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Rap Game / Crack Game



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Uhh... 呃...

Uhh, yeah 呃,是啊

Won't stop niggaz 不会停止的兄弟们

"Somehow the rap game remind me of the crack game" - [Nas] “不知怎的,说唱比赛提醒我的破解游戏” - [纳斯]

Jigga! Feel me Jigga !我的感觉

People, told ya motherfuckers, told ya 人,告诉过你怎么就告诉雅

"See that rap shit is really just like sellin smoke" - [OutKast] “看到这首rap真的就像出卖烟” - [流浪者合唱团]

Uhh, Roc-a-Fella 呃,大鹏A-家伙

Geyeah Geyeah


We treat this rap shit just like, handlin weight 我们对待这首rap一样,韩德林重

What they want we give it to em, what they abandon we take 他们想要的东西,我们把它交给他们,他们抛弃了我们走

Hit a rapper with consignment, let him know it's at stake 打了寄售一个说唱歌手,让他知道这是利害攸关

Put his ass in the studio, let him cook up a cake 把自己的屁股在录音室,让他煮了蛋糕

When it's hot, get on my money spot in every state 当天气热,获得在每一个国家的钱现货

Like the wiz in Camelot, the mom-and-pop's is the gate 像柯莱特的奇才,妈妈和流行的是门

But first we scope shit, advertise in every area 但首先,我们的范围,妈的,做广告在各个领域

Let the fiends know hey, we got some dope shit 让恶魔知道哎,我们得到了一些涂料狗屎

Gon' need a middle man, so we look to radio 坤需要一个中间人,让我们来看看电台

Let em test the product, give em a promo show 让我们让他们测试产品,给他们一个展示宣传片

Just a breeze, not enough to catch a real vibe 只是一件轻而易举的事,不足以赶上一个真正的氛围

Then we drop a maxi single and charge em two for five 然后,我们放弃马克西单充EM 2五

Ain't tryin to, kill em at first just, buildin clientele 是不是试着杀EM起初只是, buildin客户

So when the album drops the first weeks it's on sale 所以当这张专辑滴的最初几周它的发售

But when demand grows it's time to expand yo 但是,当需求增加时它的时间来扩大哟

You don't want no garbage papi it's ten grand per blow, fo' sho' 你不想要的垃圾PAPI是一万块钱,每次打击,为翔


"Somehow the rap game reminds me of the crack game" - [Nas] “不知怎的,说唱比赛让我想起了破解游戏” - [纳斯]

"See that rap shit is really just like sellin smoke" - [OutKast] “看到这首rap真的就像出卖烟” - [流浪者合唱团]

[repeat 3X] [重复3倍]


Ge-ge-geyeah GE- GE- geyeah

I got that uncut raw to make a fiend's body jerk 我得到了完整无缺的原料,使恶魔的身体混蛋

Got your whole block now, pumpin my work 有你的整个街区,现在,给水站我的工作

My CD's is like keys for you Willie's who 我的CD的是像你威利的钥匙谁

like to floss my cassette tapes in sixty-two's 喜欢我的牙线录音带在62的

And my singles like gems, you know the treys 和我一样单身的宝石,你知道treys

Get you high for a while, but the, high don't stay 让你高了一会儿,但,高不留

You need another fix, you better cop these last two bricks 你需要另一种修复,你最好的警察这最后两块砖

Cause when this shit flip, I'ma get on some other shit 当这个狗屎翻转,我是得到一些其他的原因狗屎

Never pitchin for a label, Jigga's the hook-up 永远不要pitchin一个标签, Jigga的钩机

You know my shit is fish scale, y'all niggaz is cook up 你知道我的屎是鱼鳞,你们的兄弟们是编造

Just blow up, scream my name from Brooklyn to Da-kota 刚吹了起来,从布鲁克林尖叫我的名字大安哥打

They know my shit stretch without the baking soda 他们知道我的屎不舒展的小苏打

Went from an eighth, to a quarter, to a half a key 从第八个去了,到了四分之一,到一半的关键

Priority's work wasn't right so I switched factories 优先级的工作是不对的,所以我打开工厂

Now I'm the new nigga, who figured I'd get the game locked 现在,我是新来的兄弟们,谁想我会获得比赛的胜利锁定

Now watch how the prices of your cocaine drop, ha ha 现在看你滴可卡因如何涨价,哈哈


"Somehow the rap game reminds me of the crack game" - [Nas] “不知怎的,说唱比赛让我想起了破解游戏” - [纳斯]

"See that rap shit is really just like sellin smoke" - [OutKast] “看到这首rap真的就像出卖烟” - [流浪者合唱团]

[repeat 4X] [重复4倍]


[cuts and scratches] [割伤和擦伤]

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