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[Jay-Z] [ Jay-Z的]

What, tssh, y'all, what 什么, TSSH ,你们说什么

Jigga, uhh uhh uhh, uh-huh Jigga ,嘘嘘呃,嗯

Pa-pa, uhh, pa-pa, uhh PA -PA ,呃, PA- PA,嘘

The G, Roc-A-Fella y'all 对G ,中华民国-A-家伙你们都


Who be, in a Japanese restaurant, eating sushi 谁是在一家日本料理店,吃寿司

Drinking saki, it's me, and my mami with the doobie 喝崎,是我,我的真身与doobie

Cutie, smellin like Tiaka, half-Phillipine thing 可爱, smellin像Tiaka ,半Phillipine事

For now, let's call her Suki, got me this booty bangin 现在,让我们叫她淑惠,让我这个战利品bangin

Properly, in Versace pants, cocky bow-legged stance 正确,在范思哲的裤子,骄傲自大弓腿的立场

A thing of beauty, watch me, body crazy 美的事物,看我,身体疯狂

Tits Firm like Nature, Foxy, Nas and AZ 奶企业一样自然,狡猾, NAS和AZ

Truly reason to bug the toolie and keep laced in jewelry watch me 真正的原因错误的toolie并保持股价的珠宝看我

Girlie tried to lure me and lock me you gotta get up early 娘娘腔试图引诱我,别把我关你得早起

Cause who's gettin played is not me 谁在演奏开始报的原因是不是我

"Surely you jest," she said, "if you thought I was purely “当然,你开玩笑, ”她说,“如果你认为我是纯粹

out for the bucks you woulda bucked stuck and dropped me" 出了钱,你的woulda逆势卡住,把我“

I said maturely, "You right 我说的成熟, “你的权利

but better safe than sorry, but for the lovebirds 但有备无患,但对于爱情鸟

can move to the suburbs, I need to double check your story 可以搬到郊区,我需要仔细检查你的故事

To make sure that you one of a kind 为了确保您一个种类

And you deserve to be my Sunshine" 而你应该是我的阳光“


[Chorus: Babyface (variations not listed except for first time)] [合唱:娃娃脸(变化没有上市,除了第一次) ]


Touch me with, a heart of gold (uh-huh) 碰我了,金子般的心脏(嗯)

I can't go a day without my sunshine (uh-huh) ahh-haaa (say what? uhh) 我不能一天没有我的阳光(嗯)啊, HAAA (说什么?嘘)

Touch me with, a smile of gold (yeah) 碰我了,金子般的微笑(是啊)

I can't go a day without my sunshine, sunshine (uhh, uhh, uhh) 我不能一天没有我的阳光,阳光(嘘,嘘,嘘)


[Jay-Z, (Foxy Brown)] [杰伊-Z (狡猾的布朗) ]

A year gone, and she seein things most chicks only 一年不见,她seein东西大部分只小鸡

hear in songs (uh-huh) keep in gear phenom 听到的歌曲(嗯)保持齿轮飞鸿

Lots of ice in the air, round the neck the charm (that's right) 大量的冰在空中,脖子上的魅力(这是正确的)

Risked a four to life bid to keep that shit on her arm 冒着四到生活的出价让那些歌在她的手臂

Keep her impressed at all times, cats would love to creep (uh-huh) 让她在任何时候都留下深刻的印象,猫会喜欢蠕变(嗯)

just to say they crept with mine, slept with mine, she said 只是说,他们跟我蹑手蹑脚,睡觉时用我的,她说:


[Foxy Brown, (Jay-Z)] [狡猾的布朗( Jay-Z的) ]

I ain't deaf nor blind, niggaz stressin 我是不是聋了,也没有盲目的,兄弟们stressin

Hatin cause they less than mine, they wanna sex me Hatin因为他们不到我的,他们想要我做爱

We chose each other, you actin like you chose me 我们选择了对方,就装作喜欢你选择了我

They oppose you then, they oppose me 他们反对你的话,他们反对我

We could creep at a low speed, the gat in the hosiery 我们可以爬在低速时,水道中的袜子

Double cross you they got to triple cross me 双跨你,他们得到了三交我

(I'm thinking that's the way it's supposed to be) Uh-huh (我想是这样的方式,它的应该是)嗯

(One more thing: (还有一件事:

If I ever go broke, would you hit the block for me?) Fo' sho' 如果我破产,你会不会撞块给我吗? )对于翔

(She replied, eyes open wide) Uhhhh (她说,眼睛圆睁) Joey:嗯

(Put that on everything?) I put that on my life (把那一切吗? ),我把我的生命

(Right) (右)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Jay-Z, (Foxy Brown)] [杰伊-Z (狡猾的布朗) ]

If I needed would you, give me your kidneys? (Uhh, uhh, fo' sho') 如果我需要想你,给我你的肾脏? (呃,呃,佛翔 )

Catch a case you catch it with me? (Mmm, fo' sho') 抓住你跟我抓住它的情况? (嗯,佛翔 )

Pawn your jewlery to come get me? (You better know) 典当你的手饰来接我回家? (你应该知道)

Catch me with a chick, forgive me? (Uhh, now that, I don't know) 赶上我一个小妞,原谅我好吗? (呃,现在,我不知道)

They spread rumors, will you defend me, tooth and nail? (Uh-huh) 他们散布谣言,你会为我辩护,牙齿和指甲? (嗯)

They try to frame me, will you be there, till the truth prevail? (uhh) 他们试图陷害我,你会在那里,直到事实为准? (嘘)

(But would you be the same dude, when you blow the roof off sales (不过,如果你是一样的纨绔子弟,当你吹了屋顶的销售

that you was, throwin rocks, at the Roof at 12, nigga?) 你是,肆意的岩石,在屋顶上12 ,兄弟们? )

This is the truth I shell, till the loot gets frail 我就是外壳的真相,直到获得战利品体弱

I put this on my nephews, from the smallest to La'Velle 我把这个在我的侄子,从最小的到LaVelle

Me and you ballin, from the heavens, or the hell 我和你劈腿,从天上,还是地狱

Won't let you hit the ground if I'm fallin myself 不会让你走在路上,如果我跌倒自己

Now picture me leavin you in this cold world, rollin for delf 现在,想象着我要走,你在这个寒冷的世界,罗林为DELF

It's me and you in this old girl, we takin the belt 这是我和你在这个小女孩,我们羚牛皮带

From the lows, to the highs, to the foes we shine 从低点到高点,为我们闪耀的敌人

Just continue to be my Sunshine (uhhh) 只是继续做我的阳光(唔)


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]

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Ralf Huetter, Kenneth Edmonds


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