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[Chorus] [合唱]

I ain't afraid, I'm the man, I'm the great 我才不怕呢,我是男人,我是伟大的

I laugh in the face of danger 我笑在面对危险

I'm on the edge so you best be prepared 我在边上,所以你最好做好准备

There's something in the air, it's danger 有什么东西在空气中,这是危险的

I never cared, lions, tigers and bears 我从来不关心,狮子,老虎和熊

I ain't scared, you can bring that danger 我是不是害怕,你可以把这种危险

If you want to survive, better stay on your side 如果你想生存下去,更好地留在你的身边

Or you're putting yourself in danger 或者你把自己处于危险之中


I drive a hooptie, not a Humvee 我开的是hooptie ,不是悍马

My bed's hella comfy 我的床的舒适海拉

Sometimes I get hella clumsy 有时我笨拙的海拉

You more He-Man, me more Gumby 你更强壮之男人,我更多的古比

You more Bun B, trill 你更海滨乙,颤音

Me more One Tree Hill 我多一树山

Me Will 我的必

You Uncle Phil 您菲尔叔叔

I'm nothing but a punk with skills 我只是有技巧朋克

If that's confusing, then I'd like to ask you humbly chill 如果这是令人困惑的,那么我想请你虚心寒意

Cause last I checked, it was a fucking free country still 导致最后我检查,这是一个他妈的自由的国家仍然

I'm so hungry. It's time for din din 我太饿了。是时候让叮叮

we do our thing thing 我们做我们的事的事

all we do it win win win 我们所做的一切是双赢共赢

and then draw some 然后得出一些

because I fight with my friends, and my friends like to win and they're awesome 因为我打我的朋友,我的朋友都喜欢赢,他们真棒

and if you cross em 如果你穿越EM

well then you crossed me 那么,你越过了我

and you better watch out 你最好小心

cause if you watch me 因为如果你看我

you know I fight to the last for my fam and my friends are my fam so a friend is a Watsky 你知道我拼到最后我的FAM和我的朋友是我的FAM所以朋友是Watsky


[Chorus] [合唱]


I never pack switch blade (Danger) 我从来不收拾叶片开关(危险)

but in the middle of the night I run a black ops fridge raid 但在半夜我运行一个黑色行动冰箱突袭

jackpot, man, never play the good cop 中奖,男人,从来不玩的好警察

when I'm at the kitchen door negotiating push pops 当我在厨房门口的谈判推进持久性有机污染物

I just got here. watch your boy stay 我刚来到这里。看你的孩子留

stepped in the building and I'm chilling in the foyer 临危受命的建设,我寒心了大厅

Oy vey. man I'm colder than the South Pole OY合租。男人我比南极更冷

i don't give a damn if it's a no-shoes household 我不给一个该死的,如果它是一个没有家的鞋

This bonehead's in his PRO-Keds from outset 这梼在他的亲Keds公司从一开始就

That's why I stay grounded like a three-prong outlet 这就是为什么我留接地就像一个三脚插座

it's how I pull off looking like a Boy Scout, yet 这就是我拉过看起来像童子军,但

I'm rocking sneakers that are cleaner than a moist towelette 我摇的运动鞋是不是湿巾清洁

And yes, my rider calls for Grey Goose and Applejacks 是的,我的车手呼吁灰鹅和APPLEJACKS

It's how I rose so fast from the cabbage patch 这是我怎么涨这么快从圆白菜

I use some four letter curses, and then I drop a triple word score that'll scrape you in a Scrabble match 我用了一些四个字母的诅咒,然后我滴个三词分数,会刮你的拼字游戏比赛


[Chorus] [合唱]


Here comes lover lover, on some other ish 这里说到情人的情人,在一些其他的ISH

quick to blow up like a pufferfish 快炸掉像河豚

The toughest puppet with 最艰难的木偶,

purple plush stitched in my flesh 紫色丝绒缝制在我的肉

snuffaluffagus up in this bitch snuffaluffagus在这个婊子

on some raw rubber ducky shit 一些生胶鸭子狗屎

and you muggles mean mugging 你麻瓜的意思是抢劫

better cut it quick 好快剪

chuck another diss, and then pucker lips 夹头另一迪斯,然后皱起嘴唇

kiss my voluptuous hips 亲亲我性感的臀部

and then button it 然后按钮,它

stopping fuckery's on my bucket list 在我的水桶名单停fuckery的

And I like monsters under beds, But I'm a kitties and puppies man 我喜欢在床下的怪物,但我是一个小猫和小狗的人

slap that peppermint frap from a yuppie's hand 拍了薄荷FRAP从雅痞的手

didn't clean my room. I puff the magic dragon 没有打扫我的房间。 í吞云吐雾的巨龙魔

So go ahead and stuff me in the paddy wagon 所以,尽管我的东西在囚车

you dilly-dallied while i called shots 你延宕玩弄,而我所谓的枪

I'm not babyfaced, my beard's got bald spots 我不是娃娃脸,我的胡子的有秃斑

fresh mind, mentos for my mental 清新的头脑,曼妥思在我的心理

fuck the #2, i use a #1 pencil 他妈的# 2 ,我使用的是# 1铅笔


[Chorus] [合唱]

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