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Summer Nights


歌词相关歌手:LIL ROB

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[Lil Rob:] [律罗布: ]

I'm feelin good (feelin alright tonight) 我感觉不错(感觉好今晚)

I'm feelin good now (yeah) 我感觉很好,现在(是)

It's all good in the neighborhood homes 这是在附近的家都好

Feelin right 感觉右


I feel good, I feel alright 我感觉很好,我感觉不错

Cruisin through my neighborhood on a warm summer night 通过我的邻居在一个温暖的夏夜Cruisin

I feel good... that's right 我感觉很好......这是正确的

I feel good now (somethin about these summer nights) 我现在感觉很好(事端这些夏天的晚上)


[Chorus: Lil Rob] [合唱:律罗布]

(Whoa!) Summer days just sittin around (哇! )夏天天只是呆坐着各地

But when the sun goes down, I'll be ready to party 但是,当太阳下山时,我会准备好党

(Whoa! Hey!) Ain't nothin like them summer nights (哇!嘿! )是另外一回事儿他们夏天的夜晚

Keep the top on drop, all the girls lookin hot 继续跌幅居前,所有的女孩看着热

Head to bo-lo and we just don't stop 前往BO- LO ,我们只是不停止

Party until the mornin light (whoa!) 党直到晨曦光(哇! )

Ain't nothin like them summer nights 没什么喜欢他们夏天的夜晚


[Lil Rob:] [律罗布: ]

I just kicked it at home, I polished up the chrome 我只是踢在家里,我擦亮了镀铬

Called the ruca on the phone, let her know I'm home alone 被称为手机上的RUCA ,让她知道我一个人在家

It's, 7: 30 and the sun's goin down 这是, 7 :30和太阳的布莱恩跌

It's a, summer night and the fun's goin down 这是一个,夏天的夜晚和乐趣的布莱恩跌

I pick her up and she looks all dolled up (she look good) 我去接她,她看起来都打扮得花枝招展(她好看)

Sittin passenger in my rag Impala (yeah) 在我的抹布帕拉坐在乘客(耶)

I let her know that she looks beautiful to me 我让她知道,她长得漂亮我

There was another case but she is such a sight to see 还有另一种情况,但她就是这样的景象看

The kind of woman, that would put up a fight for me 的那种女人,那会大打一场对我来说

The kind of boss, to spend her summer nights with me 那种老板,花了夏天的夜晚我

The temp was 80 and I'm cruisin with my lady 该温度是80 ,我cruisin与我的女人

Playin some Ralphie Vagon, ooh baby baby 在玩一些拉尔夫Vagon酒店,户外宝贝

I see my homeboys and they're cruisin in their ride (hey wassup homes) 我看到我的homeboys和他们cruisin在他们骑(嘿日wassup家)

With their ladies, sittin by their side 与他们的夫人,呆坐着自己身边

People think we look crazy but I think we look classy 人们认为我们看疯了,但我认为,我们期待优雅

But then again, that's only if you ask me 但话又说回来,这只是如果你问我


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil Rob:] [律罗布: ]

My homeboys throwin a backyard boogie, so everybody 我的homeboys肆意后院趴,所以大家

Gets together to unwind relax and have a fun time 联谊放松放松,有一个有趣的时间

The DJ's spinnin, so I grab the mic and be like DJ的在旋转,所以我抢麦克风,像

Ain't nothin like them summer nights 没什么喜欢他们夏天的夜晚

The party's packed with beautiful women 党的挤满了美女

And the gang of the homies, that wanna get with 'em 和兄弟们的帮派,即想与时间

And they'll say anything just to hit 'em 他们会说什么只是为了打他们

And it's usually a nice summer night when they did 'em 它通常是一个美好的夏天晚上,当他们做全身

I don't know, it must be, something in the air 我不知道,那一定是,一些在空中

Can't help but have a good time because the feelin is there 不禁有一个很好的时间,因为感觉有

To some people, the feelin is rare 对某些人来说,感觉是罕见的

They're at the pad sayin God damn, I wish I was there 他们在垫在说该死的,我希望我在那里

So have a drink, have a toke and hook up 所以,有喝,有一个土气和挂钩

With someone fine but the kind that looks up 与别人很好,但看起来起来的那种

Gotta keep some pisto in the cup 总得保留一些pisto在杯子

Party until the sun comes up or we give up 党,直到太阳升起,我们还是放弃了


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil Rob:] [律罗布: ]

Them summer nights can keep a smile on your face 他们夏天的晚上可以保持笑容你的脸

Gotta try to have a good time with'cha life, otherwise it's just a waste 总得尝试有withcha生活的好时机,否则只是浪费

Either way I'm gonna party just in case 无论哪种方式,我会派对,以防万一

Like Prince partied like it was 99 in 87, 88 像王子了宴会就像是99 87 88

I couldn't ask for no better weather 我不能要求没有更好的天气

I'm right next to the Pacific, to be specific 我旁边的太平洋,要具体

The candy paint job, glows under the moonlight 糖果油漆工作,焕发月光下

As I close out my summer night and say goodnight 当我结束了我的夏天晚上说晚安

It's time to put the top up and park it 现在是时候把顶部和停放

Drop the dump, plug the ground, roll up the windows and lock it 降转储,插在地上,摇上窗户并锁定

Walk in the pad and fall into bed 走在焊盘和倒在床上

As she lays on my chest to rest her sleepy head 当她奠定了我的胸口休息她的头昏昏欲睡

And we do this all night long, from dusk 'til dawn 我们做这一切整夜,从黄昏,直到天亮

But it's not quite the same when summer nights are gone 但它不是完全一样的,当夏天的夜晚都消失了

But even when they're gone it won't be long 但是,即使他们走了就不会很长

Eight more months then once again it's on 八个多月后,再次它是在


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Scratched: "Fingazz on the track"] [划痕: “ Fingazz在赛道上”]

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