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Where I'm From



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Uh-huh, je-je je-je-jeah 嗯, JE- JE JE- JE- jeah

ye-ye-yeah, ye-ye-yeah 烨烨是啊,叶烨耶

How real is this, how real is this 如何真正是这样的,如何真正是这样的

Uh-huh huh, Inspect this here, check 嗯呵呵,这个检查在这里,检查


[Verse One:] [诗一: ]

I'm from where the hammer's rung, New's cameras never come 我是从那里锤的梯级,新的相机从来没有出现很

You and your man's hung in every verse in your rhyme 你和你的男人的挂在每首诗在你的韵

where the grams is slung, niggas vanish every summer 其中克系着,黑鬼消失每到夏天

Where the blue vans would come, we throw the work in the can and run 其中蓝色面包车就来了,我们扔在CAN和运行工作

Where the plans was to get funds and skate off the set 凡计划是让基金和滑冰落定

To achieve this goal quicker, sold all my weight wet 为了实现这一目标更快,卖我所有的湿重

Faced with immeasurable odds still I get straight bets 面对难以估量的胜算还是我得到直投注

So I felt some more something and you nothing check 所以,我觉得一些东西,你什么检查

I from the other side with other guys don't walk to much 我从另一面与其他人不走得多

And girls in the projects wouldn't fuck us if we talked too much 而在项目女孩子不会他妈的我们,如果我们说得太多

So they ran up Tompkins and sought them dudes to trust 因此,他们跑了汤普金斯,并寻求他们的帅哥信任

I don't know what the fuck they thought, those niggas is foul just like us 我不知道什么他妈的他们认为,那些黑鬼的犯规和我们一样

I'm from where the beef is inevitable, Summertime's unforgetable 我是从那里的牛肉是不可避免的,夏季的很难忘

Boosters in abundance, buy a half-price sweater new 丰富的助推器,买了半价的新毛衣

Your world was everything, So everything you said you'd do 你的世界就是一切,所以一切你说你会做

You did it, Couldn't talk about it if you ain't lived it 你做到了,不能谈论它,如果你不是住它

I from where niggas pull your car, and argue all day about 我是从那里黑鬼拉你的车,并说整天约

Who's the best MC's, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas 谁是最好的三菱商事的,大不了, Jay-Z的,和NAS

Where the drugs czars evolve, and thugs always are 凡药品沙皇发展,和恶棍总是有

At each other's throats for the love of foreign cars 在对方的喉咙对外国汽车的爱

Where cats catch cases, hoping the judge R and R's 凡猫抓到的情况下,希望法官R和R的

But most times find themselves locked up behind bars 但多数时候发现自己被锁定了身陷囹圄

I'm from where they ball and breed rhyme stars 我是从他们的球和繁殖韵星很

I'm from Marcy son, just thought I'd remind y'all 我是从马西的儿子,只是觉得我会提醒你们


[Chorus: 5x] [合唱: 5倍]

Cough up a lung, where I'm from, Marcy son, Ain't nothing nice 咳出肺部,在那里我是从,马西儿子我,是不是没有什么好看

Mentally been many places but I'm Brooklyn's own 精神了很多地方,但我布鲁克林自己


[Verse Two:] [诗二: ]

I'm from the place where the chruch is the flakiest 我是从哪里chruch是flakiest的地方是

And niggas is praying to god so long that they Atheist 和黑鬼向上帝祷告这么久,他们的无神论者

Where you can't put your vest away and say you'll wear it tomorrow 在那里你不能把你的背心走,说你明天就穿它

Cause the day after we'll be saying, damn I was just with him yesterday 事业的一天,我们会后说,哎呀我昨天刚跟他

I'm a block away from hell, not enough shots away from straight shells 我是一个街区之遥,从地狱,没有足够的出手远离直弹

An ounce away from a triple beam still using a hand-held weight scale 从三束一盎司离开依然采用了手持式计重秤

Your laughing, you know the place well 你的笑,你知道的好地方

Where the Liqour Store's and the base well 其中Liqour存储的与底座以及

And Government, fuck Government, niggas polotic themselves 与政府,政府他妈的,黑鬼polotic自己

Where we call the cops the A-Team 我们叫警察特攻队

cause they hop out of vans and spray things 因为他们跳了车和喷雾的东西

And life expectancy so low we making out wills at eight-teen 和预期寿命如此之低,我们做了遗嘱,在八少女

Where how you get rid of guys who step out of line, your rep solidifies 在那里你如何摆脱家伙是谁走出行,你代表的固化

So tell me when I rap you think I give a fuck who criticize? 所以告诉我,当我说唱你觉得我给谁骂一个他妈的?

If the shit is lies, god strike me 如果狗屎是谎言,神打我

And I got a question, are you forgiving guys who live just like me? 我有一个问题,你原谅你们谁住我一样?

We'll never know 我们永远不会知道

One day I pray to you and said if I ever blow, Let 'em know 有一天,我祈求你说如果我吹,让他们知道

Mistakes ain't exactly what takes place in the ghetto 误区不正是发生在贫民区

Promise fulfilled, but still I feel my job ain't done 承诺兑现,但我觉得我的工作尚未完成

Cough up a lung, where I'm from, Marcy son, ain't nothing nice 咳出肺部,在那里我是从,马西儿子我,是没有什么好看


[Chorus 4x] [合唱4倍]


[Verse Three:] [诗三: ]

I'm from where they cross-over and clap boards 我是从那里交叉和拍手板很

Lost Jehovah in place of rap lords, listen 在地方说唱领主失去了耶和华,听

I'm up the block, round the corner, and down the street 我在街区,拐角处,并在街上

From where the Pimps, Prostitutes, and the Drug Lords meet 从哪里皮条客,妓女和毒枭见面

We make a million off of beats, cause our stories is deep 我们赚一百万了节拍,导致我们的故事是深

And fuck tomorrow, as long as the night before was sweet 他妈的明天,只要前一天晚上是甜的

Niggas get lost for weeks in the streets, twisted off weed 黑鬼迷路好几个星期在街头,扭掉杂草

And no matter the weather, niggas know how to draw heat 而且不管天气,黑鬼知道如何绘制热

Whether your four-feet or Minute size, it always starts out with 无论你的四足或分大小,开头总是用

Three dice and shoot the five 三个骰子和拍摄五

Niggas thought they douce was live, now hit 'em with trips 黑鬼们认为他们杜丝是活的,现在打他们与旅行

And I reached down for their money, pa forget about this 我伸手下来的钱,PA忘掉这

This time around it's platinum, like the shit on my wrist 这四周的时间是铂金,像我的手腕狗屎

And this glock on my waist, y'all can't do shit about this 这格洛克在我的腰上,你们都做不到在乎这

Niggas will show you love, That's how they fool thugs 黑鬼会显示你的爱,这就是他们如何骗过歹徒

Before you know it your lying in a pool of blood 在你知道之前你躺在血泊中


[Chorus 4x] [合唱4倍]

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