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Push On


English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[B. Stille] [二斯蒂莱]

This is for you, and you, and you, and you 这是给你的,而你,你,你


[Verse 1 - B. Stille] [诗歌1 - 二的Stille ]

Now I came up with little bad ass yeagas, to never had ass yeagas 现在,我想出了一点不好的屁股yeagas ,以从未有过的屁股yeagas

Slept and ate with our peeps but we let the streets raise us 睡了一觉,吃了我们的一瞥,但是我们让街头叫我们

Kept the weed blazin, don't let the drink age us 不停的杂草BLAZIN ,不要让喝我们的年龄

Used to live outrageous, now we just couch potatoes 以前住得离谱,现在我们只沙发土豆

Without the wages, to break out the project cages 没有工资,打破了该项目的笼子

Make do with what we got, use the logic that God gave us 凑合着用我们得到了什么,用上帝给我们的逻辑

Losin faith is enough to make a man crazy 失去感到信仰是足以让男人疯狂

Can't even pay my landlady 甚至不能支付我的女房东

How the fuck I'm 'posed to save for my unplanned baby? 如何他妈的我提出救我意外的宝宝吗?

Joined the Navy, and my uncle sayin "pay me" 加入海军,我的叔叔在说“给我”

Maybe I'm just too damn lazy but you can page me 也许我只是太他妈的懒,但你可以我的页面

Lately, been hustlin grams daily 最近,一直hustlin克日

Holdin down my spot on the corner like Champ Bailey 牵着我倒点像冠军贝利角落

But I know I ain't the only one (you feel me?) 但我知道我不是唯一的一个(你感觉到我吗? )

On the gun livin on the run, look how they done momma's only son 在枪活着上运行,看看他们怎么做妈妈的独子

X me out like I'm, a Roman numeral 点¯x我出去像我,罗马数字

Damn, and ain't tryin to see me again, till my funeral 妈的,并且不试着再见到我,直到我的葬礼


[Chorus - Anthony Hamilton] [合唱团 - 安东尼·汉密尔顿]

For so long I been grindin (grindin) 这么久我一直在折磨(折磨)

Paid my dues, put my time in (time in) 付了费,把我的时间(时间)

Even went down for tryin 即使下去了难以释怀

I pushed on 我推的

Never once did I give up (give up) 从来没有一次我才放弃(放弃)

Every time I fell I would get up (get up) 每次我跌我就起床(起床)

Always kept my spirit up 始终保持我的精神了

I pushed on 我推的


[Verse 2 - Scales] [诗歌2 - 秤]

Now we finally feelin plush 现在,我们终于觉得难过毛毛

Doin gotta do to keep our nails airbrushed 杜安得做的,让我们的指甲喷刷

Jade straight out the box, damn ne'er been touched 玉开箱,该死的游手好闲被感动

Damn I'm feelin good, B lined me up 妈的,我感觉很好,B一字排开了我

Till we never seen a Pontiac diamond-toed 直到我们从来没有见过一个比德钻石趾

Nappy Roots, what it mean to ya? Mines and us 尿布根,是什么意思吧?矿业和美国

And don't be callin us slow, we ain't grind it up 也不要呼唤​​我们慢,我们是不是磨起来

Now my people all smiles cause we out the slums 现在我的人都笑我们造成了贫民窟

Sayin, "Look at Big Bud ol' sloppy drunk 在说, “看看大芽醇马虎醉

I remember when he sold tapes out the trunk" 我记得当他卖磁带了后备箱“

Now here's the routine - jump out the truck, T-shirt and blue jeans 现在,这里的程序 - 跳出卡车, T恤和蓝色牛仔裤

'94 Jays with the blue shoe strings 94蓝鸟与蓝色鞋带

When I first hit the grind ain't stop for shit 当我第一次打磨不停止狗屎

And my only motivation was a pot to piss 而我唯一的动机是一盆小便

See it hit me so hard ain't have a penny to myself 看到它击中了我这么辛苦是没有一分钱自己

I swallowed up my pride and asked Skinny for some help 我吞下了我的骄傲,问瘦一些帮助

And I'm sayin 而我的意思


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 3 - Big V] [诗歌3 - 大V ​​]

Want me to stop, I did, but I couldn't stop the shit 要我停下来,我做到了,但我不能停止狗屎

Dawg I cried for this, stole and lied for this 耶我哭了这一点,并偷骗这个

Scream when I felt this shit 尖叫的时候,我觉得这狗屎

Toured for 16 months straight, lost breath for this 参观了16个月直,失去了呼吸这

Heh, yelled for this 嘿,喊这个

Sinnin every night, know I'm goin to hell for this Sinnin每天晚上,知道我要去地狱此

The hurt and the betrayal, compelled by this 伤害和背叛,这个强迫

Tough wall to climb but Nappy Roots scaled the shit 坚韧墙爬,但尿布根缩放狗屎

Just don't let me rap in vain, people pray over this 只是不要让我说唱白费,人们祈求在这个

Don't take my word for it, see for yourself and shit 不要把我的话,看到自己和狗屎

Everybody out in the wind, ain't no help with this 每个人都在风中,是不是没有帮助,这

I coulda thrown in the towel, coulda walked away 我本可以认输,本应该走开

Eyes on the prize, so I'm strong today 对奖的眼睛,所以我强烈的今天

Simply want it, believe it, think it, breathe it 只是想它,相信它,想它,呼吸它

Chase it, cease it, maintain, keep it 追它,​​停止它,保养它

Hold it, control it, never let go of it 拿着它,控制它,绝不放过它

Hold on, press on, push on, I'm gone 在等一下,新闻,推,我走了


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]


[Anthony Hamilton] [安东尼·汉密尔顿]

For so long 这么久

Paid my dues 付了会费

Now IIIIIII (I pushed on) 现在IIIIIII (我推的)

Alright, give up (I pushed on) 好吧,放弃(我推的)

I never have 我从来没有

Kept on 不断

Ohhhhh, ooooohhhh Ohhhhh , ooooohhhh

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