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Don't Blink



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

you know man Turtle Banxx 你知道男人龟Banxx

I want you to go in there and get them niggas man 我希望你能去那里,让他们黑鬼的人

let em know the drought is over man 让他们知道旱情对人


game recognize game cock your pistols and aim (wee straight) 游戏识别游戏公鸡你的手枪,瞄准(凌晨直)

all about hustlin and bustin for change (wee straight) 所有关于hustlin和巴斯廷的变化(凌晨直)

to go there we can get in this bitch (wee straight) 去那里,我们可以在这个婊子得到(凌晨直)

ballin for scratch ready to die for this shit 劈腿的划痕准备死在这狗屎


[Turtle Banxx] [龟Banxx ]

don't you know that talking shit ain't wise 难道你不知道在说狗屁不是明智的

nigga I'll advise you and your guys to get the fuck outta my presence 兄弟们,我会建议你和你的家伙得到了他妈的离开我的存在

I got trigger eyes 我得到了触发的眼睛

venom plower situations reaping bloody demonstrations when the heat dies 毒液plower情况下收获的血腥示威活动时,热压模

you won't see guys conversating 你不会看到你们conversating

only homicides and yellow tapings 只有杀人和黄tapings

no suspect no motives mad villains living bogus 没有犯罪嫌疑人没有动机疯狂小人住假

if we don't catch you you best believe we tag whoever closest 如果我们不明白你的意思,你最好相信,我们标记谁最接近

and make you feel the motions 并且让你感觉运动

Turtle Banxx got kill notions thats real potent 龟Banxx杀了这就是概念真正有效的

have you ever see I still smoking 你有没有看到我仍然吸烟

senile emotions you'll soul cokeland 老人的情绪,你的灵魂会cokeland

not a body open fuck ABC's 没有一个机构公开他妈的农行

best to be on P's and Q's I'ma get diseases if you snoozes 最好是在P公司和Q的我是得到疾病,如果你snoozes

you ready yet? 你准备好了吗?

you better study your tech and be a threat fucking coward 你最好研究一下你的技术,并威胁他妈的懦夫

or face trigger vests with celeb ways to wreck 或面触发背心与名人的方式来破坏

off with all heads and all bets 关闭所有校长和所有的赌注

I'm on your neck sending straight .57 threats at your neck nigga 我对你的脖子发送你的脖子黑鬼直0.57威胁


[chorus] [合唱]

straight .57 till your face don't blink 直0.57至你的脸不眨眼

nowhere to run no time to think 无处可逃没有时间去思考

so what you wanna do when it's on like that 所以你想做的事,当它是在这样的

in a chill when we steal and your soul get snatched out ya body 在我们偷肃杀你的灵魂得到抢走了亚体

shotties to your face don't blink shotties你的脸不眨眼

nowhere to run no time think 无处可逃没有时间思考

so what you wanna do when it's on like that 所以你想做的事,当它是在这样的

in a chill when we steal and your soul get snatched out ya body 在我们偷肃杀你的灵魂得到抢走了亚体


catch me with a semi on cop 赶上我对警察半

been in your block dumping 17 shots in your spot 一直在你的块倾倒17投你的位置

putting niggas in shops ready for a box 把黑鬼商店准备一箱

made my getaway slick as a fox 让我逃走光滑得像只狐狸

taking the ditches the cops 服用沟渠警察

escaping visions of prisons and locks 逃离监狱的锁的愿景

my mission don't stop no pot to piss in so the plot thickens 我的任务不停止无锅小便在这样的情节变得

I keep hearing gats clicking 我不断听到GATS点击

see I'm into strange places 看我到陌生的地方

wear a mask to cover up they faces if they want me why they procrastinate 戴口罩,他们面临的,如果他们想要我,为什么他们拖来掩盖

is it just in oasis? 它只是在绿洲?

perpetrated by my imagination 在我的想象犯下

apple texas trojan am I tasting 苹果德州木马我是品尝

my own death gun fire got me toned deaf 我自己的死枪火让我调的聋

so I say a silent but I save my ownself 所以我说,一个沉默,但我救我ownself

can you clone death? 你可以克隆死亡?

like they do life I see the blue light hearing the sirens 就像他们的生活,我看到蓝色的光听到警笛

amongst the madness and the violence gun firing 之间的疯狂和暴力枪射击

tragedies of lying in to I want a murderous round boy 躺在到I的悲剧想杀人的男孩圆

that let niggas don't talk infa-red triggers caulk 这让黑鬼不说话INFA红色触发填缝

a nigga trying to cheat life 一个黑人想骗生活

now death says name affiliation in the street life 现在死说的名字所属于的街道生活

I see nights away from the mics 我看到夜离话筒

far from the henny and ice where many ya like for the riches and life 远离母鸡和冰,许多喜欢雅的财富和寿命

while shaking the device with a camera device like dice 同时摇动设备与像骰子的相机设备

from pistol fights nickel hypes murder and mics is life 从手枪战斗镍炒作谋杀和中等收入国家的生活

in the Chi and Suge Knight 在志和苏格骑士

so think twice or faces vicious types in pit fights 所以考虑再三还是面临着恶性类型的坑打架


[chorus] [合唱]


the blocks hotted the cops watching for anything unusual happen 块火了观看的任何异常发生的警察

they been stoping profits three days in tracking 他们已回采利润跟踪3天

drug traffic distracting clientele with drug habits 毒品贩运分散客户与用药习惯

load them thangs and make them slugs happen 加载他们thangs ,让他们蛞蝓发生

enemies of surprise got em frantic 惊喜的敌人了EM疯狂

scattered and panicked damaged by any 11 散慌了任何损坏, 11

ducked behind a treasure box let em have it 躲开后面的宝箱让我们让他们有它

managed to get away hide away your weapons 设法逃脱躲避你的武器

probably still there but they ain't telling 可能仍然存在,但他们是不会告诉

belling to the bank for my safe deposit 上海贝岭银行为我的保险箱

gotta take my grub on these narcotics properly watching 总得把我的蛴螬对这些毒品适当关注

with a copy of my face composite 以我的脸组合副本

description all the way down to the J's I'm rocking 描述所有下到J的,我摇的方式

laser dots and the ducking police dogs hunting 激光点和闪避警犬追捕

resistin everything I'm touching 抵抗一切我碰

blood running down from the barbwire bloodening 血液从倒钩铁丝bloodening跑下来

choppers hovering sirens coming closer 直升机盘旋警笛声越来越近

grab our toaster, I'm supposed to surrender 抓住我们的烤面包机,我应该放弃

but I done heard the shots from the trigger of a 但我做的一个触发听到枪声


[chorus] [合唱]


yeah yeah 是啊是啊

you see man 你看男人

I told you man 我告诉过你的男人

get them niggas man 让他们黑鬼的人

they know not to 他们知道不

the drought is over 干旱已经结束

the drought is over man 干旱是对人

Turtle Banxx 龟Banxx


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