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This dissertation brings forward and realizes the multilevel classifiable method which is based on characters coding. Above all, this method realizes the first-grade classification by extracting enough effective characters from characters and coding them, to the others which coundn t be recognized by the first-grade classification, the method will adopt the second-grade classification using template matching to recognize these characters.


There are grade Ⅰ spleen rupture in 13 cases, grade Ⅱ in 7cases, grade Ⅲ in 3 cases by American association for surgery of trauma. Results: In OBPTS, 23 cases were complected splenorrhaphy. Average operation time was 65min, average spleen pit drain blood after operation was 110ml, and average hospitalization after operation was 8d.


The result makes clear: 1 index of pressure of Chinese farmland zoology is older, be in ascendant trend, its are main the reason is our country farmland the area decreases in great quantities continuously and population increases;2 farmland pressure quickly to save time difference bigger, the farmland pressure of southeast and southwest is apparent prep above is mid with heighten of grade of index of pressure of zoology of farmland of municipality directly under the Central Government of upper zone;3 and southeast ministry area, upper, northwest and mid major area exponential grade is invariant, only mid with the decrescent of grade of index of a few district, but not apparent.


So in our courtly civil action system, the first one which is need to perfect is the examine grade system, The effect which is the examine grade system set up and move is affected the equity of the procedure and empire immdiactly.,so, with the discussion of the question which is in the active examine grade system, we advance the deformational visualize.


The ependymoma was confirmed by postoperative pathology.McCormick grading scale:gradeⅠ in 23 cases,gradeⅡ 16 cases,grade Ⅲ 2 cases .31 cases were followed-up for a year after operation.


To observe the change of Fugl-Meyer grade、 the nerve function grade and ADL grade of all patients,and evalue the curative effect.


There was obvious hyperopic shift of mean+1.52D. Haze grade 0.5 was in five eyes,grade 1 two eyes and grade 0 the rest.Recurrence of primary disorder was not found.

术后6个月平均远视移动+1.52D,Haze 0.5级5眼、1级2眼和0级23眼,原发病无1例复发。

Early CT signs in the deep MCA territories were divided into three grades according to their anatomic location: grade I, normal basal ganglia with hypodensity localized to the insula; grade II, partial obscuration of the posterolateral part of the putamen; and grade III, hypodensity of the entire lentiform nucleus.


All tumors were histologically high grade (6 grade III and 10 grade IV). Three tumors showed heterologous elements, 2 osseous, and 1 rhabdomyoblastic. More often scattered than diffuse, S-100 protein staining was noted in 11 of 16 tumors and variable collagen IV staining in 10 of the 16. Immunoreactivity for p53 protein was diffuse and strong in 7 of 11 tumors. Twelve patients died within 17 months to 3 years of diagnosis, 1 was lost to follow-up, 2 are very recent cases, and 2 patients are currently alive, 1 after 2 recurrences, and another with spinal leptomeningeal metastases.

所有病例在组织学上都是高级别(6例III级和10例IV级)。3例肿瘤含有其他成分:2例含骨和1例含 rhabdomyoblastic.S-100蛋白染色显色于16例肿瘤中的11例,IV型胶原染色显色于16例中的10例,这些染色通常分散而不弥散。11例肿瘤中7例的p53蛋白免疫反应弥散且强烈。12例病人死于确诊后的17个月至3年,1例随访失败,2例是最近的病例,还有2例现在还活着,其中1例复发,另1例发生脊髓脑膜转移。

Results Of 62 cases of PMLGI, 6 cases were low grade malignant B-cell lymphoma of MALT type, 14 cases high grade malignant B-cell lymphoma of MALT type with a low grade malignant component, 1 case lymphomatous polyposes, 2 cases Butkitt-like lymphoma, 38 cases B-cell large cell lymphoma and 1 case intestinal T-cell lymphoma.


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Pasteur Institute in France and the French Institute of Health and Medicine have discovered a Shigella dysenteriae invasive mechanism of the body's immune system will help research and development of new methods of treatment of bacillary dysentery.


The liquid in one of them was the color of the sunset skies outside; it smoked like a censer.


Your Rock is Christ, and it is not the Rock which ebbs and flows, but your sea.