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There is thread inside abaca petiole, its fiber slightness, tough, qualitative light, immerse to decay not easily in seawater, it is to do flue and marine the high grade raw material of cable, still can braid matting and carpet and high grade hemp to weave dress material.


Foci demonstrate obvious high grade adenocarcinoma component admised with the above-described high grade tumor component.


International tolerance grade: a series of tolerances that vary with basic size to provide a uniform levle of accuracy within a given grade.

公差符号:符号给出了公差与配合的技术要求,基本尺寸是一个数字,然后跟着表示基本偏差的字母和表示 IT 等级的数字。

The results of agreement and accuracy test showed that the agreement index was above 0.85; the historical coincidence of the model reached 100%; the accuracy of cassava per-unit area yield model reached first grade while the accuracy of cassava planting area and total yield model was in second grade.


HLG of the 2nd grade acquired higher accuracy than LLG, and no significant difference was found either between HLG and MLG or between MLG and LLG; HLG of the 3rd grade had higher accuragy than both MLG and LLG, and no significant difference existed between MLG and LLG.


Project contents: Construction to high-grade wall materials and energy-saving insulation materials consisting mainly of energy saving and environmental protection demonstration park, mineral wool acoustic board, gypsum-based Circular Economy Demonstration Garden to high-grade waterproof materials and polymer-based chemical building materials Pipe Industrial Park to new nano-materials and refractory castable materials such as high-tech industries based incubator industrial park, etc.


The result showed that both adults and eighth grade students could consider the deductive reasoning and algebraic form efficient, but the eighth grade students did not rate the inductive reasoning low.


The object of projectile design is analyzed, and the layer-TOPSIS method is provided for the evaluation of total effectiveness by taking the layer concept into the TOPSIS method. In the calculation of object weights, the grade calculation method is suggested, which has less dependence on the subjectivity of decision-maker and can take account of both sensitivity and allowableness of objects, the geometric-arithmetic method is provided for grade weight calculation and methods for sensitive weight and allowable weight are given. Of modes in system analyzing, the penetration model of target with spherical-fragment is carried out based on the theory of Dynamic Spherical Cavity Expansion, and it is a supplement of the models for calculation the damage of the fragmentation warhead to target.


The garnets in Cretaceous sandstones come from blueschist that located in the southwest Tianshan and low-grade metamorphic rocks by lager proportionally. The garnets in Tertiary sandstones enrich almandine, which come from high-grade metamorphic rocks.


Results of the 621 patients, 388 were identified to have ASCUS, 147 had low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, 75 had high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions and 11 had squamous cell carcinomas.

结果 将细胞学结果与组织学结果作对比分析,细胞学异常的621例样本中ASCUS 388例,低度鳞状上皮内瘤变147例,高度鳞状上皮内瘤变75例,鳞状上皮细胞癌11。

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Pasteur Institute in France and the French Institute of Health and Medicine have discovered a Shigella dysenteriae invasive mechanism of the body's immune system will help research and development of new methods of treatment of bacillary dysentery.


The liquid in one of them was the color of the sunset skies outside; it smoked like a censer.


Your Rock is Christ, and it is not the Rock which ebbs and flows, but your sea.