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Restraint! 克制!

Artilerry motherfucker, legit balling bitch but don't get it twisted Artilerry娘养的,合法的泥包小白脸,但没有得到它扭曲

Ain't no hoes over here 是不是没有锄头在这里

Yeah, we got guns nigga, aimed at all you hating bitches 是啊,我们有枪的黑人,针对所有你恨骂

From K-Town to the Manor, Holy City to the Wild Hundreds 从K - 镇的庄园,圣市野生数百

The war is on, and all my killers is riding 战争是在和我所有的杀手骑

Todd Nitty, what you got for these hoes (click...clock...blast) 托德基本事实,你有什么对这些锄头(点击......钟...... BLAST)


[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

I got that 9 double M glock, with the infrared beam dot 我得到了9双M格洛克,与红外光束点

Aiming at your knot, making your heart stop 针对您的心结,使你的心脏停止

Yelling out "Fuck Tha Po" who some call it 5-0 大吼一声“操临屋区蒲”谁有人称之为5-0

Better look out for when they pull that kick door 更好看的出来,当他们拉那一脚门

Nothing but gangstas, thats all who I hang with 无非是帮派分子,这就是所有我是谁挂了

Slanging them thangs with, came up in the game with Slanging他们thangs了,想出了在游戏中与

The fucking hood rats, because them some broke hoes 在他妈的罩老鼠,因为他们打破了一些锄头

Me get a rich bitch and stick her for her dough 我得到了丰富的母狗,并坚持她为她的面团

The Manor in that K-Town, thats how we put it down 庄园在K-城,这就是我们如何把它放下

Letting off fifty rounds, thats how our shit sound 不放过50轮,这就是我们如何狗屎声音

Artillery up the ass, scullies and ski masks 炮兵的屁股, scullies和滑雪面具

9's and bubble masks, gunning at your ass 9的和泡沫口罩,喷补在你的屁股

Motherfucking street thugs, legit ballers 他妈的街头恶棍,合法ballers

Money and the power, moving that flour 金钱和权力,移动面粉

Taking no shorts and taking no losses 以不可穿短裤,并采取无损失

Hauling niggas asses off in coffins with that.. 牵引黑鬼在棺材与驴关..


[hook] [钩]


One, two, three, 45.'s, 一,二,三, 45年代,

Six, seven, eight, nine milli-meter 六,七,八,九毫米

Ten, eleven, twelve gauge pump nigga [4x] 十,十一,十二计泵黑鬼[ 4倍]


A nigga riding with stealers, hustlers, killers all my life 那个黑鬼骑盗取者,混混,杀手都是我的生活

Legit Ballers bitch, don't even try to fuck with us gangsta's 合法Ballers婊子,甚至不尝试他妈的跟我们匪帮的

Because we some mobstas 因为我们的一些mobstas

You come with that bullshit, then pussy I'll pop ya' 你跟那废话,那猫我就弹出雅

See it's that nigga Todd Nitty, that be squeezing triggers like bitches 看到它的那黑鬼托德基本事实,那是挤压触发器像母狗

titties 的titties

Who is it, the most left on nigga, they crept on nigga, with that teflon nigga 谁是最左的兄弟们,他们蹑手蹑脚的黑人,与聚四氟乙烯黑鬼

And it went BLOW! BLOW! body bag that bitch 和它去吹!一击!尸体袋的婊子

Sent his ass to the morgue with the rest of them snitches 送他的屁股太平间与他们打小报告休息

I heat 'em up like a motherfucking Newport 我热全身像他妈的新港

Left his ass with more holes than a golf course 离开了他的屁股比一个高尔夫球场更多的孔

What you thought boy, I'm from that 9th Ward 你想过什么样的孩子,我从第九区是

Where them stories are true about them Manor boys 在那里他们的故事是真实的关于他们的庄园男孩

How we leaving 'em, bleedin' and crawling on the ground 我们如何离开他们,流血和在地上爬行

Like he's a dead nigga now 就像他是一个死的兄弟们,现在


[hook] [钩]


I got that love for my nigga Twist, for aid and assistance 我得到了我的兄弟们扭曲的爱,援助和协助

He told me holsters, caught him up in some bullshit 他告诉我,皮套,发现他在一些废话

Don't even trips though, I'm heading in your route 甚至不出游,虽然,我朝你的路线

Soon as I roll up, we puttin' they lights out 当我卷起,我们puttin 他们熄灯

Poppin' a clip in, with one in the chamber 屁股在剪辑时,有一个在室


[Twista] [特斯塔]

Finna' ride on a stranger, put the hoes life in danger FINNA “骑在一个陌生人,把锄头生命危险


[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

Started letting off hollows, straight through they car door 开始不放过空洞,直接通过他们开车门


[Twista] [特斯塔]

I'm a G from Chicago, pull the game weightless where I go 我来自芝加哥G,拉动游戏无重力我走到哪里


[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

Bustin' pistols with laser injects, putting holes in they Avarex 巴斯廷手枪用激光其注入,将孔中,他们Avarex


[Twista] [特斯塔]

Going straight through your tailored vests, now it's you or your neighbor next 直行通过您量身定制背心,现在是你或你的邻居下一个


[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

Now we got your boy tied up, to the hideout we ride up 现在,我们得到了你的孩子绑起来,我们乘坐了藏身之处


[Twista] [特斯塔]

They gonna show us the stash-pot, with the little handles side up 他们要告诉我们的藏匿锅,用小手柄朝上


[Todd Nitty] [托德基本事实]

Took the money and lello, and thats hwo the day goes 接过钱和lello ,并且那藿天云


[Twista] [特斯塔]

Get the bankroll, gotta gank hoes, and I got the 44. 获取资金,总得GANK锄头,我得到了44 。

Time to leave finna' go 时间FINNA离开去

Hit 'em with that... 打他们与...


[hook] [钩]

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