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[Lil Rob] [律罗布]

My bad (my bad) my bad (my bad) 我不好(我不好)我不好(我的坏)

I turned a good girl to superbad.. 我翻个好女孩太坏了..

This pretty young thing's a freak 这个年轻漂亮的东西是一个怪胎

I know you're mad but that's just too bad, c'mon 我知道你很生气,但是这只是太糟糕了,来吧


[Chorus: Lil Rob (Girl)] [合唱:律罗布(女) ]

And if you're down tonight, I know that I can make you feel alright 如果你是今晚下来,我知道我可以让你感觉好吗

Triple X rated baby that's what I'm like, loosen up don't be so uptight 三倍X额定宝贝这就是我很喜欢,放松不那么紧张

(Baby I'm down to ride - all night - with or without the lights) (宝贝,我倒骑 - 整夜 - 带或不带灯光)

(Cause you, know just what I like - so I'll be superbad girl tonight) (因为你,才知道正是我喜欢的 - 所以我会太坏的女孩今晚)


[Lil Rob] [律罗布]

I never really been the kind of guy 我从来没有真正得到什么样的人

to get up and go hit the club 要起床去砸俱乐部

But I was, scrapin by and I was high 但当时的我, scrapin由我是高

thought to myself I said what the fuck (hey what the fuck) 心想,我说什么他妈的(嘿什么他妈的)

(let me see what's happenin) I walked in with an evil grin (让我看到什么happenin )我走进了一个邪恶的笑容

Proceded walkin over to the bar and there you are (and there you are) Proceded走着过来的酒吧,有你(有你)

I had to ask who you were 我不得不问你是谁

where you been, then look you up and down again 你去哪里了,再看看你和再次下调

Let's get the fuck out baby and, take your friend (let's go) 让我们他妈的出来的宝宝,并把你的朋友(我们)

I'm a gentlemen, but I get triple X tambien 我是个绅士,但我得到三倍X tambien

I get, sick with it love it and I can't pretend 我得到的,生病就喜欢它,我不能假装

When I'm up into ya hopin it never ends 当我成雅河滨它永远不会结束

I, don't want to brag, I don't mean to boast 我不想吹牛,我的意思并不是自夸

But I'm one bad homeboy from the West cooooooooooast 但我从西方cooooooooooast一个错误的巨蟹座

There ain't no stoppin your ass, whoa 不过是没有阻止这你的屁股,哇

Later on I'll be up in that ass, ho! 后来我就在那屁股,嗬!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil Rob] [律罗布]

My bad (my bad) my bad (my bad) 我不好(我不好)我不好(我的坏)

I turned a good girl to superbad.. 我翻个好女孩太坏了..

Yeah, I know I'm fast I'd hate to waste yo' time 是的,我知道我快我讨厌浪费哟时间

I'm not tryin to fall in love, not tryin to make you mine (hell naw) 我不试着谈恋爱,不试着让你属于我(地狱瑙)

I just think that we can have some fun 我只是觉得我们可以有一些有趣的

I really want to go and I really want you to come 我真的很想去,我真的希望你能来

(Don't you want to come with me?) (难道你不想和我一起去? )

What do you say, don't you like to play? 你说什么,你不喜欢玩?

If so, then we can play until the break of day (oh yeah) 如果是这样,那么我们就可以玩到天破晓(噢)

You look so good, good enough to eat 你看起来那么好,好到吃

I bet you taste so sweet, excuse me I'm just a freak (fo' sho') 我敢打赌,你的味道这么甜,原谅我,我只是个怪胎( FO 翔 )

And I don't mean no disrespect 我的意思不是不尊重

I just really wanna kiss and lick your neck (mm-hmm) 我真的想吻,舔你的脖子( MM- HMM)

Send chills up and down your spine 发送畏寒上下脊椎

I can't help myself baby you're just way too fine (uh-huh) 我不能帮助自己的宝宝,你只是太细(嗯)

What'chu expect, some kind of pickup lines? Whatchu期待,某种搭讪?

Helllll no, I just wanna blow your mind (blow your mind) Helllll没有,我只是想打击你的头脑(打击你的心)

Cut to the chase, get straight to the point 切入正题,让开门见山

Let's escape this place, let me get naughty wit'cha body c'mon 让我们逃离这个地方,让我淘气witcha身体来吧


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil Rob] [律罗布]

Girl you gonna tell your mom and dad 女孩,你要告诉你的爸爸妈妈

You went from good girl to superbad? (Don't tell 'em) 您可以从好女孩太坏了去? (不要告诉他们)

It all started with a one night stand 这一切都始于一夜情

I gave the best sex you've ever had (and now you're superbad) 我给你有过的最好的性别(现在你太坏了)

It got hot, you ripped off your clothes 它有热,你扯掉你的衣服

Followed me over to the bed (she followed me) 跟着我走到床边(她跟着我)

Hit me, just like Mary J 打我,就像玛丽Ĵ

And baby went straight to my head (yes she did) 宝贝,直奔我的头(是的,她做到了)

She was, soakin wet and drippin with sweat 她, soakin湿drippin汗水

And I was, givin her somethin that she won't forget 而我,得到安宁了事端,她不会忘记

She went home with me, somethin she won't regret 她回家陪我,事端她不会后悔

Sex so good it should come with a cigarette (he-heh, yeah) 性别这么好,应该配有一个香烟(他 - 嘿,是啊)

Three hours in, baby doll's a 10 三个小时,婴儿娃娃是一个10

So I had to lick her up and down again 因此,我不得不舔她,再次下调

She said your ride have been more than a ride 她说,你的旅程已经超过一程

Here's my number if you're down for tomorrow night, alright 这里是我的电话号码,如果你下了明天晚上,好吗


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil Rob: x4] [律罗布: X4 ]

My bad (my bad) my bad (my bad) 我不好(我不好)我不好(我的坏)

I turned a good girl to superbad.. 我翻个好女孩太坏了..

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