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Game Recognize Game



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Man talking] [文说]

Sup pimps? Pimps aint pimpin now that's why they got to get out the game SUP皮条客?皮条客是不是潘潘现在这就是为什么他们要离开游戏

Women have mo' money than the pimp, aint that cold? 女人有莫的钱比皮条客, AINT冷?

Hoe have mo' money than the pimp 锄头有莫的钱比皮条客

Hoe have mo' money than the pimp 锄头有莫的钱比皮条客

Amen, Amen 阿门,阿门

Hoe got mo' money than the pimp 锄了莫的钱比皮条客


[1st verse Twista] [第一诗特斯塔]

Do a playa like Twista got game I do declare 做一个花花公子一样特斯塔了比赛,我宣布

All these niggas out here claimin they pimpin truly there 所有这些黑鬼在这里claimin他们潘潘确实存在

Like new rhymes I got to feel these hoes I'm in there like booty hair 如新儿歌我到觉得这些锄头我在那里,像战利品发

That's my duty there 这是我的职责有

And I got a public announcement for all you mufuckas worldwide 我得到全世界公开宣布对所有你mufuckas

Word to me shit for Keenbean all let her pimp a dream team 一句话给我狗屎Keenbean都让她的皮条客梦之队

If you aint got paper your girl tight 如果您是不是有纸你的女孩紧

You let that girl slide 你让那个女孩幻灯片

If it was me she would have to be out straight humpin 如果是我,她将不得不伸直humpin

Shit she would have to do something 妈的,她必须做的事

I was pumpin big back in 96' I need a new lick 我是给水站大背96 我需要一个新的舔

But I got on a handle that function Legit Ballin or nuthin 但我有一个句柄函数正统剧劈腿或废柴

I got it down kinda like dreadlocks 我把它倒有点像辫子

Smackin like Red Fox Smackin像红狐

Strollin slow Strollin放缓

Smokin dro 斯莫DRO

Could you ever tell me how these ladies out here coulda flow 你所能告诉我如何把这些女士们在这里本应该流向

Paper than a pimp that's the way the game go 本文不是一个皮条客这就是游戏的方式去


[chorus 2x] [合唱2倍]

That's the way the game go 这就是游戏的方式去

This shit done changed 这狗屎做改变

Niggas done switched roles 黑鬼完成角色转换

Pimps aint got more money than the old hoes 皮条客是不是有了更多的钱比老锄头


[2nd verse Ms. Kane] [第2节凯恩女士]

Hmm, hmm, hmm ,hmm 嗯,嗯,嗯,嗯

Guess the po pimp need him a hood rat 猜宝皮条客需要他罩鼠

Cause a chick like me want a house on a hill can you buy that 引起像我这样的小妞想你能买的房子在山上,

Where my ride at 凡我骑在

Its type come out 99' stats 它的类型出来99 统计

Let my ins, stack while you still po pimpin up in a old Lac 让我的插件,栈,而你还PO潘潘在一个旧的紫胶

You got to school me though 你得上学,虽然我

Got me everything down to my kings so you owe it to dough 让我一切都记在我的国王,所以你应该为面团

Treat a trick like flow it to dough 把一招如流动到面团

Don't be ashamed if your game fall short for the love of this hoe 千万不要羞于如果你的游戏达不到这个锄头的爱

The name Cane and I'm lovin the dough 这个名字甘蔗,我就喜欢面团

Nigga holla all night if your talking bout given me mo' 兄弟们呼啦整夜如果你的说话回合给了我莫

Got a song that'll make you fall like a body like a bottle of Glyphs on shape 有一首歌,会让你像秋天一样的形状的瓶子字形的身体

When I'm touchin the toes 当我touchin脚趾

Got you touchin the moves hittin the store 把你touchin地球上商店的招式

Type of daddy getting dollars from the block ha 的爸爸让美元从块公顷类型

Bet you pimpin in the block bringin me gifts furs and rocks 我打赌你在块潘潘bringin我礼物皮草和岩石

Ban Prada out of stock ha 潘基普拉达缺货公顷

Motion competition locked on 运动比赛锁定

Getting Twista NBA droppin hot ones 获得特斯塔NBA灌篮热的人

I'm a chick and gotta clock ones 我是小鸡总得时钟的人

Get yo' game tight 获取哟游戏紧张

You found it vic then you pop one 你发现它VIC则弹出1


[chorus] [合唱]


[3rd verse Twista] [第3节特斯塔]

Steady pimpin in the cream dog 在奶油犬稳定潘潘

Sip on some Hen 抿了一些母鸡

Gimme the flame 给我的火焰

Show me the bud 让我看看芽

Now I'ma pull a call 现在,我是一个拉一个电话

But its difficult when these lames all call bout 但它很难将这LAMES所有通话回合时,

"Baby girl I don't wanna break your heart" “宝贝我不想破坏你的心脏”

Steady drinkin off 稳定边喝边关闭

Takin her out 羚牛她出去

Pickin her up 接下去她

Come up off in the club offerin love 拿出了在俱乐部offerin爱

And softenin up 和softenin了

Where you get that game from huh bruh? 你是从哪儿得到的那场比赛吧bruh ?

You comin weak and cant be pimpin her on the daily and leavin the dubs 你带着你软弱,不能被潘潘她的日常生活,并要走了配音

Baby know you a scrub 宝宝知道你擦洗

You gotta be more like the pimps in the industry 你得会更喜欢在行业中皮条客

Much love to Eightball and MJG, Too-Short and Ice-T 痛痛快快的Eightball和MJG ,太短和冰-T

Pimp C, Bump B, and Suga-free Pimp C的,凹凸B和菅无

Playa exact is what you couldn't be 海滩确切的是,你不能什么

Cause you a lame used to have game but shit done changed 因为你一跛曾经有过的游戏,但狗屎做改变

Couldn't take the reign caught up by these busy dames 受不了赶上这些忙碌的贵妇人统治

And I heard you let em' the 6 and the Range 而且我听说你让他们的人的6和范围

If you cant mack don't attempt to 如果你不能麦克不要尝试

Cause all women aint lame 因为所有的妇女是不是跛脚

Matter fact the hoes pimp too 事实上锄头太皮条客

Ms. Kane will fuck around and pimp you 凯恩女士将他妈的四周,你皮条客

Coulda had control of her but they way you trick her she meant to 本应该对她的控制,但他们的方式,你欺骗她,她打算

You the type of pimp that's strange yo' 您皮条客的类型很奇怪哟

Have your girl flip the script on you or beat you out yo' change dough 有你的女孩翻转脚本你或打你了哟改变面团

I hang low smoking the furry cango 我挂低吸烟的毛茸茸的民促会

While these sucks looking for love somewhere over the rainbow 虽然这些吸寻找爱情的地方在彩虹之上

Cause that's the way the game go 原因是这样的方式去比赛

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