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Produce the BF gas mud 100, OOOt every year. The raw mineral of puddling is the magnetite containing vanadium and titanium. The grade of iron is only 53%. The grade of sinter mineral is only 47-48%. So the percentage composition of iron is relatively low, only 29.70%. The grade of zinc is relatively high, reach 9.92%. And the percentage composition of carbon is relatively high, reach 16. 80%. In the next place, the BF gas mud is the production through sinter in high temperature.


The method is applied to evaluating the comprehensive safety of the high rock slope on the left spandrel groove of Jinping I hydropower project. It is obtained that the grade eigenvalue is 4.001 and safety grade is IV which means that the comprehensive safety grade of the high rock slope is between hyper-stability and stability.


Anita is a Grade 7 student. Her favourite programme is Tiger Watch. Tom is a Grade 8 student. His favourite TV programme is Sports City. He spends about an hour every day watching TV. Sam is a Grade 9 student. His favourite programme is Music World.


Anita is a seventh grade student. Her favourite programme is Animal world. Tom is in Grade Eight.His favourite programme is Sports City. Sam is a ninth grade student. His favourite programme is Music World. They usuaiiy watch TV foy one hour every day.

阿尼塔是7年级的学生,最喜欢看的电视节目时《动物世界》;汤姆是8 年级的学生,最喜欢的电视节目是《体育城》;萨姆是9年级的学生,最喜欢看的节目是《音乐世界

To explore the effect of the technology in combining with CT grade and CT volumetry, comparisons were made for the CT grade indicated above, to the Child-Pugh grade, and to therapy result and to prognosis of these 50 patients.


And, another realistic circumstance that we have to face is:Because soft get rid of, the soft dish industry is already the in the evening of life, controling at that time soft get rid of, the soft dish development technique and produced the top-grade business enterprise of the craft to gives up this industry to absquatulate already, the remaining production factory houses are all second-grade and third-grade small business enterprises, still eating soft get rid of, the leftover rice of the soft dish industry, and also is to make a day of it on the whole a day, who also not know that this product can still maintain how much hour.


High-grade transformation of acinic cell carcinoma (previously referred to as dedifferentiation) is a rare phenomenon characterized by histologic progression of low-grade AciCC to high-grade adenocarcinoma or undifferentiated carcinoma.


Portal braches of 4-5 orders were found in all 19 cases of Child Grade I, with esophageal varices and paragastric varices and no fistula of hepatic artety-portal vein or portal vein embolus; Portal braches of 3-4 orders were displayed in all 16 cases of Child Grade II, besides esophageal varices and paragastric varices, cirsomphalos, retroperitoneal varices, paraesophageal varices, dilated azygos vein were also noted, some patients had fistula and portal vein embolus; in Child Grade III, portal branches of 3~4 orders were displayed with more collateral circulations, dilated left renal vein and paragallbladder varices were appeared, with fistula and portal vein embolus or not.

Child I级19例,肝内门静脉显影4~5级,侧枝循环以食管及胃周静脉曲张为主,没有肝动脉-门静脉瘘或门静脉血栓形成;Child Ⅱ级16例,肝内门静脉显影3~4级,侧枝循环除食管及胃周静脉外,脐周静脉、腹膜后静脉、食管周围静脉、奇静脉也有所开放,部分有肝动脉-门静脉瘘或门静脉血栓形成;Child Ⅲ级6例,肝内门静脉显影3~4级,侧枝循环开放较Ⅱ级增多,可出现左肾静脉扩张或胆囊周围静脉曲张,伴或不伴有肝动脉-门静脉瘘或门静脉血栓形成。16排螺旋CT门静脉造影对上述病例分级为一级17例,二级18例,三级6例,与Child分级结果高度相关。

The length of stenosis was 02~10cm and the Grade 1 stenosis was one renal artery,Grade 2 six renal arteries,and grade 3 three renal arteries.MSCTA showed 6 kidneys dwindled with average length 71cm,which was 15cm less than normal kidneys.One case was accompanied by wallthickening and cavitary stenosis of abdominal aorta.The locations and extent of stenosis in 6 cases by XRA and by MSCTA were identical.We found renal arterial stenosis only in 5 of 8 cases and 6 dwindled kidneys by DUS.


This dissertation brings forward and realizes the multilevel classifiable method which is based on characters coding. Above all, this method realizes the first-grade classification by extracting enough effective characters from characters and coding them, to the others which couldn't be recognized by the first-grade classification, the method will adopt the second-grade classification using template matching to recognize these characters.


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These are people's lives you are documenting. Beknowledgeable and show respect.


In the history of medicine's intercommunion between China and the other nations,the period of SuiTang Dynasty is an important period.


I know the Great Wall of China.