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Jail Time



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

this is Joliet Correctional Facility 这是Joliet的惩教设施

you have a collect call from inmate 你从犯人对方付费电话

yeah this is Tucker 是啊,这是塔克

to accept this call please press 3 now 接受这个呼叫,请按3 ,现在

thank you 谢谢

hello 你好


[Turtle Banxx] [龟Banxx ]

hey sis let me speak to momma 哎SIS让我说话的妈妈

who me on find besides all the drama 谁上我觉得除了所有的戏剧

the system took me in but then they took me under 该系统把我在后来他们把我下

I suffer being another number 口苦是另一个号码

I wonder if I could conquer dis criminal structure built to puncture 我不知道如果我能征服建穿刺DIS犯罪结构

the hearts of men 男人的心

when them guards come in the bars and the pen 当他们守卫进来吧和笔

I know I'm in hell and its hard to win 我知道我在地狱和它艰难取胜

I stay up late lying in the dark for me 我一熬夜就躺在黑暗中我

thinking bout the night the police came marching in 不由自主的想了一夜,警察来到行军

its like they wouldn't stop barging in 它像他们不会停止在过驳

asking momma what mob I'm in 妈妈问我是什么怪物

try strictly left us some scars within 尽量严格地内给我们留下一些疤痕

fighting back the lyrics of a favorite baptist him 强忍着喜爱的歌词他施洗

its over now cant hold a child 它结束了着抱孩子

mold a child scold a child or own a child a soldier now 塑造一个孩子骂孩子或自己的孩子当兵,现在

baby hold your tears 宝宝抱你的眼泪

become a teacher mold ya peers 成为一名教师模具雅同行

let em know its cold in here 让他们知道它的寒冷在这里

this ain't the way to spend them older years 这不是花他们大几岁的方式

I'm over the fears of the world 我在世界各地的恐惧

no longer momma's pearl in here 在这里不再是妈妈的珍珠

its all clear them older cats school me to the game 所有清除它们老年猫的学校我的游戏

I'm all ears no mo rats or any cold beers 我所有的耳朵没有莫鼠或任何冰啤

the ghetto famous disappear 在著名的贫民窟消失


[chorus 1] [合唱1 ]

they run up in my home 他们在我家跑起来

and took you from my world 并把你从我的世界

now ya gone and I'm feeling all the pain that your going through 现在雅走了,我感觉所有的你经历的痛苦

[chorus 1 in background of chorus 2] [合唱1合唱2的背景]

[chorus 2] [合唱2 ]

sometimes I lay back in my cell crying 有时我在小区躺下来哭

hells blind but I hope I make it through this jail time 地狱盲目的,但我希望让它通过这个坐牢

trying to stay focus but I heard they mad me panic before 想留焦点,但我听说他们疯了我面前惊慌失措

I guess thats what I got my family for behind bars 我想这就是我得到了我的家人身陷囹圄


[Turtle Banxx] [龟Banxx ]

I'm running outta time 我跑失控时间

momma there yet 妈妈还没有出现

where my little brother let me holla at him 在我的小兄弟,让我霍拉他

whats up cat 怎么了猫

I got you covered 我给你盖

stay in the books them streets is a motha 留在他们的书籍街道是Motha博士

undercovers posing as hustlers exposing the brothers controlling the 卧底假扮混混露出了兄弟控制

struggle by any means 以任何方式斗争

brutality got the police running like the enemy 残酷得就像敌人跑警察

our community need more hugs instead of the slugs the guns the drugs 我们的社会需要更多的拥抱,而不是子弹的枪支毒品

got crime on killing the love the spirits above 有犯罪杀死爱情至上精神

drop a warning sigh its only 1999 下降的警告感叹其仅售1999

but all I think about is 85 them good times 但我想的是85他们的美好时光

momma give us her last dime 妈妈给了我们她的最后一分钱

icey cups you drop yours I give you mine icey杯你放弃你的,我给你我的

true love define us to divine 真正的爱情定义我们就可以洞察到

calling it on another's pride but I hate to see you cry 称这是对别人的骄傲,但我不愿意看到你哭泣

the rain come shine 雨来大放异彩

my family feel my pain inside 我的家人感觉到我的痛苦中

by the way my baby momma getting married 顺便说一句我的宝宝妈妈结婚

brought tears to my eyes I just hope my son happy 带我眼含泪水,我只希望我的儿子快乐


[chorus 1] [合唱1 ]

[chorus 1 in background of chorus 2] [合唱1合唱2的背景]

[chorus 2] [合唱2 ]


[Turtle Banxx] [龟Banxx ]

ran to the phone got a hundred guys like me 跑到手机有一百人喜欢我

and all we have is precious minutes to reach our people our free 而我们拥有的是宝贵的时间,以达到我们的人民我们的自由

brother listen be strong for momma 哥哥听坚强的妈妈

let her know I never meant to cause her no drama 让她知道我从未想过要引起她没有戏剧

the pain make my vain cries thunder 疼痛使我徒劳的呼喊风头

will I recover my name and still discover how the game become us 我会收回我的名字,还发现游戏中是如何成为美国

look how they done us 看看他们怎么做我们

watered down our pride and drunkers riders g's and hustlers 冲淡了我们的骄傲和drunkers车手重力和混混

we gotta guide our younger theres better days among us 我们得引导我们的年轻孤单更好的日子在我们中间

never let the rage you under upstage the promise till tomorrow 绝不让你愤怒之下抢戏的承诺到明天

and the C's just follow wont feel the sorrow 而C的只是按照习惯感到悲哀

for the misery we wallowing time swallowing 对于苦难,我们的时间打滚吞咽

them better days in this gaze got my mind boggling 在这种凝视他们更好的日子了我超乎想象

oh momma and hey lady I miss you 哦,妈妈,哎小姐,我想念你

and them ways you raised me them hard head things that drove you crazy 而他们的方式,你把我养大他们硬头的东西驱使你疯了

realize ya son took a lot of heart from ya 实现雅的儿子雅拍了不少的心脏

its phone check time I'm gone momma I love you 其手机检查时间,我去了妈妈我爱你


[chorus 1] [合唱1 ]

[chorus 1 in background of chorus 2] [合唱1合唱2的背景]

[chorus 2] [合唱2 ]


[chorus 2 2x] [合唱2倍]


[chorus 1 3x] [合唱1倍]

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