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Results 258 cases of lct by the examiner, 232 cases of normal or inflammation, 26 patients were abnormal smears, ascus 13 cases, asch 1 cases, lsil 8 cases, hsll 2 cases, scc 1 cases, agc 1 cases, total positive case detection rate was 10.1%.26 cases of abnormal smears patients were carried out under colposcopic biopsy, normal or inflammatory were two cases (7.69%), cin ⅰ grade 12 cases (46.15%), cin ⅱ grade in 8 cases (30.77%), cin ⅲ grade 4 cases (15.38%).

结果 258例lct受检查者,正常或炎症232例,共发现异常涂片26例,其中ascus 13例,asch 1例,lsil 8例,hsll 2例,scc 1例,agc 1例,阳性病例总检出率10.1%。26例异常涂片患者,均进行阴道镜下活检,正常或炎症者2例(7.69%),cin ⅰ级者12例(46.15%),cin ⅱ级者8例(30.77%),cin ⅲ级者4例(15.38 %)。

Surrounded by a lot of seventh grade friends asdic, remember that a particular tea in the company building, the awareness of one's friend next door, one began to think she was just graduated from seventh grade health, and she proudly said with a smile:"sister However, six health it ", I said to her:" The students I was in the sixth grade."


According to the Banff classification, 16 cases were gradeⅠof acute rejection, 34 grade Ⅱand 14 grade Ⅲ.


Currently, domestic production has successfully developed a PWR Island Grade Ⅰ electric valve, check valve; Nuclear Grade Ⅰ electric bellows globe valve, fast breeder reactor using nuclear electric bellows Ⅱ grade cut-off valves with sodium high level of nuclear valves.


Thirdly, Lower-grade plants such as lichen, bryozoan etc. begin to grow. Along with the accumulation of living beings is going more and more, the amount of organic matter in the parent material forming soil is going more and more, Then higher-grade plants gradually replace lower-grade plants, and through strong and extensive root system, the dispersive and soluble nutrition can be concentrated. After the death of organisms, and through decomposition of microbes, one part of the remains of the organisms becomes nutrients for plants, and another part of the remains turns into humus.


There's no sixth grade or ninth grade or any grade at the academy, just three tracks ("core,""college prep" and "college prep with research"). The curriculums are individualized and fluid--some students take college-prep English but core-level math.


The presence of early CT signs has been reported to be a predictive sign of hemorrhagic complications after reperfusion therapies[4, 5, 13 18]. Our study has also demonstrated that the rate of symptomatic hemorrhagic complications showed a tendency to increase as the grade of early CT signs increased, although a statically significant difference was not proved. A grade III CT sign may be a predictive sign for hemorrhagic complications after reperfusion therapy. In contrast, the presence of a grade I CT sign may not contraindicate reperfusion therapy.


Our main products are: 130 polyester enamelled copper round wire, 155 modified polyester enamelled copper round wire, 180 polyester-imide enamelled round copper wire, 200 polyester-imide / PA ester imide compound enamelled copper round wire, high strength acetal enamelled round copper to grade, B grade, F grade, H-class straight Solderability enamelled copper round wire polyurethane.


The Grade 7 and Grade 8 had the end-of-year exam on June 24th and 25th. Our class was the second in the grade.


After field tests, bacteria Nuclear disease 0-2 grade, 0-2 grade rust, black spot 0-2 grade, 0-1 grade wilt occurred and found no brown spot Disease, downy mildew.


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Keep sb from doing fetch me a clean shirt from my bedroom?

你到我 的卧室里替我取件干净的衬衣好吗?

Objective To investigate osteoporosis and its main associated factors in patients with type 2 diabetes.


According to investigation statistics, the main reason was to search and download pornographic information.