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Nappy Roots Day



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Big V] [大V ]

One of them is fat and loud 其中之一就是脂肪和响亮

second one is black and proud 第二个是黑人而自豪

Third one's drunk and wild 第三个的醉酒和野生

fourth one slim and sly 第四个苗条和狡猾

one of them is just shy 其中之一就是害羞

last one is young and wise 最后一个是年轻的和明智的

homegrown battle tested you gonna love these guys 自产自销的战斗测试,你会喜欢这些家伙

brought the hood on them guys 带罩在他们身上的家伙

the best story told yet bonded against all odds 最好的故事还告诉保税排除万难

aint no tearin them apart 是不是没有他们,撕裂分开

swore (?) till death do them in 骂着( ? )直到死亡将他们

even in reincarnation they would do it again 即使是在轮回,他们会再做一次


[Ron Clutch] [罗恩离合器]

Who would ever thought six different strands 谁也想过六种不同的股

would lock together locked forever 将锁在一起永远锁定

rockin leathery wood told you chicken and cris go good 摇滚革木告诉你,鸡和克里斯去好

with some watermelon albums sellin coast to coast 一些西瓜专辑出卖东海岸到西海岸

across the seas gave everything we could 飘洋过海了一切,我们可以

our tears our sweat our blood, cuz 我们的眼泪我们的汗水我们的血液辩论,因为


[Chorus] [合唱]

I am because we are 我是因为我们

we are because I am 我们是因为我

Everbody say 感到沉沦说

We are on a holiday 我们是在度假


Now throw your hands to the sky 现在,把你的手向天空

turn up the music just ride 调高音乐只是骑

we representin right 我们representin权

we are on a holiday 我们是在度假


we are because I am 我们是因为我

I am because we are 我是因为我们

Hey, its Nappy Roots Day! 嘿,它的尿布根节!

we are on a holiday 我们是在度假


Now throw your hands to the sky 现在,把你的手向天空

bounce to the music we ride 反弹到我们乘坐的音乐

we represintin right 我们represintin权

We are on a holiday 我们是在度假


[B. Stille (R. Prophit)] [二斯蒂莱( R. Prophit )

Now we stronger than wood, playa (we tougher than leather) 现在,我们比木头滩更强(更严格,我们比皮革)

Us yeaga's hustle together (uh uh not just for the cheddar) 我们yeaga的摸爬滚打在一起(呃不只是为切达)

Look here we trustin each other (Sayin "um you fuck with my brother?) 看这儿,我们植信对方(在说“嗯,你他妈的跟我弟弟? )

you gotta suffer the reprocutions we come from the gutter 你得受苦,我们来自排水沟reprocutions

(white kangol white glass six stripped suit with the matching) (白kangol白玻璃6剥去衣服与配套)

boots came from the ostrich blowin smoke out the nostrals 靴子鸵鸟吹出来抽烟了nostrals

(havin trouble with student loans we struggle for too long) (就吃了我们奋斗过久助学贷款的麻烦)

but now we can move on put that on my tombstone 但现在我们可以把那个在我的墓碑上移动

(we are because I am aint hard to understand it) (我们是因为我AINT很难理解它)

far from a shootin star (rather play on my planet) 远离乱射明星(而我的星球上玩)

Power respect (demanded) 动力方面(要求)

to us nothing was hand 我们什么也没有手

(play it as loud as you can and say just how we played it) (播放响亮,你可以说我们是多么玩过吧)


[Chorus] [合唱]


[R. Prophit] [ R。 Prophit ]

Bring out your kids and just treat em 衬托出你的孩子,只是把EM

cotton candy plus freedom 棉花糖加上自由

raised by (?) and feed em 通过凸起(α)和饲料青霉

sweet as Shirly Temple singin 甜Shirly寺嬉春

Clown on the charoselle 小丑在charoselle

Spin on the ferris wheel 旋转的摩天轮

Its magic floatin, smokin, take up a call from Fish Scales 它的神奇莲花灯,戒掉,占用鱼鳞通话


[Fish Scales] [鱼鳞]

Man, we liven straight 男人,我们搞活直

real playas and real estates 真正的帕拉斯和房地产

weapons we put away 武器,我们放好

we reachin out with nappy days 我们要触摸用尿布天


[R. Prophit] [ R。 Prophit ]

Sparklers light up the dark fireworks in the park 烟火照亮了公园里的黑烟花


[Fish Scales] [鱼鳞]

Shrimp ala car red wine holly tart 虾ALA车红酒冬青挞

Like soldiers comin home 像士兵科曼的家

Watchin after the war is gone 战争结束后凝视着是走了

skys raining confetti skys下雨纸屑

singing out the nappy meddle 唱出来的尿布染指

get rid of felonies 摆脱重罪

wash em away with melodies 与旋律洗走EM

irish to ebonies 爱尔兰人ebonies

haitians to the lebonese 海地人的lebonese


[Skinny Deville] [窄身德维尔]

As I jot down in my note pad some day considered important to me 正如我在记事本记下某一天被认为对我很重要

the birth of my son the day I signed my first recording agreement 我儿子出生的那天我签了我的第一个记录协议

it was sorta like my soul to the devil 这是八九不离十像我的灵魂给魔鬼

and I was allowing him to keep it 我是让他保持

but the true essence of this art form cant be confined to temptation and evil 但这种艺术形式的真谛不能仅限于诱惑和邪恶

lots of folks on the grind to this bullshit and my real yeagas stuck around 很多人在磨这个废话,我的真正yeagas坚持围绕

so this days a tribute a celebration 所以这天的献礼庆典

I am because we all stay down 我是因为大家都停留下来

Shit, I am gonna keep it Nappy 365 and 7 days a week 妈的,我要去把它换尿布365和每周7天

we fortunate to make it out that trap because the forest roots they runnin deep 我们幸运地做出来的陷阱,因为森林的根,他们飞奔深


[Chorus till fade] [合唱直到淡出]

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Lavell Crump, Barry Gibb


Crompton Songs, Crump Tight Publishing