make a marriage 为什么我和这些节奏使婚姻

why I rhyme above average and 为什么我韵高于平均水平,

I ain't shit 我是不是拉屎

Glad you got yourself together 很高兴你得到了自己在一起

no thanks to me 不用了,谢谢给我

Strong and beautiful the way thangs should be 强大和美丽的thangs的方式应该是

You must love me 你必须爱我


[Chorus (K. Price) (You must love me repeats in background)] [合唱团( K.价格) (你必须爱我在后台反复) ]

Say that you love me 说你爱我

All I know say that you must love me. 我所知道的说你必须爱我。

Ohh yeah 哦耶


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

We used to fight every night 我们用打每晚

but I never would suffer 但我永远不会吃亏

just smile my big brother's 只是微笑我大哥的

tryna make me tougher tryna让我更强硬

As we grew fussing and fighting continued 当我们长大大惊小怪的,战斗仍在继续

as I plundered through ya stuff 我通过雅的东西搜刮

and snuck ya clothes to school 并偷偷雅衣服去上学

Got intense real intense 有强烈的现实激烈

as we got older 当我们老了

Never believed it would lead 从来不相信这会导致

to be popped in one in ya shoulda 要早该杀出一雅

Where my rings? Knew you had it 在我的戒指?不知道你有这

'cause you took too long 因为你的时间太长

as Mickey, Andy, and the girl that bought it looked on 如米奇,安迪,并买了下来看着女孩

Huffin' and puffin' gun in my hand Huffin 和海雀“在我手中的枪

told you step outside 告诉你一步之外

Hoping you said no but you hurt my pride 希望你说没有,但你伤害了我的骄傲

made our way down the steps 使我们的方式下台阶

maybe you thought it was just a threat 也许你认为这只是一种威胁

or maybe ya life was just that crazy 也许雅生活只是疯狂

and you was beggin' for death 你在开始死亡

try to justify this in my young mind 尝试在我幼小的心灵证明这一

but ya drillin' it 但雅drillin 呢

and my ego hurt combined 和我的自我伤害组合

drove me berzerk 把我berzerk

Saw the devil in your eyes 看到你眼中的魔鬼

high off more than weed 高折以上的杂草

confused I just closed 困惑我只是关闭

my young eyes and squeezed 我年轻的眼睛,挤

What a sound 什么声音

opened my eyes just in time 睁开眼睛一看正是时候

to see ya stumbling to the ground 看到雅绊在地上

Damn what the fuck I done now 妈的什么他妈的我现在做

runnin' around in a circle 天边了一圈

thinking I'm assed out 想着我称职了

hot gun burnin' my waist 热枪燃尽的我的腰

ran straight to Jazz' house 直接跑到爵士的房子

Like a stranger damn I just shot my nigga 像一个陌生人哎呀我只拍我的兄弟们

and ran off into the night as if it was not my nigga 跑了到深夜,就好像它是不是我的兄弟们

Left the scene how could I go out that way 离开了现场我怎么能出去的路

Still you asked to see me in the hospital ya next day 还是你要见我在医院里雅第二天

You must love me. 你必须爱我。


[Chorus (You must love me repeats in background)] [合唱(你必须爱我在后台反复) ]

What after all the wrong I've done 我做了什么后,所有的错

I know you must 我知道你一定


[Verse 3 (Starts over last line of chorus)] [诗歌3 (重新开始合唱的最后一行)

Everything in my power and within my frame 我的力量和我的框架之内的一切

to protect you from this life and 为了保护您从此生活和

keep you away from the game 让你远离游戏

But you was one of the few people 但你是少数几个人之一

that I can trust 我可以信任

and the fact of the matter I slang 和我俚语事实上

these pies for us 这些馅饼给我们

You put the pressure on me dearly 你把我压力沉重的代价

rarely would you let it go 很少,你会放手

Was a thousand and one times 是千百次地

I had to tell you no 我只好不告诉你

When it was one of those days 当它是那些天之一

when nobody was around 当没有人左右

and I needed emergency trip 我需要应急之旅

out of town 出城

Searched my mental rolodex 搜索我的心理关系网

for all the numbers I know 所有我知道的数字

As you stared in my face 正如你在我的脸上瞪着

asking me could you go 问我能不能去

I'm agreed said sender 我同意说发件人

everything'll go smooth everythingll走畅

just tell her what to do 只是告诉她该怎么做

and everything'll go through 和everythingll经历

Strapped her body with them thangs 绑她的身体与他们thangs

as you boarded the plane 当你登上飞机

Couldn't explain these strange feelings 无法解释这些奇怪的感觉

that I caught and the pain 我抓的痛

I'm thinkin' why would I send you 我在想我为什么要送你

when I knew it ain't right 当我知道这是不对的

I'm thinkin' what would 我在想会是什么

make you sacrifice ya life 让你牺牲雅生活

You must love me 你必须爱我


[Chorus (You must love me repeats in background)] [合唱(你必须爱我在后台反复) ]

After everything that I've done wrong 之后的一切,我做了不少错事

I know inside you must love me 我知道你内心一定要爱我

I know that you love me 我知道你爱我

You showed me I know it 你告诉我,我知道这

I know 我知道

Say that you love me 说你爱我

say that you love me 说你爱我

I know you must love me 我知道你一定爱我

Oh yes you do 哦,是你做的

Inside I know it 我知道这很

you've always shown it 你一直表明,它

you love me yea yeah 你爱我,是啊是啊

Oh yeah 哦耶

I know that you love me 我知道你爱我

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