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Sick & Tired



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus - Anthony Hamilton] [合唱团 - 安东尼·汉密尔顿]

I'm sick and tired of being critisized 我厌倦了被critisized

I'm sick and tired of barely gettin by 我厌倦了被勉强刚开

I'm sick and tired of not livin right 我厌倦了没有活着的权利

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired 我厌倦了生病和厌倦


I'm sick and tired of being pushed aside 我厌倦了被排挤

I'm sick and tired of callin folks for rides 我厌倦呼唤人们对游乐设施

I'm sick and tired of this petty life 我厌倦了这种小资生活

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired 我厌倦了生病和厌倦


[Big V] [大V ]

What is life what is makin it 什么是生活什么也出不来

for peace is there a price 和平是有代价

tell me if you rich you only gotta worry about more shit 告诉我,如果你富有,你只能得担心更多的狗屎

the house, the car notes, child support and kin people 房子,车子笔记,子女抚养和亲属的人

kick doors "mo money, mo problems" thats how it goes 一脚门“莫钱,莫问题, ”这就是它如何去


[B. Stille] [二斯蒂莱]

Man, I'm gettin tired of runnin and duckin, quit runnin then 伙计,我想趁自己累飞奔和duckin的,退出然后飞奔

Especially when I ain't did nothin, do somethin then 尤其是当我是不是做了没什么,做别的什么话

out here in these cold streets hustlin 在这里在这寒冷的街头hustlin

po, tryin to make this dough 'fore the police bustin in 婆,试着让这个面团前警察巴斯廷


[Fish Scales] [鱼鳞]

And then its what it could'a been should'a been 然后它是什么身披过shoulda了

find yourself outside lookin in 发现自己看着外面的

givin up feelin stuck 得到安宁起来感觉卡住

mad at the world cause you down and they gettin up 疯狂的世界,因为你下来,他们刚开了

mad at yourself cause you know you shouldnt be given up 气死你自己,因为你知道你不应该被放弃


[Skinny Deville] [窄身德维尔]

I'm tired and sick of bummin rides 我累了,病了bummin游乐设施

on top of that my nine to five 在我朝九晚五的顶部

sucks for a couple bucks 吸了两块钱

and change now whats the reason why 现在改变什么的原因

my luck don't amount to fuck 我的运气并不构成他妈的

no matter how hard I try 不管如何努力,我尝试

I'm stuck in the 22 now catch me when Im sick and tired 我卡在22 ,现在追我时,即时通讯厌倦


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Ron Clutch (R. Prophit)] [罗恩离合器( R. Prophit )


Prophit, check this out Prophit ,检查了这一点

I'm gettin tired of mama breakin her neck for the pay check 我刚开累了妈妈的唱到她的脖子的工资支票

they makin her sweat seem like everyday she stressed 他们这回事她的汗水似乎每天她强调


(I've had up to here with pussyfooters actin like we owed you something (我已经到这里pussyfooters肌动蛋白就像我们欠你的东西

lets see "you know who" like Im supposed to throw you something) 让我们看看“你知道是谁”之类即时通讯应该把你扔的东西)


I'm gettin tired of daddy puchin the clock scaring his knuckles 我刚开累了爸爸的puchin时钟吓唬他的指关节

he tired of the hustle he feel the pain deep in his muscles 他厌倦了喧嚣,他感到深深的痛苦中他的肌肉


(seems like the media potray us againts being rich (好像媒体potray美国反对票富有

like we shouldnt enjoy shrimp and occasional trips) 就像我们不应该享受的虾和偶尔的旅行)


while my baby brother scrappin with his baby mother 而我的弟弟打架与他的孩子的母亲

deep down I know he love her but he shoulda worn a rubber 在内心深处,我知道他爱她,但他早该戴橡胶


(Im sick and tired of players down to do us bodily harm (IM厌倦的玩家往下做我们的身体伤害

like them country boys ain't at the range firing arms) 像他们这样的乡下男孩不在范围内射击武器)


and my little sister think she grown wanna make on her own 和我妹妹觉得她长大想做出自己的

I ain't bring you in this world but you still my baby girl 我是不是在这个世界带给你,但你还是我的宝贝女儿


(Im fed up when I feel like this (IM厌倦了的时候我喜欢这种感觉

my yeaga's keep your head up we pray and kneel for this) 我yeaga的保持你的头,我们祷告,跪在此)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Big V] [大V ]

Keep it real remember god don't change sadness 保持真正记住上帝不改变的忧伤

dont forget where you come from 不要忘记你来自哪里

you got some money gimme some 你还有钱给我一些

you different, fuck you 你不一样,你他妈的

man I got your first tape 男人,我收到了你的第一个磁带

you always gonna be Vito to me 你会一直陪伴维托给我

so now get out my face 所以现在离开我的脸


[Fish Scales] [鱼鳞]

I know what you mean dog 我知道你的意思的狗

Tired of people who complain always bout the same thing 累了的人谁总是抱怨回合同样的事情

First you learn to maintain after that create a change 首先你要学会维护后产生的变化

See we gettin up and gettin out 看看我们刚开起来,刚开出

Playa what you jokin and you kiddin bout 普拉亚你jokin和你开玩笑回合

change is what we gettin out 变化就是我们刚开了


[Skinny Deville] [窄身德维尔]

What they say I ain't thinkin bout 他们说我是不是在想布特

all day and night I struggle hustle 一整天,晚上我奋斗的喧嚣

just to pay the dues 只需交纳会费

now I gotta keep the lights on 现在,我还是要继续的灯

aint got no time for lazy snooze AINT有没有时间偷懒打盹

damn man, who made these rules 该死的男人,谁做这些规则

what think about they amused 有什么想对他们逗乐

im sick and tired but I can't stop IM厌倦,但我不能停止

no matter if they say I lose 不管他们说我输了


[B. Stille] [二斯蒂莱]

My wife is curious about how much she can get me on her life insurance 我的妻子是好奇,她多少可以让我对她的人身保险

but still was bummin no problem thats life was purious 但还是被bummin没有问题这就是生活purious

"Mo money, Mo Problems" thats right Notorious “莫钱,莫问题”这就是臭名昭著的权利


[Chorus fades out] [合唱淡出]

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