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Rider Bitch



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[chorus] [合唱]

[Twista] [特斯塔]

you cant ride a bitch from the chi so make em bite the dust 你不能骑车从智母狗所以要EM咬尘

Kane got the thangs that a girl bout to bust 凯恩得到了thangs一个女孩回合胸围

sticking all y'all love for the love so get down on your knees 坚持所有你们的爱情爱得如此下来你的膝盖

less you gonna kick it with us then here grow some weed 少,你会和我们一起踢它然后在这里种植一些杂草

riding through your ghetto smoking terror through lanes 通过车道骑车经过的贫民窟吸烟恐怖

your areas game in the world of this bitch Erika Kane 在这个婊子埃里卡·凯恩的世界,你的游戏领域

make you shine off your 20's come off all ya money 让你闪耀了你20的脱落都雅的钱

and cop with yo scratch man 和警察哟划伤人

come back on the block and serve to full contain 再来块上即成全包含


[Erika Kane] [埃里卡凯恩]

diabolical bitch over beats like stylistic and stylistical shits 恶魔般的婊子过类似的文体和文体妈拍

would think I was working outta calico kits 会认为我的工作失控白布包

ride or die as if I was your geronimo bitch 骑车或死亡,就好像我是你的Geronimo婊子

high as the sky I throw ya body up with hollow point tips 高的天空我把雅的身体与空心点提示

swallow ya dick then hit ya for ya keys 吞雅家伙然后打亚雅键

more about me I like them weaves g's and pussy fees 更多关于我的,我喜欢他们编织克氏和阴部费

cd's for cheese niggas is swee CD的乳酪黑鬼是吴庆瑞

pussy platinum would leave em I'm saying 铂金猫会离开他们,我说

I ain't playing bitches got to eat 我是不是打了母狗吃

only streets it ain't nothing nice bitches dying for ice 唯一的街道也没有什么好看的母狗垂死冰

ride these niggas raw sucking em right 乘坐这些黑鬼原始吸吮EM权

paying the price shit we got life in em 付出的代价狗屎我们得到了人生中的EM

I got all these niggas locked what they bumping huh 我把所有这些黑鬼锁定他们撞吧


[chorus] [合唱]


[Erika Kane] [埃里卡凯恩]

the world is my domain like the devil and shit 世界就像是魔鬼和狗屎我的域名

spit game just to keep the ice bezelled and shit 吐游戏只是为了让bezelled冰和狗屎

the prettiest bitch even if I was the ugliest 就算我是最丑的最漂亮的母狗

I still had these niggas licking my clit when its the bloodiest 我仍然有这些黑鬼舔我的阴蒂时,其血腥

throw what on ya shit run ya name to the dirt 扔东西的雅拉屎运行雅名的污垢

nigga I'm Ms. Kane and you gots to put in work 兄弟们,我凯恩女士和你全球有机纺织品标准投入工作

I be sly with my shit wink an eye with my shit 我算是狡猾了我的屎眨眼的眼睛与我的屎

whatever I gotta do to get em to ride with the shit 不管我得做些什么来让时间来骑狗屎

I ride high with my click do or die with my click 我骑的高与我的点击或者不跟我点击死

got the flick in this bitch and we all ball legit 得到轻弹在这个婊子,我们都将球合法

type of chicken want all ya grip 鸡的种类希望所有雅握

assets and estates 资产和不动产

type of chicken smoking pounds right down to the shake 型鸡吸烟斤一直到摇

ain't no give and take nigga I'm taking no giving 是不是没有给,并采取黑鬼我是在没有捐赠

its a wild ass ride sometime I hate that I'm living 其野驴骑有时我恨我的生活

thats why I smoke B's to the head and don't think about kicking 这就是为什么我抽烟B的头部和不考虑踢

keep my mind on this money cause a bitch got to stay flicking 使我从心里对这笔钱导致了婊子留弹


[chorus] [合唱]


[Erika Kane] [埃里卡凯恩]

everyday I scheme for cheddar get cheddar scheme for mo cheddar 对于切达每天我计划得到莫切达切达计划

all ya bitches follow me always been a trendsetter 所有雅母狗跟着我一直是潮流的引领者

go getta in 96 I got em wetta 去getta 96我得到了EM wetta

gold digger always in it for the treasure 黄金一直挖掘机在它的宝藏

more liquor might make the durb betta but fo sho 更多酒可能会让durb斗鱼,但FO翔

if ya hit her off with the dough she'll make the swerve wetta 如果雅打她了与面团,她会做出转弯wetta

just consider me licking you low nice and slow dadda 只考虑我舔你低好和慢dadda

figure figure a good to go oh you ain't know dadda 图图个好到哪里去哦,你是不知道dadda

I had these bitches tilly from the titties to the thillies 我从的titties到thillies天华会计师事务所有这些母狗

peeping the willies splitting my phillies whole shitty 偷窥分裂我的费城全低劣心惊肉跳

all up in my grillie yeah bitch I fucked ya nigga silly 所有在我grillie耶婊子我性交雅黑鬼傻

me and my kitties taking over this whole city 我和我的小猫接管这个全城

seeing me coming he trick 90 now I'm humming 看到我来了,他招90现在我哼着

licking ya dummy got ya skeeting over ya tummy 舔雅假人得到了雅skeeting在雅趴着

getting ya money ask a nigga Kane pussy sunny 让雅金钱问了一个黑人凯恩猫晴天

yo Deion a honey one hit nigga leave it bleeding and runny 哟Deion沙蜜一击黑鬼让它流血,流鼻涕


[chorus] [合唱]

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